Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm a local union

" Come on down"! Yes, it is the moment to do this because, if I join a union, I can litigate the problem. Now, if you want to endorse my case against the state and its rogue prosecutors then it would be alright for you to join the club. Buy a t-shirt so to show support for social justice and the ever growing felon population, the only population that is in it for life. Yes, the damage done to you by the state in their process of creating a new felon. The state is creating a new form of slavery, a permanent lower class about the state feels good in order to support its growth. So, OK, they all say that "the key to success is selling the truth." Their purged testimony is simply this: the statements they made were false. Both the mother and daughter made false statements to the jury and the jury found me guilty because  of the "lies." Now I'm a political prisoner because I'm an embarrassment, the body they burned "-Frankenstein" - all because power brokers in two states played the game -no 14th amendment, no equal rights. Political prisoners lack standing with the court and the constitution as regards equality. But, if there is evidence that shows prejudice it will prove that some one manipulated the situation to foster their advantage of the project's tax deductible real estate factor. Its potential for all business was robust. Yet, today, Obama said the key was rule of law. Well I ask Obama, where was my rule of law. Rule of law is bottom-up only of the elites; there is no equality amongst the masses. This is why I'm blogging. I'm blogging because plea bargaining is killing the chance for individual justice. Plea bargaining is equal to guilty until proven innocent.