Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Story of 'it...'

It is the face of effort! This face of mine: But it has this adverse effect upon others when incurring physical strength such as attempting to lift up a young woman who is asking me to roll her over and raise her up at the same time because she desires me. This is a very creative move that she is asking me to perform. She expects me to accomplish this with a smile on my face. Who the fuck knows. You Know! This act of lustful play that young people get involved with- these scenes that one sees on the "silver screen." Yes! She was frightened by my feeble attempt to raise her up and turn her over as we copulated. Fucking -A! Side bar: It is its- it is the same as It's its it; as you know, it is just one of life's conundrums. One moment two people were in tender embrace making love their own caring way. Yes! it was my best attempt to lift her while I was on my knees, looking down upon her. My desire was so strong that its rage reflecting upon my face as a monster over his prey. She grabbed her clothes and ran out the door facing the beach, Myrtle Beach. I'm sorry that she was so heavy. You know! It required all of my strength to do what she asked me to do; only in the movies where everything is choreographed, even a smiling gymnast turning the lady over so that he and she could make eye contact. This is where all the pretty faces are; I'm not one of them. I'm not a pretty face. I'm a master of rhetoric. I know this because that is how another lady visiting Myrtle Beach described me before she bedded me down on Myrtle beach. Now! The difference between two moments of intimacy is simple; There was no effort on my part, my side of the equation, because I was a silver tongued devil -Dream Merchant- master of rhetoric. You see, no one was asking me to lift up 'dead weight' while I was on my knees. Because "You can't get there from here" while you are playing on Myrtle Beach. And! Besides that, 'myrtle beach' is in the wrong state; it's in the emotional quagmire of Southern judgement, do as I say not  as I do.
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