Monday, December 9, 2013

Interlect does not run along the "y." It's a double "x'x'" lie.

I know that I'm not the only one of us, who on occasion, acquiesces to the 'bully.' You make a comment about some trivia in an innocuous setting, and the hammer comes striking down. So you step back and let it all drop. But, it's not what you want to do, so the next day you 'blog.'  You can not take it anymore. Why? Well, because others are determined to 'slice and dice' the meaning of your comment. For example, the woman who puts her daughter on the street with questionable needs and than blames the public when disaster strikes. It's never the girl. It's never the mother. The  consequences and their devastation are the quasi-responsibility of society because it could never be that the girl (or the mother for that matter) simply lied, and to find some relationship to history, think the witches of Salem. I know that you can see that in that case, the women burned at the stake were but victims of the vicious girls who wanted attention from their community. But, in the here and now, all others are guilty as charged. Why? Simple; she would never want to put her self into any light that did not show her in the glow of her community; bull-shit. How about power and money? That is the simple truth. Follow the money, find the power, and you will know why she lied. OK! The gas chambers run by the SS women during the war were more easily understood then were the girls who went out into the community of Jews and simply killed them.   Remember, when the war was over the SS girls were simply absorbed back into the community of their peers. Just as our system simply returns its jurors back into the waiting arms of the baffled community which spawned them.