Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Starting over...!

Each person is unique; this is true.  But some have been denied the opportunity to learn because their environment had been convoluted with opportunities that are lacking; for, their opportunities lack the challenge needed to learn.
I have a blog called the BlackMarket.Me.  This is where I conduct my thoughts. Yes! Each day to at least five times a week I compose a line or two to my diary.  So it is made up of three components: title, picture, and dialogue. Sometimes, you will find that the influence of these are out of wack. Yes! This is daily meditation, psychobabble!  But they come from the same source - therapy sessions!  SO each title, picture or dialogue are to be seen as independent contributors to the compositions like syncopation.  Also there is the trial - the dialogue put out by the State - their testimony, their perjury.  You can also join with me to form this labor union because it is all about "JOBS." "The Iciclegarden" is where you make your mark.

Reflection: It might help others to process their own dilemma through understanding my dilemma. This is why I am throwing my story into the mix. I never click in; I just float by  This is how it is.  It is a thing about who is in control? The individual or the State?  In my case, it is the State.  It is an issue about labor; the State controls Labor. This is why I need a union. Unions have the power of arbitration.  This is what I need; I need to bring the State to arbitration.  I want to document my case with the State's documents -full disclosure.  The State is dysfunctional because it is frigid except to corruption - the State's function is one of elitism, social power held by religious superstitions, formal as well as informal tendencies.