Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Dealing with anger and hate, ponder these circumstance and discern their effect upon "your" present situation. The system picks you up- puts you in a cage with a population of those who believe that you are the one responsible for cutting off the 'tits' of their grandmother and turning them into a tobacco- pouch. And they are going to cut off your penis and turn it into a tobacco- pouch as revenge for my family history, not withstanding that I'm Irish, and myself through their argument an indentured servant. They tell me that I'm going down. There is a million dollar hold in place. They bring me before the judge with my genitals exposed in the jump suit they issued for the occasion since its crouch was ripped out. I had no under clothing. The judge's ruling: I have two warrants, each signed by their respective governors, NM and SC. Therefore, SC has 21 days to come and fetch you. If you are still here on the 22nd day, than you will be free to go. SC picked me up on the 21st day and 'kidnapped' me since they didn't give me my right to due process under the 14Tth amendment . They put me in the dungeon, a prison that was condemned the following year. SC kept me locked up for months on end, as a child molester, allowing the inmates' leverage over me. Talk about having your brain raped daily. Yes, prisons are mental rape factories. The ministers would come in the middle of the night and yell out to me, "Tom don't you want to come out and witness with us tonight. I never went out. Those inmates are milking those ministers, and on my part, if I did, the repercussions would suffocate me. They would leave after a while. But, I still would be there in the dungeon. No, I did not want to be conscripted into their army and defend 'anything' against the other inmates. They kept 'raping' my brain from the moment they 'kidnapped' me, April 1st, 1989 until they held my trial -the week after the violent storm Hugo tore Myrtle Beach apart- perfect timing for the prosecutor. They condemned me to a life time of 'mind raping,' October of that same year. And it is still going on. So, let's get back to 'anger' and 'hate,' OK?  Please remember, they also held me as a child molester inside of a maximum security prison. Besides 'brain rape,' it's tacit, but -it is its it- if you have to molest some one, well then, molest the 'child molester' among you. Just like it is when the system registered you as a sex offender; they get you "raped." I know; it happened to me when I was living on Bennett St. downtown Charleston, SC by three women, who got my name of the internet.  Day in and day out, how would you respond if these were your circumstances to dealing with anger and hate? Oh, and by the way, the day that they arrested me, I had just finished taking over the local hotel as the main building for Pecos Valley Christian College. And its fruition could have been $350,000,000.00- the future value of its tax deductible status.