Saturday, March 29, 2014


Yes, I'm on the horse with no name;  I'm so glad that Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger are not out riding amongst the Joshua trees. I would not want them to get a whiff of my second hand smoke. But maybe you just might like to come into the tepee with me and absorb the aura of our communion; When I was young,  it was Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger guiding my way. TV was the in thing and morality was the Western frontier.  John Wayne became the man, a man's man. How we wanted things to appear. And of couse it was just a mirage: Like the rat's nest that I came out of would not connect with the image which the community wanted to foster. No, I lived life off the street. I got my first hair cut when I was five years old; the same year that I broke my arm. It was my grandfather's barber shop where I got the hair cut, not my broken arm. He also gave me the broom and told me to sweep the floor. This is where I started to shine shoes for the customers. I was five and I work every day of my life until I was drafted into armed services in the early 60's. I spent 1964/65 in Peshawar, West Pakistan on behalf of the our Government, NSA support services with the Air Force. My whole life changed; it is one of those experiences that changes you in a way that is hard to understand so it is difficult to express so others can understand. I stumbled throughout Paris ,France for the following two and a half years before retiring for the good of the service, and honorably so. The kid who was a shoe shine boy when he was five would never recognize this dischargee from the Air Force. Totally unfocused, looking only for the pieces that others could not see.