Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"...the rest of the story."

 So, I'm in the 'joint' one day preparing to get out when one of the inmates walked up to me and said that there was a friend of his, from the outside, who wanted to get in touch with me.I was thinking I really do not know what this is all about; but what ever it is, I do not want any part of this. Needless to say, I chose to meet with the guy. He was a scribe for the shiners, a social calling. I spoke with Mr. C., the school principal, about it; he  too was on the negative side of meeting. This guy Timmy was interviewing the inmates that he visited because he was on a mission to find and help out an innocent inmate upon the inmate's release. He had been doing it for quite some time. But the system did not trust him. Meaning, they did not understand this journey that he was on, trying to find a innocent man. He felt that it was his Christian duty to do penance and be apart of the solution. What can I say? The reason he came to that conclusion was a surprise to me. The inmates come from the community at large. They all gossip. They also run the prisoners. Meaning, there is an inmate hierarchy; it runs the "icicle garden."The system is into disciplining the inmates; it does not care if the inmates dine on each other. You can take that which ever way that want -up the ass if it suits you. You see, I was a Cookie Crumb, one of Mr. C.'s inmate workers. I could go anywhere in the prison; so, as far as the inmates were concerned; I had a position -that Southern thing again. They wanted to control me so that I would be a courier for their drugs. Now to me, it was to much of a slippery slope. So, I got into a fight with the warden, and in front of his guards, I through down the gantlet. Well this spread through out the prison. As in the best of all worlds, my reputation was indelibly etched in every ones mind, that mother fucker is Crazy. But, in reality, it the warden who won the toss of the gantlet. He just gave me this fucking look and told me to "get along little doggie,"my ad lib. He knew that I was a Cookie Crumb; he respected Mr. C. What else can I say about the warden's actions at that moment. But, at this moment, I'm not going to get into the story behind my actions. For, you see, this is about Timmy and not me. One of the stories floating around Orangeburg was coming out of the malls. Some guy was boasting about the fact that it was he who had what some call date -raped with her; she saw nailing me for it, another Urban legend out of the Orangeburg mall. Timmy also heard from the inmate rummer mill that I was down for political reasons.The elites of SC putting me down because of my actions in Myrtle Beach, SC. For example, the reason that I was denied even a pardon, never mind the turning over my conviction, was all political. Timmy was convinced,  and  I got the vacation on Folly Beach, SC, when I got out. I also got my first and only job since my release from the "icicle garden." Until next time, e-me if you wish 'the rest of the story."