Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Echos from my youth, face to face with you again; only, now I'm 74, just hearing its failure to resonate. You are there, as I am here ... my imagination drifts back in time...when I was there too, so many years ago.  Back in the 60's when I was living in Paris, France.  I know that you can walk the streets that I walked; shop in the stores, dine on the corner of the many streets offering up for your palate and pleasures. Yes! You anchor the Echo that I'm passing through now- this moment in time. You mentioned Africa as a place of transcendence. My wife has that same feeling about Africa; she wants to expose me to its influence so that I too will be able to see the journey from which life's spore blossomed. Some day, I too will be free from the realities of truth. This is why I enjoyed your karma coming out of our contact. I know that it is easy to miss the flow of karma when you are 31 years old just blossoming in life's fertile presence. When I was 31, I was under the ether of Boston's in -crowd. That is to say...everything is going down within the in crowd; it's a college town. It's a small town if you are down with the in -crowd. I was drafted into military service in 1963. picked up a year of high security in Pakistan where the echos are still screaming because I was so unconscious. Believe it or not but I was considered a god by some of the inhabitants even though the government had me under surveillance because it thought that I was being unduly influenced by the tribal elites within the Pakistan military. I was just having fun -my kind of fun- not high security fun allowed within Peshawar, Pakistan. Anyway! I was tooling around the streets of Paris in 1966 with my new M.G. sports model. Yes! This is where you are now. This is what I'm enjoying about you. Like an explorer planting the county's flag. You can be what I foolishly disregarded; you can be alive, conscious. Whether we connect or not in the future... today's memory is mine... tomorrow's memory is yours unless you give it to someone like me to cherish. "May yesterday's dream be tomorrow's memory" Today's echo is forming now -enjoy the day's echo.