Sunday, August 16, 2015


What is it about therapy that the therapist doesn't understand? Maybe it is that the metaphor being used is ambiguity -on fire. At best, when you reduce emotion to words, one needs to remember that words have different meanings according to one's audience or their context. For example, the voting list contains names of the participants,  those voting. Yes! You got it; this list is made up of words. It is these voters who choose the government; but they do not choose its management. Therein lies the ambiguity of meaning behind the intended concept or idea - by the people, for the people.... This is like the relationship between minds, therapist & client - you being the client. Now, the beauty you have with the therapist is based upon them enjoying the 'shit' of remembrance you pass on to them during visits. OK! If I cut to the chase, the voter is the shareholder in the marketplace of Ideas. For example, the idea based upon attaining a negative tax base, minimum tax preferred, as well as getting all of your common needs met if only you vote for them -self best interest is the name of the game. But the question is: Can I believe the messenger's words? You KNOW! All therapists are messengers anyway. So! What is the point? It is being one with self -floating somewhere between self best interest of the moment & continuity which your therapist is 'hoping' for your self best interest is their self best interest. Do no harm by understanding that there are many ways in which the disciple, voter, client & therapist choose their construct. You Know! A good therapist is not your friend because the persona occupying you at this moment needs to die -this is not your best interest, but you have proven over and over that you are never in your best interest because therapy is customer centered. As it is said; it's the curse of the Irish to chase the end of the rainbow because this is where their therapist's Leprechaun grants them their wishes, a pot of gold comes to mind.