Tuesday, April 1, 2014


When I was in the "icicle garden" getting my brains raped, I met Williams, another inmate. He offered a safe place to hang for a while: the Jaycees. Yes, he was one of the independent variables. Like Thoreau, he marched to his own drummer.  He was a felon of circumstances beyond his control; the way he carried himself in the joint said that he did not choose to be a felon. He still is a felon. No question about it. But you eviscerate his potential. He could have been one of society's assets, but instead he is an island unto himself scrapping for ever inch of itch he feels. So, just for laughs, let us pretend that there is a God, OK. Now, those who where prejudiced because it suited their needs will have to answer to why. God wants to know why your redemption is false. Side bar: God put you here, her reasons and your lessons. She said I had a purpose for Williams; why did you deny him. Right! Like does She really exist? F.u.c.k! They have no problem because they know that it was a myth put out and about in its day and it took on a life of its own. Now I know that there aew exceptions to the rule of shunning; it helps to come from the political elite's side of the family. You find them doing Oprah. But not the generic felon like Williams. No, a generic felon walks alone; for your redemption program is too hellish to bear. Remember "Tartuffe." Hey!