Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Freedom! evil art

You need to clean up your area before you begin again anew: It's all about environment. This is where you act out who you are. So! How do you know where you are if you do not know how to find yourself. Simply said, get tested.  The only person who does not know how to manipulate you is you, my friend. Debby's Corner will be offering you different tests so that you can know who you are, or who you wish to be, and just maybe a comfortable place to be. Knowledge without action my friend is simply zero. "Knowledge plus action equals success" has always been the corner stone of tomorrow's potential. The basic idea is quite simple: "the whole is greater than the sum of its pieces." This is theblackmarket.me. The felon is the key actor on my board game. Everyone remembers the line in the Godfather: "hold your friends close but your 'enemies' closer." The system is your enemy so get into bed with it; and when you become a force, the system has to accommodate you. The 'rogue' prosecutors are the evil artists with an agenda all their own. Pushed on by the political will that chooses to persecute your attempt at becoming a member of productive society. Unionize and brush the 'evil rogues' away.

"thinking with out mind"

If you were to observe a moment in time 'today,'could you visualize it 'tomorrow,' as if it were 'today'? Wholeness is the coming together of two things: 'brain and body.' Please let us look at this coming together; the eye is part of the brain whereas the ear, nose, mouth, and touch are of the body. It's the confluence between the two, body and brain. 4/5 to 1/5 top down processing of the brain combining the bottom up mixture from the body. Think of your stomach as if it were another one of your brains. For example, my figures are doing the typing, not my eyes. It's a body thing. You could say that your body and brain play out on the mind's stage. You know what I mean. It's your posture. How comfortable are you in your body? For me, it is all about dancing. Now it's different still when I among strangers, for this is when I am most free. Now! Repeating frequency can be difficult because I can not visualize tomorrow what I observed today. I'm dysfunctional. But, I do have 'vivid dreams' each and every night; my 'dream life' is quite robust. Yes, it would be so - so interesting to be able to 'day dream' during the day bring back any 'yesterday' as if it were 'today'. How cool would that be?

Future's fruit or rot dangles like the stick's carrot.

The future is open to all who wish to participate in the glory of possibilities. Right! That is true when you have access to that which is available. And those who have access can form a union of some sort to help facilitate their needs. But this is not so for 'felons'- and until this zero-sum approach is eradicated from the 'rogue' prosecutor's quiver, felons will walk alone.

Now what I am proposing is the construct, "Praxis." In conjunction,  TheBlackMarket.me has its sites set upon balancing out their zero-sum principals. Plus the basic idea behind unionizing is the structure itself. Under the 14th amendment we are all equal; we want our civil rights as stated under the Constitution of the US.  Remember: I was the teacher when I was in the 'joint.' My job was to help inmates learn to appreciate themselves, and learn the material. And I'm telling you now that unionizing is a recognized pathway for political recognition. You need to coalesce around a more meaningful axis, rather than just hanging out and about by yourself on some table hoping to be picked up by another and used all over again like some kind of bric-a-brac.  

Monday, December 30, 2013

...cesspool of cleansing....

Moving on is so hard to do when the system does not have a path- way for a felon to follow. Imagine, if you will, not being able to wake up from life's night mare. You get out of bed and you find that the public space is still a morass of unfulfilled potential. Your life and dreams going down life's hopper with no tissue to wipe your self clean. Welcome to my world, the world of the 'felon' and a system which is designed to torture its inhabitants. Each day you get buried deeper and deeper in the system's perceived contrition that manifests in its cesspool of cleansing. Yes, society wants to castrate your potential because society's vale of separation keeps the spirit corralled under the control of an impossible pathway that is designed for those who are in the loop, and not for the 'felon' hanging from the looped end of the hang man's rope. What do I mean: if you are coming from a family whose income is in the bottom 1/5 of today's work force and you are living in SC than your chances are greater staying in the bottom than advancing your dreams and potential. And this just may be why the system of criminal justice is so so weighted against the bottom line. Yes, this is where you will find the 'rogue' prosecutor hanging out because you don't have the resources to fend for your self. Yes, the 'rogues' want your life mounted on their wall of despair just like those who ventured out into the wilds of Africa and brought back their trophy's head.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

"The Institute of Higher Burnin"

So what do you think? Really! Santa dropped by and told you that there was going to be a redistribution of wealth so that you too could provide for your family as if you were a full member of society riding the 1% wave. Congratulations! You must have won the 'lottery,' did you? No! Well neither did I or anyone else in my neighborhood. OK!  You didn't win. So, you are hiding behind the veil of optimism, or did you have an aha moment in which you came to another one of reality's tipping points where you are the tennis ball being battered back and forth between the forces which are controlling your life. And yes, this is why you are rolling another 'joint.' Because it helps to take away the pain of knowing that you are in this situation. The situation of not being able to enjoy your family with the seeming ease that is demonstrated by those who are riding the wave of those who are in the loop. Yes! Because of the mounting pressures that are battering against your quixotic optimism you are choosing to cop-out. May I have a hit off of that 'joint' of yours; thanks.      

"Icicle Garden"

When you are buried alive and without recourse, the world seems to become very cold. To me -personally, I was frigid, frozen in fear. Now there are others who are buried as well and they are even fighting back. Williams was one of those who did his thing in a positive way. As head of the Jaycees he offered an environment of togetherness among his attendees. Even on the yard when he had the Jaycees selling hamburgers, you could see in some of guys that this was "different"; they had a sparkle in their eyes. Now! why am I telling you this? Because this is how he chose to spend his time. You Know! 'Time' as a word, spelled backwards, spells out 'emit,' meaning to give. He was involved with others in a positive and assuring way. When he was resurrected from the "Icicle Garden," he went back to school at C of C and graduated. His basic construct held true and as you might suspect he was involved with others cognizant of their needs. He even represented an air of polished detente with his attempt to being brought back into the fold. But! He was a 'felon' and he had to be kept in place. Yes! The dictates from the political pulpits and society in general just had to persecute him simply because he was being recognized for his contributions. You see, felons need to come together as a financial force and create their own lobbying efforts. Yes: TheBlackMarket.me is that force. And that is why I want to form a more inclusive community.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

"...Yesterday, it seems so very far away...."

22 years ago the state of SC, in collusion with 'the' rogue prosecutor, entered my world and like the terrorist from afar ran crippling steps through my life. My question to you is a simple one, but not to diminish its effect on your life, have you too been raped by the rogues of law, order and politics? I wish you would share the pain and anguish so that you too can be heard. Together, our stories can reach the pinnacle of distorted corruption which runs through the aristocratic mind set prevailing within the walls of justice. Help to bring down the shroud that they hide behind -law and order. Whose law? Whose order? Whose justice? The 'rogue' prosecutor's; that is who. Yes, the police state prevails hidden deep within the bowels of that shroud. Not the 'shroud' of Jesus, that is for sure. Come follow theblackmarket.me into a new beginning. One that will help marshal and even the odds against their ever corrosive diet -one's humanity. Now! The challenge is buried deep in the interpretations, of their social justice; their principles are rotting.  So! (i.e, where do you lay your body down -with the 99% or the rogue 1% of humanity?)

A gift!

Support is a subjective kind of feeling. If I were reflecting, I would question whether I was indeed supporting myself because the questions triangulating from my mind's percolating roar  gives me wonder. The question then becomes: What or who is this other times me riding the ebbing tides as they give up their debris like ocean tides speckle a shore line of shells. Walking along the shore line and losing self in the wonderment of discovery, shell after shell until the strange shape of the shark tooth spears. Aha!, a smile appears across the face of excitement  - found one! Then just to the shore line a sand dollar pops out of the ebbing tides way. Joyously, self and the shark's tooth merge with the sand dollar keying into the idea behind the roar of reflection. Aha! support is all about being aware that others walking earlier along the shore line making accommodations and leaving the discovery up to you.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Grapes of wrath"

Christmas is Christmas as 'a rose is a rose;' or maybe Christmas is a rose if you are in the loop; and, I suppose there are many other attitudes one can take in respect to Christmas. But still, things could unfurl upon a more even playing field. Note! If you allow the political powers that exist as they do today to continue to be 'bad Santa' then what you will get under your tree of hope for Christmas will be a piece of fossilized coal. And, I know, or I believe that what you wish to find are gifts of hope for your family's future.  But please do not be 'eccentric' because the way the system wants the individual to be more like the protracted clown that it projects from its approved pulpits. OK! What is a protracted clown? It's what happens when you become dehydrated like a grape to a raisin. For example, your desire was to mature into a bottle of vintage wine. And you end up in a bag of trail mix. Another way of looking at this is that you will never be Sinatra singing his mantra of "My way." For you, it's conforming to the 'trail mix." You know what I mean. It's when you recognize another 'raisin' from your side of the mix and it does not make any difference what the mix is. The point is that it's the way of the mix or the 'high way.' Think -snap, crackle and pop- like out of the cereal box unless you too are into the Francis effect feeling the inertia from the Pope's convergence trickling, twirling, and swirling - the assurance that if you do it 'my way' that it will be the 'high way' to the promise land. Well, what about those of us who are not persuaded because of the injustice that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Candidly speaking, the good Shepard does not live on my side of town only the money-changers and their way of capitalism. Yes, protected by a system that has a special interest in the convoluted means to its esoteric understandings. The system is still riddled with nepotism, maybe not from the family but for sure from their presumed place in its cast of characters.    

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"May Yesterday's Dream Be Tomorrow's Memory"

So, how far back does 'yesterday' go? Age might have something to do with it, but I believe that the key to 'yesterday' is its opportunities, and your ability to avail yourself of their possibilities. Now, the southern season is an exclusive club made up of those who are from the right side of the 'tracks,' and if there is a felon hiding in the family tree, well than, you need to be in politics to help put out the fire that is attempting to tarnish your dreams. Yes, if you have money and power, the rogue prosecutor will sell you access to the Papal bull, and allow you to use the family's free get out of jail card. You know, as in Monopoly! If you are from the right side of the tracks, and you have assets which you allow the prosecutor to admire, then there is a silver lining in your cloud of disrepair. Remember that we all feed from the same trough and the rogue prosecutor feeds on those who are weak and lack the social accoutrements of power to fend them off. So, maybe 'today' things will look a little bit better and you will find a job that will help you elevate your family to a higher place on the food chain of life. If you have transportation, that is. And of cause, transportation is just one of the many obstacles facing any family in the bottom 20% of the food chain. It's all about money, right. So, what is your 'tomorrow' all about? Just maybe Daddy Warbucks from Annie's fame will come into your life as it came into the newly refurbished Dock Street Theater on Church Street in downtown Charleston, SC. Well maybe the bottom 20% cannot afford the price of admission.

Swimming up stream

So, if you are living in SC and your parents are in the bottom 20% of wage earners, than you, as a child of this family, have a 40% chance of staying in the bottom 20% if you do not have a college education. OK! Now what do you think your chance is of aspiring to the top if one of your parents is a felon? Well! Let us wrap that question up in a Christmas package and leave it under the Christmas tree for 'Santa' to open and pontificate about. Maybe you can hope for the Francis affect to seep into your future and spawn one of those Hollywood projections like "miracle of 34th street." But, I must warn you about the rogue prosecutor lurking about on your street corner hoping to grind her teeth into your dream of rising above that slim possibility. Now, what do I think? I think that those who find themselves in this situation "should" look to foster a better opportunity for themselves as well as others. And, how may this happen? For one thing, you could contemplate forming a more meaningful union to support your aspirations. You could do this by supporting 'theblackmarket.me. Why? Because 'theblackmarket.me is all about shining a new light on the disparaging mind set of the criminal justice system and its rogue prosecutors. As well as the prejudice that stains all felons. It is a southern season to trash those who are not perceived to be from their side of town. Just ask anyone who had the audacity to reach for the stars and bring home the "miracle on 34th street."

Monday, December 23, 2013

'...think without mind...'

What ever this story is all about, whatever! Why did it happen? This is important because the stage upon which we will gaze has three parts: Yesterday -Today- Tomorrow. So, in this context those who participated in the 'frame-up' will set the stage's setting for understanding, this unfurling on 'Yesterday's' stage. I'm in Myrtle Beach, SC. and I'm trying to shift the balance of power within the zero-sum relationship -new sales has to resell- in the market place of ideas. What do I mean? OK! For example, there was only one place on the strip that represented resales; and that was me, yours truly. All the rest were representing special interests, those who owned and control the sale of vacation ownerships in Myrtle Beach. 1% against 99% and this is where they sat in their evil pen and perjured their testimony. But! Who was it that got them to perjure themselves before the jury? This question would be answered if only the SC Supreme court would hear the case, but no, Tole sent me a letter saying that the court would not hear my case. "Ask not for whom the bell tolls,  it tolls for the...." the supreme court placed me on the 'death' cart as the dead were placed during the plagues of Europe. Now with this power shift in the court going on, maybe my case will be a bench mark against rouge prosecutors operating with impunity in our so call 'social justice' system.

Social justice: that is an oxymoron.

'Social justice' is an oxymoron. I got 12 jurors, all of whom survived the brutal storm called "Hugo" in 1989 the previous week. Yes, the jury was picked out of a dysfunctional population due to the storm. And I had been held for months in the dungeon of the old condemned prison in Conway, SC. This jury had been primed by the prosecutor just like the bull is primed before  the matador einters the ring. The question is: why didn't the judge mandate a mistrial since there was no evidence presented with their testimony? For example, so that I could get my real estate license reinstated, the state ran an FBI check on me and it was their conclusion that their was no evidence, just a conviction. I got reinstated because the commission was made up of rational individuals. They were not being tortured by the remnants of "Hugo"or being corrupted by a rogue prosecutor.  Question: do you think that the jury would be able to reject their own prejudices and not project them upon the defendant?  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I'm looking for like minded individuals to participate with me in developing  'the black market.me,' a web site designed to fostering a better environment for those 'stained' felons amongst us. Question: what could be an example of today's oxymoron? "unionized felon"   So, in reflection, if you can not be on their stage, well than build your own as Shakespeare did because "...the times they are changing..." Dylan.I'm looking for like minded individuals to participate with me in developing 'the black market.me,' a web site designed to fostering a better environment for those 'stained' felons amongst us. Question: what could be an example of today's oxymoron? "unionized felon" So, in reflection, if you can not be on their stage, well than build your own as Shakespeare did because "...the times they are changing..." Dylan.

Friday, December 20, 2013

"To be or not to be...." a felon with out rights.

I find the middle east to be a very interesting place. I lived in Peshawar, West Pakistan in the1964/65 occupation. I also majored in the middle east while I was attending school at C of C. As I see it, the dominant force is in the understanding of how the powers were to be divided: bifurcated into Sunni and Shia. Sunni is the tribe, they govern by statue and the Shia followers were to be mindful of Mohammad's religious teaching as in the four rightly guided califs. Shia stopped adding to their intellectual flow in the 11th or 12th century. No new paradigms will be added to how the Koran is to be understood. It was the Sunni mind set that command with hegemony. Their hermeneutics of assimilating others and their religious beliefs were mindful of how best to govern their assets. The Ottomans knew how to balance their empire through position and wealth. It was the promise of Sir Lawrence left neglected that set the Middle East into a quagmire. The Western powers carved up the ruling tribes and gave power to govern to others, creating three new states. They, the West, got in the way of the tribes' cash flow. They destroyed the silk roads' merchant power. Now, as the 'West,' we only give notice if notice is given. When you join 'the black market.me' you are giving notice. And 'notice' is how you get your needs met.
   Remembrance: It's all about the 14th amendment and without its protection you are dandruff on a good man's collar - that is how you are being treated. Or maybe you live in la la land. OK! Think about it as a distribution construct; and if you are a felon, you are denied access under the construct. When you are denied your 14th amendment rights, you are denied access. You are not equal amongst others.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

TheBlackMarket.me It's the 'bad boy's hot-spot'

Shakespeare: Why not 'any' man?  The young brains, free radicals, gather offshore and form their literary effect; it's the European elite who had their freedom to explore. Gathering on that spot of land just off its coast, London,England. You might think "Bermuda" off the coast of our South Eastern flank. Yet, not the same weather. Now the thing is this: the director offers you the character's effect. And that is why when two different directors address the same 'words,' the protagonist can unfurl among characters that can be seen threw many different sexual leanings. Life was forming its renaissance men. And they did so tip toe down Alice's rabbit hole. London, England at this time was one of the hot spots for Europe's convergence of the Continent's youth. And Shakespeare was the scribe: he harvested their gossip as they hopped around town going from one social upheaval to another and all the time in the service of one of the community patriarchs. These were the 'actors' who performed on the stage at the Globe. It's the Bard's space. The manner in which the Bard strung together his words took into context the actors' status on his stage, their countenance. Different actors worked for powerful families in the political fabric of power. All over Europe the monarchies were being challenged. Alliances were being made, as marriages between families were seen as business contracts. As Dylan has often said, "The times they are changing."    

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My feminine side

I have been registering with the sheriff's office for 20 years because of a prosecutor's system that has since been determined to violate14th amendment's rights of individuals. Now this would be a good time for the SC supreme court to review my case; that is, if the judges do really want to crack down on prosecutors who eviscerate the justice system. Yes, in my case, the prosecutor was an instrument of evil, sacrificing my life, for her personal gain. She had no shame as she screamed out to the jury, "He is a 'time share sales' man...."She wrapped me up in a 'stain' that each member of the jury endured, a time share tour to see if they too where a 'big winner.' They too hated their time share salesman. But, did he have to die? Yes! the person you sent into prison died because of the process. OK! the body came back out but the brain was eviscerated. Yes, this is exactly why felons should join in with the Black Market's convergence. Also remember, there is power in numbers. And before I forget, the government already has access to your information. the only one who does not have access is the individual, you. So when you 'join,'you will get access to how it is best for you to get your needs met; that is what you get when you 'join.' 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It is where you find synergy: it's in the crowd.

Let's just say that the"icicle garden," is mental rape. OK! All I'm saying is that in my case, it was social rape as well. So the question is "why." I do not know. But it's why I had a mental breakdown.     I'm going to let that lie for the moment and try to help you understand what it may be like. I ask you to visualize in your mind's eye three columns, each with an independent way of encoding experiences - for example, learning by experience or through vicarious channels of observation, watching someone  perform the action. OK! In another column, visuals from movies or TV, and in the third column you can have fiction, nonfiction, and literature, socially accepted knowledge. Well, when the  columns are intact, they are differentiated. And when the columns become convoluted, they are undifferentiated. You might think of it as, on track or off track. Now, I have been trying to put myself back on track, together. For example, the judge gave me early social security because he said I had put years into therapy and recovery, and the state had interfered. Now I will admit that there are vast amounts of memory which will never come back. For example, many of the hours, days, weeks of planning it took for life experiences are lost. What I get to know are specifics and I know that the two women who testified against me perjured their testimony. I know that because the afternoon the mother in question said I raped her daughter was the same afternoon she had previously agreed to have me take her around town but subsequently refused. So on the money I had been given by the marketing company to entertain the Mom and take her around town, instead, because she refused, I was entertaining in my room on the 'monies' allocated to take her around town and then was enjoying a beer with a charming Oriental woman on a restaurant patio near my office. As they say, the money "was burning a hole in my pocket." My office, by the way, was directly across the street from the famous 'Mother Fletcher' on 8th ave North. So you could say that I was on home turf. And I was. Oh! There is one other thing: there is 'redemption' only if you confess. And sense I never confessed, since I couldn't confess to their lies, there is no 'redemption.' And this is why I'm being socially raped. This is the South, and in the South, the 'lie' rules - 'sex scandal' must prevail. It's the prosecutor's "Saturday night special" When at all cost is their motto. The prosecutor screamed out to the jury, just before going into deliberation, "He is a time share sales man: what chance did she have?" Where were my civil rights? 14th amendment.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

666…if it relates to your pain, unionize!

In the defense of my wife, and by the way, she does not need anyone to come to her defense, but she was in the room with me sitting in front of the commission when the attorneys for the commission - who had presumably read my trial transcript - stated that there was no evidence presented to the jury to substantiate the charges. And, within moments of receiving this knowledge, the commission gave me my license back. This meant I could take the new test so as to assure the state that I was competent. I passed; but, I could not move on because my license was eviscerated due to the stain put on me by the states of NM & SC. Being labeled in anyway is against my 14th amendment, but being juxtaposed to Satan and bear his sign 666 - my listing number in the sheriff's office- as I do, renders me dead. This is why I am in the process of setting up a program to unionize felons. For you see, I'm still in prison. So, I must still be in the business of educating inmates. Therefore, my responsibility lies in regaining their 14th amendment rights. Let me refresh you memory, in the "icicle garden'' I was the 'library-man.' If a prisoner was in lock-up, or even on death row, I was the one who got their learning needs met. I was a cookie crumb; I worked for the school principal, G. Cook, who was into making a difference. I allowed for each inmate and the 'differences' in between the inmates to be fostered as best he could. Cook and my wife both have education in common. I see that in the way my wife offers up ideas to help assimilate creativity in the teachers that she teaches how to teach. She is a pedagogue, master of communication. She and Cook are on two different sides of the 'wall,' or as I like to think about it, the 'icicle garden.'
Felons need to leverage their numbers to help shift the balance of power back in their direction; political power is the derivative that produces the force needed to regain a felon's 14th amendment rights. The way to do this is through forming a union to demonstrate to others that our needs need to be put back on the table. Without a conscious effort to reintroduce the felon back into the community, an idea not on the drawing board of most states, it won't happen. My hope for felons, is that you, in conjunction with WWW.theblackmarket.me, commit to self preservation and unionize.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Dealing with anger and hate, ponder these circumstance and discern their effect upon "your" present situation. The system picks you up- puts you in a cage with a population of those who believe that you are the one responsible for cutting off the 'tits' of their grandmother and turning them into a tobacco- pouch. And they are going to cut off your penis and turn it into a tobacco- pouch as revenge for my family history, not withstanding that I'm Irish, and myself through their argument an indentured servant. They tell me that I'm going down. There is a million dollar hold in place. They bring me before the judge with my genitals exposed in the jump suit they issued for the occasion since its crouch was ripped out. I had no under clothing. The judge's ruling: I have two warrants, each signed by their respective governors, NM and SC. Therefore, SC has 21 days to come and fetch you. If you are still here on the 22nd day, than you will be free to go. SC picked me up on the 21st day and 'kidnapped' me since they didn't give me my right to due process under the 14Tth amendment . They put me in the dungeon, a prison that was condemned the following year. SC kept me locked up for months on end, as a child molester, allowing the inmates' leverage over me. Talk about having your brain raped daily. Yes, prisons are mental rape factories. The ministers would come in the middle of the night and yell out to me, "Tom don't you want to come out and witness with us tonight. I never went out. Those inmates are milking those ministers, and on my part, if I did, the repercussions would suffocate me. They would leave after a while. But, I still would be there in the dungeon. No, I did not want to be conscripted into their army and defend 'anything' against the other inmates. They kept 'raping' my brain from the moment they 'kidnapped' me, April 1st, 1989 until they held my trial -the week after the violent storm Hugo tore Myrtle Beach apart- perfect timing for the prosecutor. They condemned me to a life time of 'mind raping,' October of that same year. And it is still going on. So, let's get back to 'anger' and 'hate,' OK?  Please remember, they also held me as a child molester inside of a maximum security prison. Besides 'brain rape,' it's tacit, but -it is its it- if you have to molest some one, well then, molest the 'child molester' among you. Just like it is when the system registered you as a sex offender; they get you "raped." I know; it happened to me when I was living on Bennett St. downtown Charleston, SC by three women, who got my name of the internet.  Day in and day out, how would you respond if these were your circumstances to dealing with anger and hate? Oh, and by the way, the day that they arrested me, I had just finished taking over the local hotel as the main building for Pecos Valley Christian College. And its fruition could have been $350,000,000.00- the future value of its tax deductible status.

Monday, December 9, 2013

You see another as a fool: you see yourself instead.

Never will I be angry again; I will never be angry again - the same words over an over again, and yet, what is being said, its meaning? ...before or after the fact, when did you make this decision? ...what was your frame of mind? I ask because anger is normal; it's your effective response to some retro-flection of your mind's eye. What do I mean, 'you know,' when upon meeting an other you send out some kind of observation, then form that "what-ever;" you set a position.  Well, the never part of that "what ever" goes tumbling back upon itself and, weathering its pain, leaves a mark on one's ability to be objective. You see another as a fool; you see your self instead.

Interlect does not run along the "y." It's a double "x'x'" lie.

I know that I'm not the only one of us, who on occasion, acquiesces to the 'bully.' You make a comment about some trivia in an innocuous setting, and the hammer comes striking down. So you step back and let it all drop. But, it's not what you want to do, so the next day you 'blog.'  You can not take it anymore. Why? Well, because others are determined to 'slice and dice' the meaning of your comment. For example, the woman who puts her daughter on the street with questionable needs and than blames the public when disaster strikes. It's never the girl. It's never the mother. The  consequences and their devastation are the quasi-responsibility of society because it could never be that the girl (or the mother for that matter) simply lied, and to find some relationship to history, think the witches of Salem. I know that you can see that in that case, the women burned at the stake were but victims of the vicious girls who wanted attention from their community. But, in the here and now, all others are guilty as charged. Why? Simple; she would never want to put her self into any light that did not show her in the glow of her community; bull-shit. How about power and money? That is the simple truth. Follow the money, find the power, and you will know why she lied. OK! The gas chambers run by the SS women during the war were more easily understood then were the girls who went out into the community of Jews and simply killed them.   Remember, when the war was over the SS girls were simply absorbed back into the community of their peers. Just as our system simply returns its jurors back into the waiting arms of the baffled community which spawned them. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ideation needs action to spawn fruition

Back in the late 60's I made podium presentations to sell real estate. I used quotes to foster understanding with my audience. For example, "vision without execution is hallucination" ..."knowledge plus action equals success ...knowledge without action equals zero." Decision: 'decision' to some comes off as incision, meaning to cut off. So, yes, 'indecision,' a mental play, is a non-sequitur because its fruition is zero. Remember, unless it is an independent variable of thought, which it is not, it's a dependent variable, depending on outside action. You might say 'imprisoned,' for it is a fallacy to believe that you can use 'assumptions,' as 'consequences,' to validate the antecedents of behavior.  Simply put, 'indecision' is the absence of any 'action,' burying your head in the sand...hiding under the bed. OK! When I got out of prison I took a course in symbolic logic, and I learned that it is a fallacy to assume that the "if then" of one situation, its conclusion, preempts the "if then" of another situation's fruition. For example, misprision of a felon, left unchecked, eviscerates the felon's future, their 14th amendment. My detractors are 'hallucinating' over fear that they will be checked if I'm allowed to sell my story. The southern 'sex scandal' is riddled in corruption and anchored in political power; and, that is why I "blog." The 'blog' is my podium and "truth" is my 'knowledge.' And the real estate I'm selling today is for the interment of those detractors.
Y.E.S. Your Easy Side is 'our easy side." Was the slogan I use when I put together the promotional material to offer up Mobley's accounts receivable, mortgage-paper? These were mortgages he held on projects that he had fostered. Also, there were several other associates of Mobley's in  this derivative model of mine. So that, when I published in the local real estate offering, as well as TV, a listing for occupancy or sale, it included most of the major resorts in Riudoso, N.M. These men asked me to put together this deal, derivative. This was not a rogue derivative. But I did get opposition from Mobley's son. He believed that any lead coming into the office was his and he did what he could to mess up this derivative. And to Mobley's credit, he called his son into his office, and informed him that what I was doing was for his, Mobley's, best interest. It was all down hill from there. You can never go against the Prince; ask Machiavelli.  The Prince is a famous work of 'art' on behalf of anyone who wants to govern others. It's the devil's manual according to some, and it's the 'bible' according to others; anyway, the Church condemned it. And the South acquired the "sex scandal."  Mobley and his friends did not like the way in which I governed the tax exempt status of Pecos Valley Christan College. They wanted to do what they previously did, and that could be misconstrued as 'fraud,' and it was why Mobley's property was under federal receivership. The proof is in the 'pudding,' one year after I was arrested, Mobley's property went into bankruptcy. He though he new what I was doing. What he did not understand was that the IRS set up the guide-lines for the  derivative. Pecos Valley Christian College was non- denominational, not Mormon. Mobley was a Mormon, so non-denominational was not his 'easy side.'    

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Theater of the absurd"

"He is a time share salesman, what chance did she have?" This was the prosecutor's final remark to the jury before they went into deliberation. What does 'time share salesman' have to do with anything other than to prejudice the rogue jury formed during the week of Hugo; the devastating storm which tore into SC with wrecking mayhem.  Yes! This is the 'way' in which the system -of the people and by the people- works in SC. And, for sure, this 'rots' because there is something missing, civil rights. And of cause the SC prosecutor does not care about 'civil-rights.' In my case, she was one of the girls playing around in the bottom of the 'brown-paper-bag' with the confetti made up of eviscerated penises. And, whose penis did she eviscerate? Well maybe it was the judge's penis for he too was playing havoc with my 'civil-rights.' And may I remind all, there was never any crime, just political corruption, SC style. But there is a whole lot of misery associated with this form of 'rogue-jury' behavior manifested in the SC criminal justice system. A system rotting from within because its mandate is anchored in plea bargaining, absent the 14th amendment, section #1, equal treatment to all Americans, of cause. Enter at your own risk, 'the theater of the absurd.'   

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

14th amendment: "equal treatment to all" And only as a 2nd thought, I'm listed as '666' in the sheriff's office.

The 'confetti' of little dicks, he kept inside a brown paper bag along with the eviscerated portraits from which he harvested his "trophy."  I knew a man who did the same thing. He was a Myrtle Beach mover and shaker. He was paying some of the expenses when I was promoting the resale of time shares along the Grand Strand. Such a perfect 'format' it was: from the top of the Domino pizza box... into the Hotel room...into the family's dream...free raffle ticket from Domino's. Which if won, represented the range of the winner's opportunities to enjoy with their family. So, the questions always comes up: "why did you give it all up and go seek the Shaman in NM? First! I did not own the company that held the listings for the time-share resorts. And the opposition tried to man handle me in such a way that I feared for my life. There was nothing for me to stick around for. I needed a change because I needed the listings for the promotion, and I no longer worked for the company that held the listings.  NM was offering me skiing on the high sierra and access to the local shaman. Now that is why I left when I left. Also, NM changed its laws and now requires a real estate license to conduct business. The job required me to be there to attend a licensing program.  "Confetti of little dicks" is my chosen metaphor; the Southern mind set to use a 'sex -crime' as a means to an end. Plus! We all know that the girls are playing around with that "confetti' in the bottom of that brown paper bag.  They too will lie: Mother and Daughter. Remember. The girls in the bottom of the brown paper bag do not care about "equal treatment to all" for, to them, size matters.

Monday, December 2, 2013

What do I propose?

A "think-tank" to help address the needs of this 'convergence.' What I'm asking the felon to do is quite simple, support your future. Every day the "system" produces new felons into the ever bloating morass of social dysfunction. When I was in the 'joint,' they called me: Library Man. And all felons know who the library-man is. He touches each inmate in his own way. As for me, I was a member of the 'cookie-crumb', and therefore, I tutored for all subjects. I hung out in the school, 24/7. My primary job was to help the inmate to understand the material so that he could pass the test. Now, the longer the inmate could stay in school, well than, he had a system for reducing his incarceration, good-time and school-credit. As for my self, I maxed out all systems and went zero-sum with time. Meaning: I served the absolute minimum time for my sentence. A 'Union' is but a 'Partition' stating a grievance against its social contract. They,  the "Power Barons" pay a tenth 1/10 to their church. You could pay a tenth, 1/10 too. It just depends on you, for you are zero "0" at the moment, without union. Fund the "think-tank" with dues and you will be able to influence the 'system'  to better meet your needs. 'They' are keeping 'the common-good' away from you. 'They' are manipulating resources so that you are not eligible for them.  'They' read "the prince" by Machiavelli. 'They' understood.  So now, know your terrain. Unionize!  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

'the meaning of being'

To listen, to hear the sound of the word, its meaning, lives in the depths of your attention to what others are saying and how they are saying their interpretation of the word; or are you conscious to what is being couched in a manner to sway?  "Couched" context is that environment from which you derive words that change meaning as they go from 'context to context.' Day to day, we shift among those present within "context." Now! Listen to the call of the "union" and leverage society's "Scarlet Letter." 'Avail self to what is becoming a herd. This form in convergence: "...no man is an island unto himself but part of the main".... Now! Listen to being a class- action -suit, 'civil rights.' Unionizing around getting "civil rights." Now! That is worth unionizing for.  Now! for example, imagine  what it would be like to have no "restrictions"....to get up and go... each joining to join freely to nurture their way and foster an environment conducive to the tranquility needed to be whole. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today is my day to be the "w.i.p.," Work in progress," how do I move each agenda's construct around the different stages of my mind? Good question, right? YES! Imagine if you will, 1963:  Your job that day was to "slice and dice" the books for Norman W. Farley. I was the book-keeper and office manager for The Meadow's, a night club just 12 miles west of the city: Boston. Cash would be coming through the front door, and I would convert it into an expense, so that we showed a lost for the day, even though we were quite busy. How did I do this? ..you might ask. It was simple for me because  in one of my previous lives, I ran the show department in a major department store on Moody St. in Waltham, MA. Your storage room is set up according to style, and therefore, at different times of the year, each style holes a different fraction of that space. Back to Farley - every utensil, (i.e., cup, fork, chair, etc.) in the club was rented from another one of his businesses, his children. Now, Murphy was the accountant, C.P.A.  He wanted a day -to- day fractional interest paid out against all rental assets. We even had a house on the property that housed "disabled-boys," a way to spread the "flow" around. The "flow," the day's activities, were comprised of Farley's affairs and those of his brother. Needless to say, I loved my position. Each and every day I would get to here the "stories" as they trickled, twirled, and swirled, as if they flowed from the cigar tipping side ways from his lips.  Farley's desk was set for two, bifurcated. and right behind my chair, taking up most of the wall space, was the safe. and that is where I stored Farley's books. Yes, the cash was in there too. So now this is why I'm forming a "Felon's" union, to create a political presence, on behalf of myself and others who have been fucked over by those who hold public positions that are supposed to take our interest into the "mix." But instead, use their position to further their own agenda. And I'm going to use the "W.I.P." as evidence to deconstruct their constructed web of shame. 
P.S. ...if you are a felon and you do not join "theblackmarket.me" in this endeavor, well than, shame on you.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

So you ask, "How did I
get to 22 Bennett Street, Charleston, SC?" Well the simple answer is "Timmy." I met Timmy when I was in prison in South Carolina. Now he was on a mission. His mission was to find an innocent man and help him. I was Timmy's innocent man. Timmy got that idea from the inmate's grapevine. As in, "I heard it on the grapevine," by Marvin Gay. I was on my way to Charleston Southern by way of the Baptist College. Timmy put me up, for my first month of freedom, on Folly beach at the Folly-beach-inn. Meanwhile, the police from Myrtle Beach are looking for me on the Baptist College's campus for probation violations. Instead, they found a young man with big time clout, and they harassed him because his name was Thomas F. Smith, the same as mine, except that his daddy owns a large food chain. So now,  because of the probation department's methodological principles, the Baptist College decided that they were no longer going to keep their commitment to me meaning, no scholarship. This was told to me by the College's representative to the State Prison system. Back to Timmy and 22 Bennett St. Vicky controlled the property as had her mother before her but they never owned the property. And when Vicky was a young woman she fell in love with a young man. Yet, they did not marry. Anyway, she still loved him, and when he married another, and had a son she felt that his son was her son too. Love and its strange transference. Timmy was that son.


Friday, November 15, 2013

My stain is a conspiracy of "lies" convoluted in the moments of collusion. "Lies" once unfurled, "like a bell rung," are recorded in the fabric of the "lies." (i.e., cancer to the cell....It's always ringing, never solipsistic. Think about it; "it's its it." Felon: Cast. You are no longer a citizen of the State. You are no longer one of use. You are not recognized, inconsequential to the State. Because ...  you are not organized. Come to my platform and ..."lay your story down."

WWW.YOUREASYSIDE.ME  "YES" is my nick name. I will be coming on line in the near future, along with #11 other brothers and sisters. We are a family of "WWW." We are here for you to use. We want to help you make money. We have resources and we want to do business with you. But first you must become a member and ...
"lay your story down.""Why!" you ask. Well, because you need to see where you fit in the larger picture. You know! "...to thy own self be true..."  So, that means getting a second opinion from Debby's Corner. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Imagine if you would, just for the moment, that you entered into the world of "tant-twan-asi," loosely translated it means -the other times me. Please allow your mind to explore its unseen patterns. Those ideas that get under your skin because the general idea of it does not have a sacred corridor in your mind's eye. Share "self" with "self" so that there can be a context to unfurl between one and another. The unionized felon's stage is set to assist in its members entrepreneurial needs.There is a new site coming on line in the near future: http://wwwHomeOfficeIncubator.me; it will be operated through the union. Union members will be able to financially invest in these new endeavors, putting their discretionary funds to work on their behalf. This way the union member sees the assurance to the union's insurance that when he/she participates with like-minded members, their financial needs are met. This is not a new idea for me. Back in March of 1981, I was meeting with the A.F.L. / C.I.O. legal council, John Fx Davoren and "Tip" O'Neill, Speaker of the House, in Washington,D.C. This was also the beginning of the end of my career in "Boston." "Boston Blacky," mentored by Bernard T. Golden. They were going to invest union money in developing Interval-ownership properties so that trade unions could create "jobs" for their members and assure the member's family a vacation each and every year.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How do you win when you are the "tennis- ball"? New Mexico slams you across the "net" to South Carolina. "They" enslave you: felon. As they say in the "comics:" New-World-Order.  Using the Scarlet Letter model, today's letter is F for Felon; the sixth letter of the alphabet, 666 etc.  It's its it.
They say that that makes me the "devil."

Today's metaphor, as of yet, has not stabilized in my quiver-of-thought. And as far as my cohort's quiver, I was Asberger's according to my wife; take that tidbit as you wish. However, I recognize the fact that I had diminished capacity. So, now, over time my brain's "construct" has progressed to being more convoluted because its physiological components are "self"- evolving. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm a 1957 Chevy, you know!  I was born in 1942, meaning that, I was 15 years old, like you; the only difference is the cohort that spawned us.
        "Today" appears every day:  we dance to different music. When I was fifteen, you could find me in one of those "titty-bars" on Tremont St. -downtown Boston- in the 'combat-zone' where the girls were as sweet as the trumpeter's cheeks just blowing on that Horn. 
         You came onto the scene in 1989 - the same year that I entered the "Icicle Garden." In 2004, you too were searching for something sweet. Well, the thing is this, like hindsight,  how is this catch-22 phase working out -something sweet?
           As for me, the train never leaves the station, "The Icicle Garden." That is where they stamp your passport: Land of-the-felon, society's untouchable.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hair, which is dead, coming from your head is glorified and held aloft to be aspired to.  There is real life all around you, and this - to you - is inconsequential.  How do I look?

Looking into the mirror focusing my eyes; "image" focusing back on me.  A candle's light flowing through the mirror's many interpretations by the mirror's observer. Interpretation shifting as the candle's light fades back into the mirror's perimeter.

The only light to be reflected in the mirror is the light from the candle.  The rest of the room is all sealed off from outside light.  You're in the death cave and you are raising the dead images from your past reflection of yourself.

The image is appearing like a slide show on your computer's screen.  The reflection of my body's image flashes across the memory of my mind from old to young.