Monday, September 12, 2016


Some of us are always looking for redemption. Well: This is my redemption, my new "stage" upon which I will try to understand why I do not understand. Yes! Psychobabble for sure because the idea always comes first: My new deck, the one in the photo. This is where I will sit in remembrance. First off, let me tell you that it was Pappy's expertise guiding those (21)twenty one working hours to   just finish building this deck; offering it up in honor of the master, Shakespeare's mind set, "...all the world is a stage..." yes! This is a stage of 'happiness' for those who visit Butterfly's Retreat. Sitting there listening to the brook as it passes through the trees, making magical notes to assure their stay is a pleasant one. OK! I know that the deck hasn't been trimmed out. Because there is a guest in occupancy. Right! Someone is visiting at Butterfly's Retreat; so when they leave, Pappy and yours truly will trim out the stage, dress the deck. For sure! I promise. Now! The decorations will be up to Butterfly; these she will undoubtedly be using for some thing esoteric in nature, or maybe nurture, sort of ways. I do believe though that I'm most likely going to use rope to intertwine the seven(7) standing posts surrounding the deck. But I have not decided how. For example, I could bore a hole through the post, string the rope through the hole in the post to the next post's hole, on and on through the seven(7) posts; or maybe forge some rode-iron fixtures with eyelets to cap the poles; therefore allowing the rope to go through the cap's eyelet from hole to hole as the story goes..."as, has been said, "any old port in the storm." Let me explain, my wish for you is love & a mind full of imagination; maybe with a little bit of mischief on the side, who knows how this is to unfurl in the future of tomorrow's tomorrow. As for today, I'm baptizing my deck, its stage, in the adage of "may yesterday's dream be tomorrow's memory" because your visit was appreciated by those who were surrounding you.