Monday, September 14, 2015

Behind the scenes....!

Every thing depends on a point of view. You know!  Today every one seems to believe that the insurrection in the Middle East between & within controlling forces will lead to some sordid outcome if Iran gets the "bomb." Maybe! Just maybe this is not their point of contention. The conflict at hand is the 'missionary highway' scare as many as possible so that they will leave as refugees, landing on the shores of Europe & the Americas - spreading the word of the prophet, Mohammed. The Middle Eastern mind knows that it has to participate with a higher power than itself. For example, there are two bulls up on the hill admiring the lady cows in the pasture, one young & one old. The young bull said to the old bull, "Let's run down the hill and get a little bit of tail. to which the old bull replied, "Let's walk down the hill and get all the "tail." The point is quite simple- at least from my point of view. The West is a young bull; the East is old bull. Now! The refugees of the East are walking down the hill, into the pastures of Western Civilization as refugees migrate away from ISIS's war on the Middle East. This is what Iran's Shia mind set is all about, proselytizing as a way of showing faith in Islam. They have grown from #100,000 to 10,000,000 over the past decades. Having a large family is a way of showing faith to Islam. Sidebar: the X-bar on western mindset is 2 children per family, where as their mindset tends to idealize 8 eight off springs to spread the faith of Islam. Islam does not want accommodation between God of the East & the God of the West - Jesus & Allah. These are the only two religions -that I know about- who profess that their God is the absolute God; you might say, each believes that their God is supreme. So their goal is to assimilate the World's population under Islam -bringing the Land under Muslim control. To them, there will be no place to migrate to: because you too have a need to be a disciple of Islam .