Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pardon the turkey; eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

It is said that the Broken Window theory could be one of the ways in which you monitor your sense of "choice." This means that there is always a cost for doing business. It's how you interpret your options that bring you to "action." Therefore, the response cost is what it costs to delay or not delay action. Yes! This is where you deconstruct self as you simultaneously form a new construct of self. It is your choice; how you are going to take charge by implementing your strategy - for example, let's say you decided that it was in your best interest to rent out your timeshare condominium on Myrtle beach, S.C. to fulfill financial needs. One reaction could be that you could take the money and run, putting off self gratification today for future needs to be defined in the future. For example, you would have $1000 dollars in cash in your hands plus all the money you will not be spending on your vacation pretending that you are having fun spending money like a drunk sailor on a 30 day leave from military service. You know! You were out to sea for a very long time -creativity in the abstract- vicariously living the moments that could have been as you hold onto the $1000 dollars for renting out your timeshare week in the funky world of Myrtle Beach, S.C. and the fantasy goes on. Sidebar! Response cost in this case refers to what are the alternative actions not taken over time against going on a fantasy vacation. For example, in the Broken Window theory if one of your window panes is broken and not fixed in a timely manor the rest of your window panes will also be broken by others because they will perceive  that your window is  inconsequential to your happiness. As you know, everything in life could or can be seen as a metaphor for learning; this is how you gather up life's choices.