Sunday, December 1, 2013

'the meaning of being'

To listen, to hear the sound of the word, its meaning, lives in the depths of your attention to what others are saying and how they are saying their interpretation of the word; or are you conscious to what is being couched in a manner to sway?  "Couched" context is that environment from which you derive words that change meaning as they go from 'context to context.' Day to day, we shift among those present within "context." Now! Listen to the call of the "union" and leverage society's "Scarlet Letter." 'Avail self to what is becoming a herd. This form in convergence: " man is an island unto himself but part of the main".... Now! Listen to being a class- action -suit, 'civil rights.' Unionizing around getting "civil rights." Now! That is worth unionizing for.  Now! for example, imagine  what it would be like to have no "restrictions" get up and go... each joining to join freely to nurture their way and foster an environment conducive to the tranquility needed to be whole.