Wednesday, September 16, 2015

S.O.S. shit on a stick...!

Think about recovery -recovering one's self as if the phoenix were rising. It is the brain's equilibrium: between states of reason. Recovery is the process of understanding that even if you do not need recovery, your memory will most likely be waning because over time, absent excitation, it becomes more difficult to retrieve it from memory. It's inhibited from long term memory because you are giving it a negative connotation toward retrieval. There is a saying out & about that says it quite well: "Out of site out of mind." This saying describes memory quite accurately, short term memory anyways.  Dissonance is the result of not being whole because your mind is not set on excitation; it's battling inhibition. Therefore, you are out of step with your environment because you are not working in your own best interest; the expression is "self best interest." So! In recovery the process is understanding that there is no one individual; all brains are individual -independent variables, like cars on the 'highway' of life. OK! Now, there is one big pit fall to recovery because the society from which you fell has this "Humpty Dumpty" attitude, meaning you can never put the pieces back together again unless you capitulate to some preconceived notion about socialization minus your uniqueness or individuality. Just like "Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall but all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again." So this is the moment in therapy where you face the fact that revising the past can help recovery because the memories existing behind one's state of mind tell you where your energy is being spent, most of it in the repressing mode because the context behind the memory was being inhibited. Yes! Your brain's system is a simple one; it works on the model of excitation or inhibition. This is how the community of ideas within in your mind as well as the community of people at large coexist. For example, the more you inhibit your actions, the greater the loss there is to response cost, like fear inhibiting action where as joy promotes it. You see, when it comes to fear your body will go into automatic reaction; it will fight or run away; it's in your DNA. Yes! It is true that the community at large coexists of shared values but for whose value, in most cases, it has been corrupted and co-opted, eschewed in some esoteric privilege amongst the elites in power. It's their moral construct just like the clerk of courts in one of the Southern states declared that it was against her moral and religious character to be part of such a religious ceremony as the marriage between two people of the same gender simply because her name was on the court document. She went to jail for her actions but the religious right came out in force to defend her action. For them, the law is the law when it concurs with their understanding of the law, not as the law is written. So, you see that recovery is all about picking up the pieces of "Humpty Dumpty," putting back the pieces that you can, doing a -little 'Frankenstein' seeing how well the pieces fit into a unified whole. The key to therapy is hoping that you will never run out of reasons for being in therapy; otherwisewho else is there for you to laugh with about your past behavior other than yourself. Side bar: eat those pieces of "Humpty Dumpty" and shit them out the next day, creating a new whole new 'Frankenstein' to play around with and enjoy.

Monday, September 14, 2015


On the cheap: OK! This could be a tale of two minds; "like a tale of two cities." One with -one without.  This is just "style" -you know! If you are going to be building something -in my case a 'fort' in and amongst the trees -anything - there are certain components at hand as well as their expenses; for example, yesterday my contractor said that it did not matter how much he was hauling in the truck bed any day of the year; he still drove the truck around at twenty miles per gallon...maybe if he had a full load he would get eighteen miles per gallon. Meaning! "it does not really make a difference when digging & running one or more holes into the ground for utilities because that is what a hole-digger does" when you are using one to did holes. For example, my wife is building an addition onto an outbuilding which will become sleeping quarters for guests: their bathroom. It needs electricity, water and a source for heat & air. Now! at the same time I'm building a project of my own. I'm building a wood shed to house my imagination, a place to evolve; as well as store some eight cords of fire wood for the winter's fires. Anyway! Now I have a water line running into the shed as well as electricity because, "you had to pay for the hole-digger anyway -one hole or five holes." It all comes down to the possibilities. What do I mean? If you are going to build something add into it its evolution. You know! After a while the room becomes smaller and smaller - you wished you had made room for -other things.  "Style"  is all about space in this example. OK! I'm coveting with my roof 7 times more floor space than her roof at ten cents on the dollar; it's just a way of looking at things. My shed's floor space is #473 sq. ft to her bathroom's floor space of 64 sq. ft.  My shed is open to fresh air; her bathroom is open to various scents, all of which I leave up to your imagination. Now, why am I telling this tale? Because, when I was telling Gracie, my niece through marriage, this morning about my fantasy -my project; she understood to it to mean that I got it on the "cheap." Where, what I meant was that I did not have to pay myself for my contribution. For there were only two of us doing the work, I and the guy whom I paid to be the boss; his name is Tommy; he is 68 years old, still sailing with the wind; his sails catching the wind like my roof's tin. I'm 73 myself, still on a "horse with no name" as they said some- where many years ago.

Behind the scenes....!

Every thing depends on a point of view. You know!  Today every one seems to believe that the insurrection in the Middle East between & within controlling forces will lead to some sordid outcome if Iran gets the "bomb." Maybe! Just maybe this is not their point of contention. The conflict at hand is the 'missionary highway' scare as many as possible so that they will leave as refugees, landing on the shores of Europe & the Americas - spreading the word of the prophet, Mohammed. The Middle Eastern mind knows that it has to participate with a higher power than itself. For example, there are two bulls up on the hill admiring the lady cows in the pasture, one young & one old. The young bull said to the old bull, "Let's run down the hill and get a little bit of tail. to which the old bull replied, "Let's walk down the hill and get all the "tail." The point is quite simple- at least from my point of view. The West is a young bull; the East is old bull. Now! The refugees of the East are walking down the hill, into the pastures of Western Civilization as refugees migrate away from ISIS's war on the Middle East. This is what Iran's Shia mind set is all about, proselytizing as a way of showing faith in Islam. They have grown from #100,000 to 10,000,000 over the past decades. Having a large family is a way of showing faith to Islam. Sidebar: the X-bar on western mindset is 2 children per family, where as their mindset tends to idealize 8 eight off springs to spread the faith of Islam. Islam does not want accommodation between God of the East & the God of the West - Jesus & Allah. These are the only two religions -that I know about- who profess that their God is the absolute God; you might say, each believes that their God is supreme. So their goal is to assimilate the World's population under Islam -bringing the Land under Muslim control. To them, there will be no place to migrate to: because you too have a need to be a disciple of Islam .