Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"a horse with no name"... America

 When I got out of the "icicle garden," I went back to school. I got out in 1993, with a five year obligation as my debt with society. So when this story took place, I was studying psychology because I was under constant stress. Plus, I had lost control of my environment. So major fear factors. Anyway, I learned that women can discern the droppings of different mice just like the mouse can and know that it is safe to copulate with you, as in another mouse, not you in general. In nature it is important to spread your genes out and away from your small family of origin.  We had an experiment in class. The women could discern the strength of a male's fertility through his sweat. They did this by smelling the t-shirts worn by their male classmates. I was part of the test, enough said.  Also, in today's paper of the NY Times, science section, the mouse can discern the difference between a man an a women. Plus, all lab mice fear the male  and all lab mice find comfort with the female. I also learned that all a peptide needs for sequencing the gene is a starting point. So, here we go. When I was young I was the dominant Y to my X. Now my Y is weak and my X is resilient because I am old, not young. You should know that intellect, brain muscle, is not in the Y's tool box. Can I get in touch with this X, I do not know; but I am trying too. Can I take my brain's X and inculcate it into my Y's body? It seams to me that it would be fun to be able to think like a woman, not be one. So when I'm in Brain Core therapy, I create a star-gate hoping that I can pass my X through it. Psychic dreaming is knowing that you are in a dream state, therefore picking up on your vicarious experiences. It could be for me at this point of time all about the brain's mind. This is in the X's tool box. This is my X. Side bar: The brain's potential is infinite because its controls are honed through its procreation. The egg passes from mother to daughter; intellect is passed on through the Xist formation. Therefore, it now seems to me that if a woman can discern a mouse; and, a mouse can discern her, than I'm going to find my long lost cousin, sister X. Oh, yes! My X is a 1976 model because I was hypnotized in 76 to stop smoking. Whatever the doctor did I can trust. It was an instant star -gate forming. I never smoked a single cigarette from that moment on. I can trust that, just maybe, I could get back to the very moment that I formed that memory. If so, she (the X) will be able to visit with me, enjoying her renaissance. What I mean by all of this is this: When I'm in Brain Core therapy, I use self hypnosis trying to take me back through time, time travel. Searching, seeking, questing access to consciousness in its formation, real time. I'm also trying to replicate my skin cell in that body's time,1976. I want that moment in time to boost the cell's energy, return elasticity to the skin, anyway.