Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Story of 'it...'

It is the face of effort! This face of mine: But it has this adverse effect upon others when incurring physical strength such as attempting to lift up a young woman who is asking me to roll her over and raise her up at the same time because she desires me. This is a very creative move that she is asking me to perform. She expects me to accomplish this with a smile on my face. Who the fuck knows. You Know! This act of lustful play that young people get involved with- these scenes that one sees on the "silver screen." Yes! She was frightened by my feeble attempt to raise her up and turn her over as we copulated. Fucking -A! Side bar: It is its- it is the same as It's its it; as you know, it is just one of life's conundrums. One moment two people were in tender embrace making love their own caring way. Yes! it was my best attempt to lift her while I was on my knees, looking down upon her. My desire was so strong that its rage reflecting upon my face as a monster over his prey. She grabbed her clothes and ran out the door facing the beach, Myrtle Beach. I'm sorry that she was so heavy. You know! It required all of my strength to do what she asked me to do; only in the movies where everything is choreographed, even a smiling gymnast turning the lady over so that he and she could make eye contact. This is where all the pretty faces are; I'm not one of them. I'm not a pretty face. I'm a master of rhetoric. I know this because that is how another lady visiting Myrtle Beach described me before she bedded me down on Myrtle beach. Now! The difference between two moments of intimacy is simple; There was no effort on my part, my side of the equation, because I was a silver tongued devil -Dream Merchant- master of rhetoric. You see, no one was asking me to lift up 'dead weight' while I was on my knees. Because "You can't get there from here" while you are playing on Myrtle Beach. And! Besides that, 'myrtle beach' is in the wrong state; it's in the emotional quagmire of Southern judgement, do as I say not  as I do.
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Sunday, August 16, 2015


What is it about therapy that the therapist doesn't understand? Maybe it is that the metaphor being used is ambiguity -on fire. At best, when you reduce emotion to words, one needs to remember that words have different meanings according to one's audience or their context. For example, the voting list contains names of the participants,  those voting. Yes! You got it; this list is made up of words. It is these voters who choose the government; but they do not choose its management. Therein lies the ambiguity of meaning behind the intended concept or idea - by the people, for the people.... This is like the relationship between minds, therapist & client - you being the client. Now, the beauty you have with the therapist is based upon them enjoying the 'shit' of remembrance you pass on to them during visits. OK! If I cut to the chase, the voter is the shareholder in the marketplace of Ideas. For example, the idea based upon attaining a negative tax base, minimum tax preferred, as well as getting all of your common needs met if only you vote for them -self best interest is the name of the game. But the question is: Can I believe the messenger's words? You KNOW! All therapists are messengers anyway. So! What is the point? It is being one with self -floating somewhere between self best interest of the moment & continuity which your therapist is 'hoping' for your self best interest is their self best interest. Do no harm by understanding that there are many ways in which the disciple, voter, client & therapist choose their construct. You Know! A good therapist is not your friend because the persona occupying you at this moment needs to die -this is not your best interest, but you have proven over and over that you are never in your best interest because therapy is customer centered. As it is said; it's the curse of the Irish to chase the end of the rainbow because this is where their therapist's Leprechaun grants them their wishes, a pot of gold comes to mind.
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Friday, August 14, 2015


It was a thrill to meander threw the "rants & raves" section on Craigslist yesterday because there in the Asheville, NC, I found a posting titled "Answer." Now if you ever want to feel good about yourself; then I suggest that you gander at or peruse through them; read them so that you know that you are not alone for you have found a community which you can relate to and reflect on. Yes! All that and even more if you dub the cape of creativity in the form of an online avatar. SO! What was so thrilling? Well, I wrote a blog for The Black Market.me called "Bar...fly...!" And I'm on Craigslist out of South West Va. where I hit on a post called "Answer" which originated out of Asheville, only to find my post with a new name. Yes! Someone used my post -verbatim but gave it a different title:"Answer" They even used my web site for any comments on the post. OK, you might ask, why are you so excited? Well now I know that at least one person read and understood what I was trying to communicate. Anyway I sent off a comment to his post saying, "very interesting, do you mind elaborating?"  The reply came back, "the raleigh boyz are at it." So now I know that the -raleigh boyz- are passing me on to new frontiers just like in "Star Trek."What is the point? This is the point. Donald -while running for the Presidency- said that he knew the meaning of 'fair,' what it is all about, just like the rest of us do. To me that sounds like the pornography argument. " I know it when I see it" OK! let's think about the consequences of our actions. Then I say that the prison experience will pervert the mind of the individual. What does that mean? I is the meaning of 'fair' in society.  Now when I say perversion, I mean that the mind will never be the same; the prison experience is eat or be eaten; this is on a good day. I know as far as my prison experience; I died of fear because I never knew if they were going to attack or not. I was never comfortable because I was strip searched more days than not during my incarceration.  Let me tell you what fair is: verbatim -word for word- the raleigh boyz were fair with me; they just nicknamed me the 'Answer' not "Bar...fly...!"  And! this I can live with because it helps to get me out and about.  

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Please follow along with the story, I went into the bar to talk with people, just being social. My problem was that they all wanted to 'fuck' me one way or the other, where I just want to talk; I wanted to talk because I can not fuck. Well it is not my best suite, anyway. You might agree that this is a dilemma; yet, you just might like seeing me get whipped, right. These people are beach people; you know, vacationing along the ocean's front beach. Sex was always getting in my way because of fear, some family dysfunction, maybe. Yet, I still wanted to be intimate even though I new that I was a lousy -lay. Now! This was her opening line to me while the two of us sat at the bar having an afternoon drink, "I really would love to fuck you, Tom, but you do not have enough for me; let's dance" and dance we did all night long, doing the bar scene along the grand strand in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She had just slain the giant dragon -anxiety over sexual performance. If you see it through my perspective; you will understand why it is that I am a barfly. Coffee Bars are some of the nicest places to meet cool folk. She shaped the evening so that I was wanting and I had not wanted in the past. But, first I had to role play being her girl friend. You know! dropping the guy thing; getting into the girl thing of connecting on basic things. Think of it this way: you need to do a little bit of role playing on the example, thanks. You are putting an add on Craig's list in the personal section. "I'm a guy who likes to play the girl's role; I'm looking for someone like me; so that, the girls could kiss and snuggle, no guy stuff. I'm looking for my "Alice" to show me the way around her rabbit hole. I love role play and I like to play so as to please :)You see, I know that as far as a clitoris goes, my snub nose pistol looks impressive; but, yes! I'm not questioning the validity of function: just stating that my 'tulip' looks bigger than your hard on. That was just girl talk about "hard -on." See what happens to you when you walk into a bar in Myrtle Beach, SC. and sit down to have a night cap; you end up talking to someone who has you imagining that it's your feminine side that helps traverse the slopes of social intercourse.
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So! Can you discern the soul of government, composed of social entitlements like those of the South? Yes! South Carolina comes to mind along with its ubiquitous cockroach. Life cannot be about attaining a place on the other side of midnight, the hereafter, or even just tomorrow. The question is -how esoteric will 'government' be when it chooses to speak? Now there are twenty six letters in the English language's alphabet. Can you imagine how well off you could be today if yesterday you had learned their nuances? Now if you could, as they say, dance with those letters, would you foster the length and breath of your word strings so that they would be fostering your way? Because it is where the word -worlds of literature spring forth from.What do those letters sound like to you when you are in sub-vocal voice, self talk. Their timbre, color, cadence - even syncopation. I know the line is, "a rose is a rose, is a rose. Yes! Clinton did say it depends in the meaning of is. Let me make my point clear.  A letter is not a rose because it can be whatever it wants to be; for, the letters combine like DNA with other letters producing the story of life, literature. The stories about the life of DNA's child. For example, the power of those letters when they choose to cohabit, produce a word like 'love' with all of its depth to touch all of us in some fashion. Side bar: you need all 26 letters, learn to dance with each one separately, to know its origin and use. For example, the same four letters when combined can produce dissonance amongst the meaning of the word, evil...live. Now! I love the Donald but if he became President, he too would look into the eyes of Putin and see a soulmate just as did President Bush. What ever you devour becomes a part of you, your responsibility, consequences for the good or evil. It's the love of 'power.' This is the Oligarchical throne being played around -Trump would be like, you know, sitting on the head of the lead elephant crossing the ALPS to devastate Rome, Hannibal! No! What this world needs now is the sweet touch of awareness on how the political system works like Hillary. Please do not get bent out of shape over the metaphor's use of Political Dynasty - of knowing because it's the stage upon which they are lettered, PHD in Hermeneutics. Now that is the 'evil' stage. This is 'live' stage. balanceincr@me.com


Monday, August 3, 2015


How about looking at it from this point of view: that which is developed within the military can easily be transferred into the market place of ideas; this is industry. Now it is not the same for industry because it is difficult to convert the utility of commerce back into the 'self best interest model' for military consumption; it would be like putting the 'genie' back into the bottle. It's the military industrial complex which drives the future's fruition.You need the government as a structure to influence. You need to be on the 'proverbial -table' because everyone is looking for the "silver bullet" to help them secure a more sustainable involvement with their community; after all each is a member of the whole whether or not they are active or just residing, the whole is affected. For example, when the criminal justice system moves their charge for detainment it has been to move the prisons into to towns that are in need of financial help & jobs. This happens because the inmate carries their federal dollars with them when they are being imprisoned. The southern white towns got the money as if the inmate were living in the community amongst the town's people. OK! Let me put this 'rumor' to rest once and for all: I was incarcerated at Lieber prison in Ridgeville, SC. until my last month where I was placed in a pre-release center in Columbia, SC doing voluntary work for the community for 30days until the state released me back into the community of Charleston, SC. -1993. I never saw Ridgeville, SC except that one time they took me into Ridgeville for a hearing test; than back to the prison -the icicle garden.  Now! The town was losing jobs, losing their work force. The children were moving out of town for jobs, work. The town's tax base was shrinking because the young were moving; they were taking their federal tax dollars along with them. Yes! It's the 'silver bullet' to solve their problem replacing the children with the felons. Federal dollars for felon housing to help subside the town's financial burden. So, if this is how the system works, you learn how to work it by first understanding it - simple. Government is made up of component pieces. You want to be one of those pieces; therefore you need to be part of something, -government recognizes the union's construct. Therefore, the 'silver bullet' for social justice concerning felons, minority populations is uniozing; it simply puts the dollar back into your hand; so by joining the union you chose to deposit these play dollars which are on your ass right over here with the union. And! Of cause the union expects you to support it if and when you can. OK! Think about it this way; it is one of your choices; it is a way... "to free oneself from old assumption, to discern previously unseen patterns and to dare, come touch, taste, tap, toy with & discover that which is ours is yet, yours alone." Now that line come out of my past, I believe it has to do with something about the Humanities; anyway I like it because you chose to put your value where it serves your self best interest. I think of a union as a stage to play upon -role play. Shakespeare did say that "all the world is a stage, we are all mere actors...."   
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