Sunday, December 20, 2015


Prejudices...think about it this way -if you will: When life first came upon 'thought;' it said something like this, "You loose your footprint when you walk through the water." Then it faced temptation squarely walking on the water in her form of Temptation. Those who espouse their allegiance in her name walk within the community spreading their lies as if their interpretations' authority were meant for consumption as it is being dished out. You know! Fucking A! is what I say. Now -when opportunity comes your way- it is your responsibility to be ready to ride its wave of possibilities. I missed just such a situation the other day. I was not conscious of its possibilities. My present dysfunctional mindset. Side bar: I'm a felon who is listed on the sex offenders registry -considered a pariah in society- I stay away from most social opportunities. I could attend; I don't want to abuse myself.  Society can be a very dangerous place to hang your hat; it will cripple you if it can without remorse.  Now, when the opportunity comes to meet others who want to have an enriching experience with me, I am the object of their interest. I was too conditioned by my passive alienation to respond in a "self best interest' fashion. As they say, the Bus just pulled out of the station on track -8ball. I was behind the 8ball again along with my invitation to attend this opportunity. Yes! It did not register on my mind's eye until I was in the shower and my invitation to attend the meeting based upon reforming the criminal justice system through community outreach was back on the highway. Why is this this way? For example, I went to the event as a guest of the bride. So! I know that she would have loved to be gifted this way, a memory of the event. But because I did not know my values. their affect upon the moment. I failed to take charge of the space that I was displacing. I'm standing there with a 60D canon camera. It is so so sweet, that if kissed and appreciated it, it will reproduce for you as if it cloned the event. No, I did not dance with my 60 being the voyeur's voyeur occupying the moment like only the "fly of the wall" can. I am so fucking sorry for losing that wonderful moment; her wedding vows.  

Monday, December 14, 2015

"worldly" citizen ....!

So! The thing about being a felon in the U.S. today is to be a non citizen. Yet, if it is my very own delusion, I believe that there is merit in being a citizen of the world. If you are not included in the "mix" where you are, than be a citizen of somewhere else: The icicle garden is offering its citizens a new world order -citizen of the world. When you are a citizen of the world, you can work where ever you will be most effective with our blessing. For example, I'm exploring a citizens program with Nigeria through a friend who is a Nigerian citizen so that I can become a citizen of the world. It's called going beyond the small family; in my case it's the USA because I do not have the rights of its citizens under the US Constitution. SIDEBAR: I need new evidence against no evidence because there was no evidence brought before the court yet a falsely applied statue was applied under purged testimony, lies.