Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The Constitution of the United States states that, if the population feels that its government is not serving them, than they can form a new government. So I'm forming a "new" population so that its members can form a new government which will function on their behalf. This is all about the value of your labor. For example, there are somewhere around 80,000,000 (eighty million) potential members to my new population because they are being tracked by their government, its police. What I'm proposing to do is but together a Union that has a structure capable of negotiating their worth. This arbitration between parties is absent when their existing population has "stained" them in one fashion or another. For example, you might have been arrested and released by the police when you were young; but the system still has that information. As you know, it can come out and stab you in the "back" because it prevented you from advancing your goals. Imagine how difficult it is to get a decent job if you are stained a felon. Well let me suggest that you "imagine" that as the population becomes poorer because of the financial divide  between the elites and "all others." Also, may I suggest to you that some member of your family is going to become "stained" because of their unfortunate financial situation in the future when the police are going to be harvesting their charges; you are now one of the "all others." YES! It could become a consequential journey down Dante's staircase into hell. I have been there; I know it is nothing like "Alice's" rabbit hole. If you have a comment please e-mail: balanceincr@me.com Now, let's move on so that I can express to you the way that I feel about being "dead." Yes! The constitution guarantees its citizens the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now in today's world "Liberty" equates to privacy; I'm walking around "town" with a bull's eye stapled to my every move. I may be wrong but I do believe that there is a file on me; it goes with me from country to country like a man without a country because it carries the Devil's mark. Now there was a time back in the 60's when I carried a "red" file; my passport was red; it would open up every door; it never failed me when I was traveling by air. Today when I travel homeland security pulls me out of line; it's never like "Alice's" rabbit hole, either. I'm a member of the walking dead. This is why I am forming a new union with others like myself who have been "stained" by the crumbling religious hegemony that has been stifling their possibilities.      
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