Sunday, April 1, 2018

...third rail...!~

Thank you, my friend, for your comment. If you will play along with me: let's think 'the big bang theory' as seen in evolution. OK.  Now let the Cadillac represent the ideal toy for the middle class status within the US. The building which the Cadillac crashed into represents the immovable force of let's say," "Fountainhead/ Ayn Rand. Also, "the structure determines the experience," you see. The red Cadillac is excitation screaming out against inhibition of what 'is' -think Clinton: depends on the meaning of 'is.' Hold that picture; look at the license plate; it is selling all of the pieces that came out of this collision -big bang. Rock store!  Yes, when you go into the rock store you will find each and ever piece off the collision 'sliced & diced' so that you can buy it as a memory of what could have been, maybe a piece of coal, maybe a diamond. It's business as usual; a rock is a rock by any other name. It's not a rose. Now let's play a game, my friend, where we compare even juxtaposition, the rock pieces to the babies of the dying middle class because they clashed up against the density of the building's structure, power. So! if you were going to insure the pathway of the child, than go as Henry's family did. Instead of the 'criminal justice system' which is being managed by the private sector to be run as a profit growing business, cash cow. For example, felons are becoming one of the fastest growing populations within the US because the middle class families of today are living at a lower standard than their parents. Their education suffers because it is becoming more of a populations of classes of people of wealth and those without. You might think of it as a "a tale of two cities." There used to be labor unions that protected the middle class. When 'the middle class' was talked out of their leverage from unionizing, you saw a shift of the middle class wealth from its debit side of the T-bar to the credit side of the top 1 % of its population. Now, my friend, Bernie was 'old school' - he believed that the deal had to be win/win not Zero sum. Bernie was all about people, creativity -a better environment for all. You can think of Bernie as the old Community bank on the corner which kept your money -in play- in your community. As you know, Patrick, the community bank of yesterday's proclivity is dead because money, like a shark, must keep moving on; because it is a myth put out there by the Bankers from the ever growing New World Order. Anyway, my friend, if you want to get confused again read my complete blog, it might give you some food for thought. It's not Santa Claus on the horizon; but the criminal justice system doling out crimes of opportunity, riding the third rail.          

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Give me a break, You Know!, I'm the one who got a dick up his ass; This is not about the money. This is about "how it was orchestrated." For example, how did a judge in a small town end up with two warrants issued by the Governors of the States NC & SC?  Yes, both warrants were served on the same day, according to the presiding judge in Carrizozo, NM. Now! This could be just a coincidence, or it could be collusion on the part of corrupt politicians, as well as power elites, such as those who collided with my position on Pecos Valley Christian College. So, as far as I'm concerned, I was kidnapped. I was emotionally tortured by the State's ultimate power to bring forces to bear upon an individual to such a degree that it renders you impotent. God I must be dumb & That is why I do not believe. For I witnessed first hand that in the game of life, we are not all equal under the law; but, under the political power behind its fiction, "thank you Jesus." As well as, follow the money behind the scene. Therefore, one could stretch their mind's eye to conclude that maybe I'm a "political prisoner" without rights. Anyway, like Jesus who got a crown of thorns as he was being tortured on the cross by the Roman army, felons get the crown of "razor wire" to shred their souls as they are mentally raped/tortured by the forces of the criminal justice system. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

...Today's slaves....!

The purpose behind "the black" is to build a platform from which I can ease felons' burdens by giving them a voice, a place to congregate. It's a digital world, right or wrong; it's the stage from which we hope to launch a conversion of uniqueness through an evolution, evolving over time. So play along with me, suspend your disbelief, observe how when I'm playing around in my own mind, I'm someone else. It's like I'm living in my own head; outside of the forces which I'm tethered to when I'm not playing around in my head. Reality check. I have been branded and isolated so when I first wake up in the morning, I'm lifeless. There is no meaning behind my inertia's limp state of mind. So! I turn on the 'light of consciousness'  via breathing in a taste of 'weed.' This opens up my soul to the world of acceptance; for example, today when meditating I saw the light coming down from on up high, its avalanche scared the shit out of me. I knew that it was the light at the end of the tunnel of my life. This was 'death' knocking at my door; it wanted me to come out and play in its light of warm acceptance, draining me dry. I didn't stick around; I ran away. I took my blood pressure; it was 176/85. this morning at the doctor's office I was 132/82. Yet, the thing that what worries me the most is that I'm going to stroke out leaving a body behind as a lament to my sins yet confessed. So I opened up my eyes, allowing the stench of life's rejection from its bounty. Now I'm again tethered to my body. because the brain cannot live without its body; where as the body can live without its brain -in stroke out, living death.  And this is the 'felon's'  journey too -their why of life; because it's a corporal-class distinction that tells others that this is what you can prey upon, lock them out; neuter their ability to compete against you in the market place of ideas. They are today's slave class. You know! I'm also a felon; I'm suggesting that if there are some 70 million potential members to hock -up & organize through the union there could be a very big bang in the form of political posturing.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


When does it become a necessity for you to comply with the situation? How much of you do you have to give up to make others comply with your direction? When is 'it' the right time to comply under your understanding of the situation? This necessity of the moment, regardless of its fear: it's up to you to adapt to the skills from your quiver - experiences through living? What is in your quiver today, my friend?  Imagine that, this is where the mind plays -like who else is 'out & about' in this playground of the mind -one's quiver?  For example, response cost refers to the amount of time lost between inaction to action, distraction loss due to attenuating competing interest. - reaction time. The time it takes to get ready to react with follow through, like after drinking beer's necessity, while driving down the highway of life. Now! it seams to me that it is lacking in flexibility, this thing called 'necessity' because you would want to learn through those that are smarter than self. It only makes sense to hire someone smarter than self, to learn from as the task proceeds. Wishful thinking coming out of the questionable mind's eye. It's questionable because my father was my mother's pimp: he sent her of to work on the assembly line for Honeywell; one of the biggest & bests companies with offices around the world. He took her money, used it to play with the one of his many Dollies. He hated her. I hated both of them because it had great effect on how my brain was being wired. Deprivation out of their association caused me to lose what could have been if they had been a nurturing couple. Wishful thinking is the only thing out there in the world of Necessity, let its flag unfurl.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Strange stories come out of strange places. In my case it's Roswell, NM, of all places. As you know, it has its own history. Like The Donald, it has their -alternative facts. It's a tourist attraction dedicated to Space Aliens. Yes, you guessed it, these were the friends & neighbors of Pecos Valley Christian College. Acting as its interim President, we were trying to bring the power of hermeneutics into the cauldron of shimming individualists. The operational definition of hermeneutics is the study of the methodological principles of the interpretations of the text, bible. Roswell has a long history; its very own & strange way of interpreting evidence associated with the supernatural, in particular, space visitors from outside of our galaxy, the Milky Way. On behalf of the school, PVCC, where I was their interim president, I was interviewed on the local radio station, as well as being a guest speaker at various venues around town. To tell you the 'truth,' I'm still not sure of what it was that I was a witness to when Ms Taylor, founder of PVCC, took me to someone's back yard gathering. We are all strange in our own uniqueness but these folks in Roswell were alive in their beliefs. Believe me when I say that I wish that I could levitate; as of yet, I can't levitate at will. Even though there was a belief by those who attended the affair, as I had, that they had seen the holy-spirit pass through me as I spoke out in Tongues. But I can't remember the Roswell incident, even when it was occurring. I was out in left field at the time. So, as you know, or maybe believe, the concept of free will is just as hard to get your head around as it is to believe that somehow someone could have levitated at one of these preacher sponsored breakfast gatherings. Or speak in tongues. I hope you know what I mean? The funny thing about it was that it was for the prison ministry, those who took care of  -fallen souls. And because of it, they warned me about the pending attempt on my life when I was being transferred out of Albuquerque, NM.  No, I survived but I was kidnapped by the state of SC to be set up, purged because it valued "the good old boy' s system of justice, based in its aristocratic beliefs. Thankfully, I was pulled out of lockup just in time by those two SC cops who were escorting me. They were still in the vicinity when I was about to be attacked; I screamed at the first pass of the knife; they jumped in at the nick of time. I ended up in solitary that night; the following morning I was paraded through the airport, shackled with hands & leg irons. Everyone was looking at me as I walked by, a shackled white "cracker' and two Black strapping officers from the sunshine state of SC. Slavery is alive and well, in the old days it was a black runaway slave being repatriated without any institutional rights. Today it's a white Irish boy without any constitutional rights.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

...icicle garden...

The icicle garden is a place of razor -wire where you learn how fucked up life can be on a day by day 'playful' way. It's also called a prison.  Imagine standing in the middle of a football stadium, its  perimeter a wall of razor wire like the icicle storms bring after a hard rain on a cold winter morning. Now! Imagine that this is your life from here on out.  Anyway, theiciclegarden has a new home on Facebook; look us up & check us out. It's looking to UNIONize felons so that they can participate in the good old fashion American way as those "dreamers" are today, 2018. It's good politics to champion the children. Yet  The moment you are labeled a felon you automatically move to the bottom of the pecking order in the "free market system." That is to say -in the good old fashion American way. Now this -to me- becomes a labor issue because the System is shunning its felons. Maybe like in Germany when the Jews had to wear their STARs. It's limiting your ability to fend for your family, as well as self preservation. Ask yourself this question: why are the children of illegal aliens more entitled to finding their dreams over the children of felons who of no fault of their own lack the socialization needed to attain their dreams too. Why! It's quite simple. Shunning -social sterilization propagated by the System - keeps the concept of 'slavery' on the table -as in the good old fashion American way.  Please heed this: Trump's wall could be used to keep you enslaved, as well as to keep others out. In remembrance, ponder the "Berlin wall" which came down in 1989. How many generations well it take before Trump's wall comes tumbling down around those like you huddling behind it, something like Humpty Dumpty -Trump. Will you or your grand children be caught up in its razor like tentacles?      

Monday, January 22, 2018

"...jelly -fish...."

Fear to me is frightening because I grew up in an environment of chaos where my parents were constantly in a state of dissonance between themselves, society. My father hated my mother because she attempted suicide and failed. This action caused a "4-f" classification against my father; therefore he could not go off to fight in this courageous war, WWII. He hated me because I was the child being carried in "mommy's" womb.3/29/42. That being said: Society's social fabric welcomed me with open arms. I had every opportunity that anyone could hope to have; yet I failed at every one of them in one way or another. This I know to be true: if you are not socialized within the your family of origin than you could end up lacking in the skills needed to get along with others, as you interact on the many social stages that are need to facilitate society. Simply said, you are limited in life when you can not walk among those who know how and when to change their understanding of the task at hand, defining themselves in a way so that others in contention can connect with you, your needs. As for me, it mattered not on what stage I was anguishing, I lost because my mind was up my ass over whose authority I "should" acquiesce too. I also had a problem with the devil because I was tempted by drugs, their false promises of perspicuity, acute awareness to knowledge, "my way or the highway." The only problem with it was that I was the one who was always on the way down the highway. But Society continued to offer me opportunities; therefore it gave me the false delusion that there was some merit in the way that I processed information. For example, imagine this scenario:  Let me attempt to fill in some of the 'blanks,' as regarding said subject, GOD. So the first and only piece of evidence I came to believe was that of the 'jellyfish." Yes! I came to this conclusion because, as you know, the 'jellyfish' is the longest surviving vertebra in the ocean waters  of the world. That means it has been around longer than anything else inhabiting within Nature's waters. It has no brain because it is a brain, just like your brain does not have a brain, it has your head. Therefore you are a jellyfish caught up in the pool between your ears. Am I right, you sometimes fell like "jello" as the congress of the US believes that they find their sitting President, Trump? I should say, as a caveat,  my socialization lacked proper schooling between kindergarten & high school. Also Being Irish catholic in my my day meant that you could be processed through social advancement toward industry's labor pool. Nobody ever thought that I could have been consequential in any meaningful way. How about you; what do you think?