Tuesday, September 27, 2016

...point of view...

 I think of Shakespeare as a metaphor to my "Memoir," which is unfurling on today's stage. My blog: ...the black market.me. This is where I tell my side of the story of my life, from my point of view. I'm the kid who shined shoes at the corner barber shop. Ran groceries at the A&P on moody street. It's no longer there. Eaten up by eCommerce's  way of capitalizing its range & domain over food production; for, the world's stage of consumption.  This is me in all of my complicity offering up to you my opinion about life in my "world." Yes! For sure! You too are just as unique as I am; that is to say, you bring to the table those experiences you encountered with others, like yourself; realizing that they too are different. We are all different, but as said by one of the Masters,"...yet part of the main...no man is an Island unto himself...." For example, I feel compassion for the Don in Narco. He did what he did because he was formatted as is said. His lessons in life came out of poverty. His socialization propelled him out of poverty, financial poverty; not social poverty. You can -if you tried too- see it through his -point of view. Rules of the road or street, it's your willingness to surrender your disbelief; this is said by mentors to the Arts. You Know! enjoy the movie as a willing participant, not as a critic. Remembering a toxic home in a toxic environment creates toxicity. Pablo was a product of poverty. It taught him how to survive and progress because he was one of them; he was a product of the elite's; they ruled with a police state attitude; it directed his actions in-turn this education, O.J.T on the job training. he got their version of Ragan's "trickle down  hypothesis." eCommerce the Colombian way. this is where he clashed, not fit in with the elites. Side bar: it was the 'consumers' of his services which governed his entrepreneurial dreams of being a Colombian Don.  Pablo's cocaine. As you know, guns do not kill, people kill.           

Thursday, September 15, 2016

...No ...fear...!

Let's learn a lesson about size: in nature, it's always readiness. Size is in the 'eye' of fear; but if you open up your ears and listen, you will find that the 4F's cast a much wider range. For finding, feeling, frolicking & forgetting is a way of communicating among the inhabitants of the forest, its fauna. Now! The Donald, according to the Cuban: His size is small all over accept in adulation of self. There he is -off the charts- according to Rubio. This is why the inhabitants in his forest are thronging over him like it's their first beer of the day. His "light" reads "walk- with -light" just like the light on the corner guiding you away from the oncoming traffic.  Yet the Donald's charm only rings true on the top of the 'food chain.' Therein lies the conundrum; for Donald flies with the eagles; you are his prey.  As for me, and this little 'guy' in the photo- he was sunning & I was taking his picture in my backyard this morning. Now some mornings it's a rattler out & about in the yard. Yes! rattle snake or maybe a copper head or two wanting to have their way with me. You know, you have to listen for its tail to start shaking out its warning to strike. Now, listen for The Donald's 'tail', not his tale of making America great again; but he will take a bite out of your destiny so that he can dance with Putin on the World's stage of titans, oligarchs & eCommerce.          

Monday, September 12, 2016


Some of us are always looking for redemption. Well: This is my redemption, my new "stage" upon which I will try to understand why I do not understand. Yes! Psychobabble for sure because the idea always comes first: My new deck, the one in the photo. This is where I will sit in remembrance. First off, let me tell you that it was Pappy's expertise guiding those (21)twenty one working hours to   just finish building this deck; offering it up in honor of the master, Shakespeare's mind set, "...all the world is a stage..." yes! This is a stage of 'happiness' for those who visit Butterfly's Retreat. Sitting there listening to the brook as it passes through the trees, making magical notes to assure their stay is a pleasant one. OK! I know that the deck hasn't been trimmed out. Because there is a guest in occupancy. Right! Someone is visiting at Butterfly's Retreat; so when they leave, Pappy and yours truly will trim out the stage, dress the deck. For sure! I promise. Now! The decorations will be up to Butterfly; these she will undoubtedly be using for some thing esoteric in nature, or maybe nurture, sort of ways. I do believe though that I'm most likely going to use rope to intertwine the seven(7) standing posts surrounding the deck. But I have not decided how. For example, I could bore a hole through the post, string the rope through the hole in the post to the next post's hole, on and on through the seven(7) posts; or maybe forge some rode-iron fixtures with eyelets to cap the poles; therefore allowing the rope to go through the cap's eyelet from hole to hole as the story goes..."as, has been said, "any old port in the storm." Let me explain, my wish for you is love & a mind full of imagination; maybe with a little bit of mischief on the side, who knows how this is to unfurl in the future of tomorrow's tomorrow. As for today, I'm baptizing my deck, its stage, in the adage of "may yesterday's dream be tomorrow's memory" because your visit was appreciated by those who were surrounding you.