Sunday, March 23, 2014


Try to have empathy; could you imagine if you could have an out of body experience where you are the "fly on the wall, " watching how you interact with others. How interesting it would be if each had their persona morph into a felon's role becoming a member of the tribe.  Let me tell you a story: when I was in prison there was never a day that I can remember that I was not strip searched, made to "bend over and spread my cheeks" so that I could pass inspection as I moved about the "icicle garden." I must confess at this moment to tell the truth, they wanted to crucify me because I would not play the game, drug runner; prison is not a game. It's a place where the state lets the system rape the inmate's brain rendering the mind so much less than it could be.  And yes, the state of SC paid someone to look up my ass every day if not every other day; if my memory serves me correctly, on some days SC paid for more the one person to make this request of me. Well let me tell you, overtime, this behavior has a way to justify its affect upon the mind. Therefore you learn to dissociate self from the action; So prison to me was an out of body experience, giving up the body so that you can breath in a new synergy. The point of the story is its metaphor: "bending over and spreading your cheeks." It's any time that you take it up the ass. There is on litigation in prison; this is the act of society, to litigate. And yes, litigate it will be. "To be or not to be" a litigant is out of the question you see, for me it is all about revenge. I want it all out in the open where I can "shine a light on you, babe."