Monday, March 31, 2014


What is it that lays behind the lie that we, you or I, continue to foster? Truth is never there; it is always in someone else's pocket rolling around in yesterday's lint - like the lint that you might find in your belly-button or between your toes when taking off your shoes and socks. Maybe even the lint from the crack on your back side- yes, your ass. So what is this -this story that is eating at me all about. Well maybe is has to do with the way I was laying around; telling myself the lies that I wanted to hear. For example, someone out there wants to fill me up with joy. This is not a part of one of my dreams; it's real. Then I wake up from slumber there I will be in round two of the fight.  What do I mean by this? A level playing field where the rules are laid out so that you understand that there are twelve rounds to the fight. At the present moment, the system sets you up against a TKO in the first round; the fight is over and than reality sets in; the fix was in, you were only filler to the main event. Now where does that put you: right up there next to the next piece of lint that wants to have -a go at it.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Yes, I'm on the horse with no name;  I'm so glad that Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger are not out riding amongst the Joshua trees. I would not want them to get a whiff of my second hand smoke. But maybe you just might like to come into the tepee with me and absorb the aura of our communion; When I was young,  it was Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger guiding my way. TV was the in thing and morality was the Western frontier.  John Wayne became the man, a man's man. How we wanted things to appear. And of couse it was just a mirage: Like the rat's nest that I came out of would not connect with the image which the community wanted to foster. No, I lived life off the street. I got my first hair cut when I was five years old; the same year that I broke my arm. It was my grandfather's barber shop where I got the hair cut, not my broken arm. He also gave me the broom and told me to sweep the floor. This is where I started to shine shoes for the customers. I was five and I work every day of my life until I was drafted into armed services in the early 60's. I spent 1964/65 in Peshawar, West Pakistan on behalf of the our Government, NSA support services with the Air Force. My whole life changed; it is one of those experiences that changes you in a way that is hard to understand so it is difficult to express so others can understand. I stumbled throughout Paris ,France for the following two and a half years before retiring for the good of the service, and honorably so. The kid who was a shoe shine boy when he was five would never recognize this dischargee from the Air Force. Totally unfocused, looking only for the pieces that others could not see.       

Under the leaf: hiding....

Well what do you think. What was Adam hiding under his leaf? I think he was trying to protect his genitals from Christianity. And by the way, Christianity had not been around, unless it was the snake. You remember the snake, don't you? The snake is always there in someone's mind because it is the jealous piece of shit that created the stench which keeps everyone worried about the future of the Everglades in Florida. This is right, invasive species deposited by you because they wore off their luster; your mind just needed a new something or other to help it masturbate itself in the closet or under the covers. Yes, this is where you get your trinkets from. The closet you hide in as well as the bed that you shame. OK! So what does Eve think about it? Just maybe, you cleaning out the closet and changing the bed linen. No! This is my junk; I do not want you touching it. And yes, I read that someone else said that same thing as they were going through security at their local airport terminal. "Do not touch my junk" because we can assume that he valued his junk or maybe his underwear were dirty because he did not have a chance to get the church's permission to change them. Perhaps he thought that the security people at the airport were junk collectors like the parable preachers from the morality division of the Christian sects breaking off into the new world order of their times. Who knows what anyone really thinks. And just maybe, Adam was hiding a surprise for Eve to enjoy. Like it could be a surprise for valentine's day.

Friday, March 28, 2014


What does age have to do with it? It has every thing and nothing to do with it. First you have to establish its meaning; the meaning of 'it' as Clinton defined the meaning of 'is.' Motivation is the name of the game, so 'it' could be motivation. At this point you inculcate its meaning and wear it when you are out and about. When someone rips your life apart because it suits a higher power. The question comes to mind: where is it stated in the 14th amendment that there is a position for higher power?  Simply put, the rogue prosecutor in my case knew that all of the charges were false. Yes, ask her why she screamed out "he is a time share salesman." She did it to prejudice the Jury against me because she had no legal evidence to prove the conviction; she had a worn out group of twelve people who were stretched out do to the hurricane known as Hugo. At this moment, I am not coming out of a desperate house; but, many are. The elites have so much more than their needs. Yes, if they shared their wealth in an even handed way than there would be no one available to work. This may come as a surprise to you, power is zero sum -the more that you need and want- the system equates this to production. For example, why do you think that C of C chose their president? All you have to do is think about the civil war and remember Jefferson Davis, commander and chief of the Confederate states. McConnell sees himself as Jefferson Davis incarnate. And I do believe that he is ready to secede from the union again. This is just another one of the points to take into consideration when becoming an associate of and its efforts toward equality in the 14th amendment to the constitution of the United States. The southern elite think that their way is in more confluence to what the Founding Fathers thought and embraced, stuarts of the land and their inhabitants. Please remember that in the game of "zero sum" ,you are the widget, slave.  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My girl... the new t-shirt label for will give us a market share - meaning a presence in the market place.And let us face the facts, without a market presence you can not participate in the cultural affairs of the community. This is what I want to do because the generic felon is without representation. You remember the "Boston tea party," no taxation with out representation? This is the dilemma: felon's are without representation because it is the way the system represses itself, isolation. Keep the felon from being able to attain the license required to compete for resources. As in my case, I was able to get my real estate license back because there was never any evidence presented to the jury to justify the conviction, nor was their any evidence of fraud in my background according to the FBI back ground check. Back to the story, the reason that I did not get a pardon from the Governor was most likely because I refused to repent and confess to a crime that I did not commit. I did not plea bargain with SC. I got shafted by SC. I never confessed to raping anyone. When you plea bargain with the state you confess to the crime even if you are not guilty because the system wants it that way, and if you do not plea bargain than the state will bury under the jail. There is no social justice in SC, never mind criminal justice in SC. Position is everything in SC. And all of the positions that the felon can fill are temporary positions, ones without status quo protection from a society which shuns the generic felon. They have stained themselves, deficient of consideration from the group. This is the mindset of a deficient society. Where, as a union, we can foster a more honest offering. The felon t-shirt is our metaphor, raising itself to the "letter" quality; meaning, when you see the letter 'A' you may also see an apple in your mind's eye. Like each of the 26 letters in the alphabet, when viewed separately, can reflect upon various manifestation because we are all unique. For example, the letter 'W' could bring forth the 'witch' who offered up the apple as nourishment, knowing that it was poison. Please note, the letter 'F" does not want to stand for felon, but for "...freedom to free oneself of old assumptions, to discern previously unseen patterns and to dare. Come touch, taste, tap, toy with, discover and rekindle that which is ours yet your alone." This is the T-shirts message.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm a local union

" Come on down"! Yes, it is the moment to do this because, if I join a union, I can litigate the problem. Now, if you want to endorse my case against the state and its rogue prosecutors then it would be alright for you to join the club. Buy a t-shirt so to show support for social justice and the ever growing felon population, the only population that is in it for life. Yes, the damage done to you by the state in their process of creating a new felon. The state is creating a new form of slavery, a permanent lower class about the state feels good in order to support its growth. So, OK, they all say that "the key to success is selling the truth." Their purged testimony is simply this: the statements they made were false. Both the mother and daughter made false statements to the jury and the jury found me guilty because  of the "lies." Now I'm a political prisoner because I'm an embarrassment, the body they burned "-Frankenstein" - all because power brokers in two states played the game -no 14th amendment, no equal rights. Political prisoners lack standing with the court and the constitution as regards equality. But, if there is evidence that shows prejudice it will prove that some one manipulated the situation to foster their advantage of the project's tax deductible real estate factor. Its potential for all business was robust. Yet, today, Obama said the key was rule of law. Well I ask Obama, where was my rule of law. Rule of law is bottom-up only of the elites; there is no equality amongst the masses. This is why I'm blogging. I'm blogging because plea bargaining is killing the chance for individual justice. Plea bargaining is equal to guilty until proven innocent.


If you are the image that others are to aspire to, what would I be like if I mimic your image? It's just a question my friend; nothing to fret about; I'm just trying to understand, OK. You heard about the "big bang" theory, the beginning of the universe. Now, are you the one who was around before the big bang or someone who came along after things settled down? Like, why do I want to dedicate my time to mimicking you?  Please note that you may not be aware of what is being done in your image; you are not in tune with nature. For, if you were, the system would be getting better, not worse. So, just for the moment, think of your self as the family pet, man's best friend, the dog. You serve your master and defend his position. Subjugating self to maintaining the status quo; you are obedient. And, as you know, coming from a family of dogs, you get kicked, like the can, all the way down the road, street to street as time passes you by. Talk about being left out of the picture, - no, I think I will not aspire to be you; it is for me to be me. Yes, it is all about me and the mistakes that others judge to be shameful.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Try to have empathy; could you imagine if you could have an out of body experience where you are the "fly on the wall, " watching how you interact with others. How interesting it would be if each had their persona morph into a felon's role becoming a member of the tribe.  Let me tell you a story: when I was in prison there was never a day that I can remember that I was not strip searched, made to "bend over and spread my cheeks" so that I could pass inspection as I moved about the "icicle garden." I must confess at this moment to tell the truth, they wanted to crucify me because I would not play the game, drug runner; prison is not a game. It's a place where the state lets the system rape the inmate's brain rendering the mind so much less than it could be.  And yes, the state of SC paid someone to look up my ass every day if not every other day; if my memory serves me correctly, on some days SC paid for more the one person to make this request of me. Well let me tell you, overtime, this behavior has a way to justify its affect upon the mind. Therefore you learn to dissociate self from the action; So prison to me was an out of body experience, giving up the body so that you can breath in a new synergy. The point of the story is its metaphor: "bending over and spreading your cheeks." It's any time that you take it up the ass. There is on litigation in prison; this is the act of society, to litigate. And yes, litigate it will be. "To be or not to be" a litigant is out of the question you see, for me it is all about revenge. I want it all out in the open where I can "shine a light on you, babe."

Friday, March 21, 2014

what ever...up yours!

So you are the "gang banger"; therefore you are the happy "sexual" in this story, OK. Now every one else falls into one of these categories: heterosexual -man and women getting it on; homosexual -man and man getting it on /woman and woman getting it on; bisexual -man getting it on with both/woman getting it on with both; Asexual -not getting it on at all. Now the key question to answer is this, which body type do you pick when your transsexual ? For example, a transsexual lives in the wrong form, a female occupying a male form. She wants to occupy a female form. But, does she want to be with men, women or both. How to "pick" is what I question; this has all to do with environment, nurture. Imagine if you could, a society which is heterosexual and this is what it praises; they shun the rest. But you are homosexual and feel the shunning which translates into prejudice leaving you belittled. Yet, knowing how prejudice hurts, you shun the bisexual as one who is false and only you are true. Maybe if I were a 'transsexual,' I think I would be a "gang banger" and just love us all. And best of all, you do not have to like the "gang banger." you can just believe in the hereafter; rejecting others just to fit in with the Church's projections upon your mind. The church preaches fear in this story. Shun according to what I say not as to what you do. Shun shun shun anyone who confesses to be different, never allow for their differences, their differences will pollute the church's teaching. What do you think it would be like for the hermaphrodite "gang Banger"? Maybe it would be like being a transgender.


Trumka told the story about what if: what if the kid goes down to the corner store and sees the others with their fancy trappings gained from working in the secondary market place with its robust free market system enjoying its heyday. "What do you tell that kid to keep him on the good path?  Coming out of an environment that has no future, the kid has no reason to believe that you care. The kid of poverty does not process in a functional way. That is to say, the way you function. The kid of poverty is usually dysfunctional, trickling, twirling and swirling the in and out of street's savoir-fare. Richard knew the answer was "blowing in the wind"; it is just an old song and never a new answer with any possibility for its fruition. Well, maybe the kid's mom or dad is a felon, maybe not; maybe the kid's dad is an "illegal" or maybe not. The kid is going to have a greater chance of becoming a felon, than getting a job when there are problems with employment in the middle class population as a whole. For the kid, It's like "Chicken Little" thinking that the sky is falling. His or her choices are simple: find a way to survive and accumulate street knowledge, like having your ass hang out so that others know that your undies are clean, right. And if you think that the good sister has any answers than you too are sleeping in the attic of yesterday's propaganda designed to keep the kid subjugated to the control of the elites. What am I saying: no one wants to invite the kid into the family if he/she is a domestic under wraps.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Irish eyes are smiling"

You need to have all the pieces of the puzzle before you begin; this is why you need to know how the story's time line unfurls. I registered with the sheriff today; it cost me $150 dollars to post my picture on the internet,  a "target" like placing a staked lamb out to entice the prey. For example, someone killed a registered sex offender not too long ago in SC, and he intended to become a serial killer; killing those on the list because the system gave him a target, and a tacit story line to how they are treated in prison, quasi- queasy. So now the person who is looking to kill has a place to go; the system tells him every thing he needs to know about how to find his prey. Remember the lamb. Just maybe the system is using the internet to ferret out the individual who is becoming a danger to society. Setting them up and seeing if they will strike. Let me put it this way- they put a beautiful cop out on the street with a sign on her head saying, "I'm all yours for only  two-pits." You are driving down the road and you just got out of bible study and you see this fallen lamb; you stop to talk to her because you are a Christian; you pay her the 25cents so that she will give you the time to allow you to help her repent. But she is a cop and before you had a chance to give her your spiel she arrests you. Good luck with your story of true intentions.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

YES: "Your Easy Side"

Berlin will always be a special place to me; in, 1967 it was the "old Eden," a garden of life's attitudes. Yes, I was there. The Playboy Eden even had telephones on the tables- just pick up the phone and dial the table's number. He/She would pick up and the dance of love would begin; the pleasures of Berlin would flow and permeated the senses of desire, lust. In '67, Berlin was a surreal stage upon which humanity thrived against the odds. A little side-bar, I love my sister-in-law; she made my stay special. Carol lived on the bohemian wave flowing through sexuality's rhythm; she was woman.  And yes, she had a guest room for me with all of the civilized amenities. To my sister-in-law, I salute your remembrance; to all others, please remember those from your past who added pleasure to your life. Respect those pleasures because they are controlled by others; the system is very disrespectful because it's stratified and its powers are all controlled in the top tiers of its structure.  There it can become very deadly. Remember one of history's lessons: "man's search for meaning" by Frankel; this book will give you insight into hell. Believe me when I tell you some things are better learned on the vicarious template method rather than up close and personal like being tortured  by the system.  For example, If the idea of life is participation; if you take participation away than there is no life by definition. It juxtaposes what old ministers say: "be in this world, not of it" meaning, do not act as they act; act in a 'easy' way.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Black Oak Cafe!

Why did Pete spend that 25k on partying over the Christmas holidays? The money was earmarked for the construction of the new septic system for kitchen and bathroom use. I went off to NY city for a couple of weeks of old Broadway.  When I came back into town, he said to me that "the senator gave me permission," and that is when I walked away. Southern graft is just not my game, but it was my 25k because I was buying Pete's rights to the property on Lake Moultrie at Bonneau Beach, SC.  Pete was going to be a partner in the business, "the black oak cafe." on site. We were into gathering data on the population. Lobbying on behalf of early childhood education is the "point" of our business model. It is quite simple; "build it and they will come," a beautiful property on a beautiful little lake in the quaint town of Bonneau Beach, SC. Imagine, just for the moment a camping situation along the lake where you get what you pay for, service. Your needs are our needs. Your space for the moment- it is fantasy island along the lake. We were building the praxis  for others to visit. We designed our system to be "you tube" compatible. We were going to cater to the entrepreneurial movements which were coming into confluence, becoming whole. When you bring people together, you make money. But, we could not be what we wanted to be and still associate with Pete and the political power's which he was committed to. Pete is dead. I got my money back. I'm sorry to say that it failed because I'm 666 in the system at large.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What ever!

When I was in school, the teacher was always saying to me, who are "they" because I would refer to people as "they" in my essays.  So, in my case when I say "they," I'm referring to whomever it was that put this frame-up into play. They had a lot of power to manipulate two states. NM & SC warrants issued and presented to the Judge at the same time. I had no recourse. Why? If "they,"who ever they are, can manipulate the laws then there is no equality under the law. I want to know who "they" are and that is why I want you to join in on my side. This will give me exponential leverage and by doing so will take the rogue prosecutor before the US Supreme Court and there give witness to their transgressions. Yes, for me, this is a business situation. and as in any business there has to be profit and that is exactly how I'm taking on this union position. The union profits each time a new member comes on board and there are millions of felons in the US. If each felon purchased my picture book that will be up for sale in the coming months I will have millions to lobby the government with; please never forget, life is a game; the union is your avatar.

Letter to the editor:

I'm been living in Charleston, SC since the state put me back on the streets as a registered sex offender; I realize that this is something that can make others uncomfortable; yet, I have a right to live too. But I thought it would be easier on you if you knew that it was all a frame up; the testimony is perjury. For example, I went before the real estate commission to get  my license back; they did an extensive back ground check on me including the FBI check and they found nothing to report except that there was a verdict without any evidence to substantiate it. I got my license back but the prejudice is so great against the stench of  the conviction brought by a rogue prosecutor and a jury tinted by the "time share salesman's" reputation, that of a con man and deserving of their bent-up fury. Why was this? Because the jury was drawn out of those in the throngs of the aftermath of the most fierce storms, Hugo of 1989. Also, I should mention that I went up for a Governor's pardon; but I was turned down because of political reasons; this was reported to those who wrote letters on my behalf; "it was turned down for -political reasons." But, I still had to pay the attorney fifteen thousand dollars anyway. Plus, I'll be doing my annual registration soon (which I have to do every quarter) which by the way cost me $150.00 dollars to have my scarlet letter posted for all to shun. So why is this happening? The reason that I was kidnapped from NM by the state of SC was money. Some estimates at that time said between 5&6 hundred million dollars in tax right off; this was because I also represented the mortgage paper for the participants of YES, your easy side. this was the marketing arm of real state holdings. I was the gate-keeper of the federal tax stamp for the project. I have establish a working web presence in the name of the, If you go to the site you will hear my side of the story and after that I hope that you feel a little less uncomfortable. Thanking you in advance, "thank you" PS:  The picture is of a piece of the Berlin wall which came down in 1989; oh! yes, that was the same time that the state put me behind the wall. Every government wants to put a wall around its inhabitants just look at the state's prison system, the felon factory.

Monday, March 10, 2014


"tt" is my name, not some other manifested program put out there by the system. There are people who believe that I am the devil because my number at sheriffs office is "666." They are the numerologists  of our decade shooting out that he "is." It was once said, by a very robust mind, "It depends on the meaning of is." So, the way in which the numbers are crunched are very powerful indeed. They are saying that there is only one way back and that is through "redemption." Whose redemption is the spear of evisceration, rendering whomever dysfunctional because they had been denied access. And you think that you wake up with a hard-on. Right! Tommy Tucker is the name of this game: My name is Tommy Tucker; please come and take a walk with me, fantasizing about what it could be like out there for me. Talking, mentoring, helping me to be me -  this is the message that I wish to hear, but do I hear this message? No! What I get is a system designed to keep me isolated so that it can harvest me again through incarceration and  feed me into the belly of the system's beast. Every felon has his and her own story. Yet, they all share in some form of rejection from the system. Leaving them in some form or another under constant pressure to survive for the moment. The system feeds on these actions; actions are predictable; to the felon everything could be costly. For example, you are so angry that you destroy your assets by raging out and breaking objects in your immediate vicinity. You just fucked up your own space because some asshole rattled your cage, leaving you spacey.  Your space is combustible; it burns red hot.  The problem is that it does not spawn assurance. Others need insurance when setting their footprint next to yours, and that is the stage of politics. will be lobbing under the banner of Balance Inc. R. for redux.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

...reading between the lines...understanding.

"So give me a little kiss will you, huh...." I'm really a prince if you just take the time to discover me; just give me a little kiss and I will turn into a prince. I'm felon the 'frog,' full of riches if I can only fine someone to turn me into their Chia pet. The pet is always a good metaphor for communicating a thought; I'm felon the 'dog'. I say to you that I'm God because I have some character issues and learning anomalies, like dyslexia. I say that you are here to experience my bounty. We end up confusing the issue of how to treat each other. For example, Who is the master? Who is the pet? You say that you are a child of God, yet you will not kiss me. Please remember, It was the wicked witch of Man that turned me into felon the frog denying God the rights promised, equality. Now, if there is no God, than I'm wrong and you are right. Than I'm here to suck the shit out of your ass because I'm a member of the "fecal -oid" family. I'm always the fertilizer and you are always the fruit, no pun intended if you take the leap of homophobia and think that I was saying that you have a queer way of thinking. Just kiss me and get it over with because I have a lot of creativity in me. "The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my power to absorb positive knowledge,"( Einstein). 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Stupid......yes, That is right....

OK! The way you process an event that you participated in or observed under some spontaneous moment could be different from the way others would process the event. This leads to wondering how and why others come to different conclusions. Welcome to understanding the world; differences are the key to an individual's uniqueness. You could uses these differences as an opportunity to broaden your horizon, and if you do so, you become stronger through association. This communing (if you will)  enables  you to " touch, taste, tap, toy with and discover that which is ours, yet yours alone" - a kind of social intercourse. is setting the stage so that a felon can be heard. "All the world is a stage" is such a wonderful word string for our message, unionize. When, or if, you join it will become exponential because action is needed to get anything accomplished; "The longest journey began with the first step." If we all step at once, the world will understand that the problem is of society's making and only than will society reverse course - giving validity to the Constitution and the 14th amendment, equality amongst others.   This is all about money; we want our share of the assets available to others. The only way to get this is to unionize through This is political: "hey, you there, touch the pen and be the "chief." In the signing ceremony for a treaty between the  U.S. and the Native Americans, the Native Americans had no conception of "chief;" whoever touched the pen was "chief."  What does this have to do with anything; anyone can be assigned "chief." That is the whole point, you could think about it this way: All Americans could think about joining the union and fight for social justice but, without a doubt, all felons "should" join so as to create a political because, as of now, there is no voice against this tsunami of retribution by the power brokers within the system.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

When 21 is 22 it is -April fools day.

Shortly after being arrested on April 1st 1989 -April fools day-  I'm standing before the judge with my genitalia hanging free and my hands and legs shackled; this is when the judge said that because there are two Governor's warrants on this desk that his only option was to call in the 21day ruling. Meaning that if the state of NM has not turned me over to the state of SC that I would then be free to go. But SC didn't fly me out until the morning of the 22nd day. Mental molestation is all about keeping the brain in a quagmire; for example, I went from one drunk tank to another drunk tank to another drunk tank until they settled on the dungeons of Conway, SC. The Conway jail was the local drunk tank for the bad actors running up and down Myrtle Beach, SC. It was always overcrowded and you had to fight to maintain your space; most of the shit heads are in and out within a few days or weeks but I was in there week after week until it was month after month. Finally, they moved me to a state prison until year after year went by. Now the only thing I know for sure is this, my brain was fucked over so many times that it is impossible to find who I was before I was tortured by the system. You see the difference between 21days and 22days is that I could fight extradition and the state of SC never had any evidence to present at the trial, I never would have gone through such a sadistic mind fuck. But NM did not care about my 14th amendment rights. It is a state actor; it never cares about the generic individual; the power broker holds sway with the state. And that is why this society has the problems that it has. The bull is always out there and it sees you as the heifer to control and plunder.