Tuesday, August 9, 2016

...Up or Down Tomorow's staircase?

 You & me are both tethered to the oar as was the slave in the day's of Roman battle ships unfurling along the Mediterranean, ground zero. Rome. Yes! The new Rome is eCommerce and her winds can be felt in the same game of Banking. It's all about banking today as it was all about oil yesterday, "may Yesterday's dream be Tomorrow's memory." Another way of looking at is through Mussolini's eyes. The commander of Rome's place on the Mediterranean. He took all the land & people of Italy' s Rome, Freeing the church. The church got the right to be an independent Actor on the World's stage. The church therefore became the independent country on the Mediterranean offering off shore banking to eCommerce, Roman style. Side Bar: When the church of Rome was opened up by Pope Francis it was revealed that the church had learned how to leverage its assets by owning more than 11,000 rental properties in London England. The church took back more than Henry VIII took from the Church during his rein; Yes! It's all tax free too. You can believe this or not, but the Wealth of the USA is also passed tax free through Family Trusts, all brought about by eCommerce influencing government by paying off its representatives through influencing their vote on matters which affect eCommerce's confluence through out society's mad need to consume eCommerce, consumption. This is what we eat on a daily basses. So! Please.  Now! you need to pay attention to the political conditions that are in play today between Trump, Rome's transplant and Hillary's convergence in society.   Think of it this way: the population as a whole has a government to which they acquiesce. Their acquiescence is to the Constitution which is a set of laws to govern the people. This government has three branches: president, judicial, congress. eCommerce is outside of government. Government needs eCommerce to stay afloat; this is through legislation. Don't confuse the two, government has compassion, morality- where eCommerce is soulless as it should be because good business is where it is a win-win deal for the participants involved. Good business is never a one time thing. Politics is always played out locally. eCommerce is also the funding machine behind D.C. politics as it was in the day's of Rome. Bottom line: Tax eCommerce and deposit it into the local bank where it can be used to leverage up its citizens so as to establish a base for future generations.              

Monday, August 8, 2016

...your choice...!

The town I came out of had a bank that could not lend money outside of its local range & domain. Now! Today the bank in my town has nothing in common with any specific range or domain because it can distribute its resources wherever it feels it is safe to do so. For example, in the old days of banking, before Washington was bought off by major industry, if I deposited money in the local bank then someone else from my community could leverage themselves by using my deposit, investing in the community as a whole. But! Today when I deposit that money in the bank someone from outside of my community could leverage it, leaving my community empty handed. This is why the elite 1% of the USA is controlling 99% of the wealth of the USA. It is unhealthy for the community as a whole to have such a disparity in its wealth because democracy depends upon its citizens sharing in its future; otherwise, it is going to turn in on itself, imploding to where the masses will rise and rebel. This would be primitive. Sidebar: Please allow the idea to take hold before you shun it. OK! Hillary is the local bank in the USA political community; this is your political community. She is the depository of the last 30 years in your political community. So, if you turn her into the local bank she will know how to deal with your needs, you being the elected official representing the community in Washington. Other wise, you can turn the Donald into the community's local bank; but unfortunately no one has been depositing their concerns into Donald's bank for the past 30 years. Donald does not know the "locals" because he has been everywhere else in the universe developing his wealth. Yes! He has a wealth of dollars in his bank; yet, none of it came from one of your deposits. Whereas, Hillary has a history of depositing social programs into your local bank so that you could capitalize upon it. She knows the back waters which oscillate & undulate throughout Washington. Anyway, it is said that all politics is local. Till the Bank known as Hillary and watch your garden grow.  Yes! I stole the idea from Candide, where it ends with "tending one's own garden."  The local bank is the way to go if you want the larger community to be played upon as a level playing field.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

...open to interpretation...!

It's your "high" so enjoy it. Stop using up time as if it were infinite. Remembrance:"the thought must come first:" "I think, therefore I am" ...is the way it was proposed during the European Enlightenment of 18th century or there about. OK! Today we are in the -slicer & dicer- because we allowed the wealth of today, yesterday & tomorrow to pass from one generation to the next generation without paying any tax on it.Yes! This is why the top .oo1% of your population has all of the wealth in the USA.  For example, if you gave the Inheritance Trust"s derivatives enough time to abate their shock, so that the economy will not suffer extreme upheaval, the economy could solve the future imbalance between the various class distinctions in today's society. This construct could, if give validity by way of "political" adaptation, pass on the American dream to the future children coming out of a new and invigorated school system as was seen in my generation because of the G.I. Bill. Education was in every household because the veterans were returning home from the war, WWII. Parents were learning right along with their children. The returning vets had a future because the war was over there; it was not here, USA. The US economy was booming because Europe had devastated itself with two wars -1917 until 1945; it needed everything that we could manufacture. Now! IT is different today. China, Russia, & Iran are forming a new "trilateral commission" dedicated to banking and free commerce outside of USA influence. India, Australia, Japan and maybe the USA are looking at forming their own union to help save their way of eCommerce. But the USA has political problems; it is made up of a society which in being torn apart as if it were forming a caste system as once seen in the old  world. Sort of like SC and its old world Aristocracy. The worst school system in the USA. In my world we thought that we were in the center of our universe; whereas you and your future are seeming to be in the outskirts looking in, instead of echos of the past.