Sunday, December 20, 2015


Prejudices...think about it this way -if you will: When life first came upon 'thought;' it said something like this, "You loose your footprint when you walk through the water." Then it faced temptation squarely walking on the water in her form of Temptation. Those who espouse their allegiance in her name walk within the community spreading their lies as if their interpretations' authority were meant for consumption as it is being dished out. You know! Fucking A! is what I say. Now -when opportunity comes your way- it is your responsibility to be ready to ride its wave of possibilities. I missed just such a situation the other day. I was not conscious of its possibilities. My present dysfunctional mindset. Side bar: I'm a felon who is listed on the sex offenders registry -considered a pariah in society- I stay away from most social opportunities. I could attend; I don't want to abuse myself.  Society can be a very dangerous place to hang your hat; it will cripple you if it can without remorse.  Now, when the opportunity comes to meet others who want to have an enriching experience with me, I am the object of their interest. I was too conditioned by my passive alienation to respond in a "self best interest' fashion. As they say, the Bus just pulled out of the station on track -8ball. I was behind the 8ball again along with my invitation to attend this opportunity. Yes! It did not register on my mind's eye until I was in the shower and my invitation to attend the meeting based upon reforming the criminal justice system through community outreach was back on the highway. Why is this this way? For example, I went to the event as a guest of the bride. So! I know that she would have loved to be gifted this way, a memory of the event. But because I did not know my values. their affect upon the moment. I failed to take charge of the space that I was displacing. I'm standing there with a 60D canon camera. It is so so sweet, that if kissed and appreciated it, it will reproduce for you as if it cloned the event. No, I did not dance with my 60 being the voyeur's voyeur occupying the moment like only the "fly of the wall" can. I am so fucking sorry for losing that wonderful moment; her wedding vows.  

Monday, December 14, 2015

"worldly" citizen ....!

So! The thing about being a felon in the U.S. today is to be a non citizen. Yet, if it is my very own delusion, I believe that there is merit in being a citizen of the world. If you are not included in the "mix" where you are, than be a citizen of somewhere else: The icicle garden is offering its citizens a new world order -citizen of the world. When you are a citizen of the world, you can work where ever you will be most effective with our blessing. For example, I'm exploring a citizens program with Nigeria through a friend who is a Nigerian citizen so that I can become a citizen of the world. It's called going beyond the small family; in my case it's the USA because I do not have the rights of its citizens under the US Constitution. SIDEBAR: I need new evidence against no evidence because there was no evidence brought before the court yet a falsely applied statue was applied under purged testimony, lies.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pardon the turkey; eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

It is said that the Broken Window theory could be one of the ways in which you monitor your sense of "choice." This means that there is always a cost for doing business. It's how you interpret your options that bring you to "action." Therefore, the response cost is what it costs to delay or not delay action. Yes! This is where you deconstruct self as you simultaneously form a new construct of self. It is your choice; how you are going to take charge by implementing your strategy - for example, let's say you decided that it was in your best interest to rent out your timeshare condominium on Myrtle beach, S.C. to fulfill financial needs. One reaction could be that you could take the money and run, putting off self gratification today for future needs to be defined in the future. For example, you would have $1000 dollars in cash in your hands plus all the money you will not be spending on your vacation pretending that you are having fun spending money like a drunk sailor on a 30 day leave from military service. You know! You were out to sea for a very long time -creativity in the abstract- vicariously living the moments that could have been as you hold onto the $1000 dollars for renting out your timeshare week in the funky world of Myrtle Beach, S.C. and the fantasy goes on. Sidebar! Response cost in this case refers to what are the alternative actions not taken over time against going on a fantasy vacation. For example, in the Broken Window theory if one of your window panes is broken and not fixed in a timely manor the rest of your window panes will also be broken by others because they will perceive  that your window is  inconsequential to your happiness. As you know, everything in life could or can be seen as a metaphor for learning; this is how you gather up life's choices.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Starting over...!

Each person is unique; this is true.  But some have been denied the opportunity to learn because their environment had been convoluted with opportunities that are lacking; for, their opportunities lack the challenge needed to learn.
I have a blog called the BlackMarket.Me.  This is where I conduct my thoughts. Yes! Each day to at least five times a week I compose a line or two to my diary.  So it is made up of three components: title, picture, and dialogue. Sometimes, you will find that the influence of these are out of wack. Yes! This is daily meditation, psychobabble!  But they come from the same source - therapy sessions!  SO each title, picture or dialogue are to be seen as independent contributors to the compositions like syncopation.  Also there is the trial - the dialogue put out by the State - their testimony, their perjury.  You can also join with me to form this labor union because it is all about "JOBS." "The Iciclegarden" is where you make your mark.

Reflection: It might help others to process their own dilemma through understanding my dilemma. This is why I am throwing my story into the mix. I never click in; I just float by  This is how it is.  It is a thing about who is in control? The individual or the State?  In my case, it is the State.  It is an issue about labor; the State controls Labor. This is why I need a union. Unions have the power of arbitration.  This is what I need; I need to bring the State to arbitration.  I want to document my case with the State's documents -full disclosure.  The State is dysfunctional because it is frigid except to corruption - the State's function is one of elitism, social power held by religious superstitions, formal as well as informal tendencies.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

S.O.S. shit on a stick...!

Think about recovery -recovering one's self as if the phoenix were rising. It is the brain's equilibrium: between states of reason. Recovery is the process of understanding that even if you do not need recovery, your memory will most likely be waning because over time, absent excitation, it becomes more difficult to retrieve it from memory. It's inhibited from long term memory because you are giving it a negative connotation toward retrieval. There is a saying out & about that says it quite well: "Out of site out of mind." This saying describes memory quite accurately, short term memory anyways.  Dissonance is the result of not being whole because your mind is not set on excitation; it's battling inhibition. Therefore, you are out of step with your environment because you are not working in your own best interest; the expression is "self best interest." So! In recovery the process is understanding that there is no one individual; all brains are individual -independent variables, like cars on the 'highway' of life. OK! Now, there is one big pit fall to recovery because the society from which you fell has this "Humpty Dumpty" attitude, meaning you can never put the pieces back together again unless you capitulate to some preconceived notion about socialization minus your uniqueness or individuality. Just like "Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall but all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again." So this is the moment in therapy where you face the fact that revising the past can help recovery because the memories existing behind one's state of mind tell you where your energy is being spent, most of it in the repressing mode because the context behind the memory was being inhibited. Yes! Your brain's system is a simple one; it works on the model of excitation or inhibition. This is how the community of ideas within in your mind as well as the community of people at large coexist. For example, the more you inhibit your actions, the greater the loss there is to response cost, like fear inhibiting action where as joy promotes it. You see, when it comes to fear your body will go into automatic reaction; it will fight or run away; it's in your DNA. Yes! It is true that the community at large coexists of shared values but for whose value, in most cases, it has been corrupted and co-opted, eschewed in some esoteric privilege amongst the elites in power. It's their moral construct just like the clerk of courts in one of the Southern states declared that it was against her moral and religious character to be part of such a religious ceremony as the marriage between two people of the same gender simply because her name was on the court document. She went to jail for her actions but the religious right came out in force to defend her action. For them, the law is the law when it concurs with their understanding of the law, not as the law is written. So, you see that recovery is all about picking up the pieces of "Humpty Dumpty," putting back the pieces that you can, doing a -little 'Frankenstein' seeing how well the pieces fit into a unified whole. The key to therapy is hoping that you will never run out of reasons for being in therapy; otherwisewho else is there for you to laugh with about your past behavior other than yourself. Side bar: eat those pieces of "Humpty Dumpty" and shit them out the next day, creating a new whole new 'Frankenstein' to play around with and enjoy.

Monday, September 14, 2015


On the cheap: OK! This could be a tale of two minds; "like a tale of two cities." One with -one without.  This is just "style" -you know! If you are going to be building something -in my case a 'fort' in and amongst the trees -anything - there are certain components at hand as well as their expenses; for example, yesterday my contractor said that it did not matter how much he was hauling in the truck bed any day of the year; he still drove the truck around at twenty miles per gallon...maybe if he had a full load he would get eighteen miles per gallon. Meaning! "it does not really make a difference when digging & running one or more holes into the ground for utilities because that is what a hole-digger does" when you are using one to did holes. For example, my wife is building an addition onto an outbuilding which will become sleeping quarters for guests: their bathroom. It needs electricity, water and a source for heat & air. Now! at the same time I'm building a project of my own. I'm building a wood shed to house my imagination, a place to evolve; as well as store some eight cords of fire wood for the winter's fires. Anyway! Now I have a water line running into the shed as well as electricity because, "you had to pay for the hole-digger anyway -one hole or five holes." It all comes down to the possibilities. What do I mean? If you are going to build something add into it its evolution. You know! After a while the room becomes smaller and smaller - you wished you had made room for -other things.  "Style"  is all about space in this example. OK! I'm coveting with my roof 7 times more floor space than her roof at ten cents on the dollar; it's just a way of looking at things. My shed's floor space is #473 sq. ft to her bathroom's floor space of 64 sq. ft.  My shed is open to fresh air; her bathroom is open to various scents, all of which I leave up to your imagination. Now, why am I telling this tale? Because, when I was telling Gracie, my niece through marriage, this morning about my fantasy -my project; she understood to it to mean that I got it on the "cheap." Where, what I meant was that I did not have to pay myself for my contribution. For there were only two of us doing the work, I and the guy whom I paid to be the boss; his name is Tommy; he is 68 years old, still sailing with the wind; his sails catching the wind like my roof's tin. I'm 73 myself, still on a "horse with no name" as they said some- where many years ago.

Behind the scenes....!

Every thing depends on a point of view. You know!  Today every one seems to believe that the insurrection in the Middle East between & within controlling forces will lead to some sordid outcome if Iran gets the "bomb." Maybe! Just maybe this is not their point of contention. The conflict at hand is the 'missionary highway' scare as many as possible so that they will leave as refugees, landing on the shores of Europe & the Americas - spreading the word of the prophet, Mohammed. The Middle Eastern mind knows that it has to participate with a higher power than itself. For example, there are two bulls up on the hill admiring the lady cows in the pasture, one young & one old. The young bull said to the old bull, "Let's run down the hill and get a little bit of tail. to which the old bull replied, "Let's walk down the hill and get all the "tail." The point is quite simple- at least from my point of view. The West is a young bull; the East is old bull. Now! The refugees of the East are walking down the hill, into the pastures of Western Civilization as refugees migrate away from ISIS's war on the Middle East. This is what Iran's Shia mind set is all about, proselytizing as a way of showing faith in Islam. They have grown from #100,000 to 10,000,000 over the past decades. Having a large family is a way of showing faith to Islam. Sidebar: the X-bar on western mindset is 2 children per family, where as their mindset tends to idealize 8 eight off springs to spread the faith of Islam. Islam does not want accommodation between God of the East & the God of the West - Jesus & Allah. These are the only two religions -that I know about- who profess that their God is the absolute God; you might say, each believes that their God is supreme. So their goal is to assimilate the World's population under Islam -bringing the Land under Muslim control. To them, there will be no place to migrate to: because you too have a need to be a disciple of Islam .

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Story of 'it...'

It is the face of effort! This face of mine: But it has this adverse effect upon others when incurring physical strength such as attempting to lift up a young woman who is asking me to roll her over and raise her up at the same time because she desires me. This is a very creative move that she is asking me to perform. She expects me to accomplish this with a smile on my face. Who the fuck knows. You Know! This act of lustful play that young people get involved with- these scenes that one sees on the "silver screen." Yes! She was frightened by my feeble attempt to raise her up and turn her over as we copulated. Fucking -A! Side bar: It is its- it is the same as It's its it; as you know, it is just one of life's conundrums. One moment two people were in tender embrace making love their own caring way. Yes! it was my best attempt to lift her while I was on my knees, looking down upon her. My desire was so strong that its rage reflecting upon my face as a monster over his prey. She grabbed her clothes and ran out the door facing the beach, Myrtle Beach. I'm sorry that she was so heavy. You know! It required all of my strength to do what she asked me to do; only in the movies where everything is choreographed, even a smiling gymnast turning the lady over so that he and she could make eye contact. This is where all the pretty faces are; I'm not one of them. I'm not a pretty face. I'm a master of rhetoric. I know this because that is how another lady visiting Myrtle Beach described me before she bedded me down on Myrtle beach. Now! The difference between two moments of intimacy is simple; There was no effort on my part, my side of the equation, because I was a silver tongued devil -Dream Merchant- master of rhetoric. You see, no one was asking me to lift up 'dead weight' while I was on my knees. Because "You can't get there from here" while you are playing on Myrtle Beach. And! Besides that, 'myrtle beach' is in the wrong state; it's in the emotional quagmire of Southern judgement, do as I say not  as I do.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


What is it about therapy that the therapist doesn't understand? Maybe it is that the metaphor being used is ambiguity -on fire. At best, when you reduce emotion to words, one needs to remember that words have different meanings according to one's audience or their context. For example, the voting list contains names of the participants,  those voting. Yes! You got it; this list is made up of words. It is these voters who choose the government; but they do not choose its management. Therein lies the ambiguity of meaning behind the intended concept or idea - by the people, for the people.... This is like the relationship between minds, therapist & client - you being the client. Now, the beauty you have with the therapist is based upon them enjoying the 'shit' of remembrance you pass on to them during visits. OK! If I cut to the chase, the voter is the shareholder in the marketplace of Ideas. For example, the idea based upon attaining a negative tax base, minimum tax preferred, as well as getting all of your common needs met if only you vote for them -self best interest is the name of the game. But the question is: Can I believe the messenger's words? You KNOW! All therapists are messengers anyway. So! What is the point? It is being one with self -floating somewhere between self best interest of the moment & continuity which your therapist is 'hoping' for your self best interest is their self best interest. Do no harm by understanding that there are many ways in which the disciple, voter, client & therapist choose their construct. You Know! A good therapist is not your friend because the persona occupying you at this moment needs to die -this is not your best interest, but you have proven over and over that you are never in your best interest because therapy is customer centered. As it is said; it's the curse of the Irish to chase the end of the rainbow because this is where their therapist's Leprechaun grants them their wishes, a pot of gold comes to mind.

Friday, August 14, 2015


It was a thrill to meander threw the "rants & raves" section on Craigslist yesterday because there in the Asheville, NC, I found a posting titled "Answer." Now if you ever want to feel good about yourself; then I suggest that you gander at or peruse through them; read them so that you know that you are not alone for you have found a community which you can relate to and reflect on. Yes! All that and even more if you dub the cape of creativity in the form of an online avatar. SO! What was so thrilling? Well, I wrote a blog for The Black called "!" And I'm on Craigslist out of South West Va. where I hit on a post called "Answer" which originated out of Asheville, only to find my post with a new name. Yes! Someone used my post -verbatim but gave it a different title:"Answer" They even used my web site for any comments on the post. OK, you might ask, why are you so excited? Well now I know that at least one person read and understood what I was trying to communicate. Anyway I sent off a comment to his post saying, "very interesting, do you mind elaborating?"  The reply came back, "the raleigh boyz are at it." So now I know that the -raleigh boyz- are passing me on to new frontiers just like in "Star Trek."What is the point? This is the point. Donald -while running for the Presidency- said that he knew the meaning of 'fair,' what it is all about, just like the rest of us do. To me that sounds like the pornography argument. " I know it when I see it" OK! let's think about the consequences of our actions. Then I say that the prison experience will pervert the mind of the individual. What does that mean? I is the meaning of 'fair' in society.  Now when I say perversion, I mean that the mind will never be the same; the prison experience is eat or be eaten; this is on a good day. I know as far as my prison experience; I died of fear because I never knew if they were going to attack or not. I was never comfortable because I was strip searched more days than not during my incarceration.  Let me tell you what fair is: verbatim -word for word- the raleigh boyz were fair with me; they just nicknamed me the 'Answer' not "!"  And! this I can live with because it helps to get me out and about.  

Saturday, August 8, 2015!

Please follow along with the story, I went into the bar to talk with people, just being social. My problem was that they all wanted to 'fuck' me one way or the other, where I just want to talk; I wanted to talk because I can not fuck. Well it is not my best suite, anyway. You might agree that this is a dilemma; yet, you just might like seeing me get whipped, right. These people are beach people; you know, vacationing along the ocean's front beach. Sex was always getting in my way because of fear, some family dysfunction, maybe. Yet, I still wanted to be intimate even though I new that I was a lousy -lay. Now! This was her opening line to me while the two of us sat at the bar having an afternoon drink, "I really would love to fuck you, Tom, but you do not have enough for me; let's dance" and dance we did all night long, doing the bar scene along the grand strand in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She had just slain the giant dragon -anxiety over sexual performance. If you see it through my perspective; you will understand why it is that I am a barfly. Coffee Bars are some of the nicest places to meet cool folk. She shaped the evening so that I was wanting and I had not wanted in the past. But, first I had to role play being her girl friend. You know! dropping the guy thing; getting into the girl thing of connecting on basic things. Think of it this way: you need to do a little bit of role playing on the example, thanks. You are putting an add on Craig's list in the personal section. "I'm a guy who likes to play the girl's role; I'm looking for someone like me; so that, the girls could kiss and snuggle, no guy stuff. I'm looking for my "Alice" to show me the way around her rabbit hole. I love role play and I like to play so as to please :)You see, I know that as far as a clitoris goes, my snub nose pistol looks impressive; but, yes! I'm not questioning the validity of function: just stating that my 'tulip' looks bigger than your hard on. That was just girl talk about "hard -on." See what happens to you when you walk into a bar in Myrtle Beach, SC. and sit down to have a night cap; you end up talking to someone who has you imagining that it's your feminine side that helps traverse the slopes of social intercourse.


So! Can you discern the soul of government, composed of social entitlements like those of the South? Yes! South Carolina comes to mind along with its ubiquitous cockroach. Life cannot be about attaining a place on the other side of midnight, the hereafter, or even just tomorrow. The question is -how esoteric will 'government' be when it chooses to speak? Now there are twenty six letters in the English language's alphabet. Can you imagine how well off you could be today if yesterday you had learned their nuances? Now if you could, as they say, dance with those letters, would you foster the length and breath of your word strings so that they would be fostering your way? Because it is where the word -worlds of literature spring forth from.What do those letters sound like to you when you are in sub-vocal voice, self talk. Their timbre, color, cadence - even syncopation. I know the line is, "a rose is a rose, is a rose. Yes! Clinton did say it depends in the meaning of is. Let me make my point clear.  A letter is not a rose because it can be whatever it wants to be; for, the letters combine like DNA with other letters producing the story of life, literature. The stories about the life of DNA's child. For example, the power of those letters when they choose to cohabit, produce a word like 'love' with all of its depth to touch all of us in some fashion. Side bar: you need all 26 letters, learn to dance with each one separately, to know its origin and use. For example, the same four letters when combined can produce dissonance amongst the meaning of the word, Now! I love the Donald but if he became President, he too would look into the eyes of Putin and see a soulmate just as did President Bush. What ever you devour becomes a part of you, your responsibility, consequences for the good or evil. It's the love of 'power.' This is the Oligarchical throne being played around -Trump would be like, you know, sitting on the head of the lead elephant crossing the ALPS to devastate Rome, Hannibal! No! What this world needs now is the sweet touch of awareness on how the political system works like Hillary. Please do not get bent out of shape over the metaphor's use of Political Dynasty - of knowing because it's the stage upon which they are lettered, PHD in Hermeneutics. Now that is the 'evil' stage. This is 'live' stage.


Monday, August 3, 2015


How about looking at it from this point of view: that which is developed within the military can easily be transferred into the market place of ideas; this is industry. Now it is not the same for industry because it is difficult to convert the utility of commerce back into the 'self best interest model' for military consumption; it would be like putting the 'genie' back into the bottle. It's the military industrial complex which drives the future's fruition.You need the government as a structure to influence. You need to be on the 'proverbial -table' because everyone is looking for the "silver bullet" to help them secure a more sustainable involvement with their community; after all each is a member of the whole whether or not they are active or just residing, the whole is affected. For example, when the criminal justice system moves their charge for detainment it has been to move the prisons into to towns that are in need of financial help & jobs. This happens because the inmate carries their federal dollars with them when they are being imprisoned. The southern white towns got the money as if the inmate were living in the community amongst the town's people. OK! Let me put this 'rumor' to rest once and for all: I was incarcerated at Lieber prison in Ridgeville, SC. until my last month where I was placed in a pre-release center in Columbia, SC doing voluntary work for the community for 30days until the state released me back into the community of Charleston, SC. -1993. I never saw Ridgeville, SC except that one time they took me into Ridgeville for a hearing test; than back to the prison -the icicle garden.  Now! The town was losing jobs, losing their work force. The children were moving out of town for jobs, work. The town's tax base was shrinking because the young were moving; they were taking their federal tax dollars along with them. Yes! It's the 'silver bullet' to solve their problem replacing the children with the felons. Federal dollars for felon housing to help subside the town's financial burden. So, if this is how the system works, you learn how to work it by first understanding it - simple. Government is made up of component pieces. You want to be one of those pieces; therefore you need to be part of something, -government recognizes the union's construct. Therefore, the 'silver bullet' for social justice concerning felons, minority populations is uniozing; it simply puts the dollar back into your hand; so by joining the union you chose to deposit these play dollars which are on your ass right over here with the union. And! Of cause the union expects you to support it if and when you can. OK! Think about it this way; it is one of your choices; it is a way... "to free oneself from old assumption, to discern previously unseen patterns and to dare, come touch, taste, tap, toy with & discover that which is ours is yet, yours alone." Now that line come out of my past, I believe it has to do with something about the Humanities; anyway I like it because you chose to put your value where it serves your self best interest. I think of a union as a stage to play upon -role play. Shakespeare did say that "all the world is a stage, we are all mere actors...."   

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Social Justice...!

It is the structure of the construct: You might think that you are in control or maybe on the fast -track
to 'trumping' out your cohort -one for the Donald. So! How about it: if we look at the situation from your point of view; "out and about" should be the name of it. Because you are the product of your family's wealth, or lack thereof. Now let's look at the difference between being a member of your school's alumni because you graduated or attended, what ever the arrangements are. You are a member of a union of people. Now if you did not attend school, you are not a member of anything remotely closed to a union of people; this is why the criminal justice system has been rolled over into the private sector. Yes! As the wealth keeps floating up to the top tier to do with as they wish; and as they say in that neighborhood, "I can't see it from my house." Think about the idea that yesterday's middle class is today's common class; this is where they will harvest their felon class to fill their prisons so that their share holders will make a profit. Remember! It's a duty of the corporation to maximize profit for the good of the shareholder. It's all about the revolving door felons are our crop to harvest and capitalize upon; felon equal profit on the corporate balance sheet, its bottom line. Social justice "should" be your bottom line. There is nothing more grass roots than unionizing from the bottom line. Coming together on the effects of prisons on an individual's psyche. I know from personal experiences because, in my case, the me that went into prison, died in prison, because of fear. Yes! I was frightened to death; I came out of prison with a bull's eye stamped on my body informing the crazies that if you have to fuck with anyone -fuck me. Side bar: In SC, about a year and a half ago I was on someone's hit list. He got caught only after he killed his first person on his list; it could have been me. There is no recourse. Therefore! At this point the key to understanding is to  Think without anger. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To pee or not to pee...!

This is all about taking my morning walk. I have two possibilities when I'm walking: first in Charleston, SC I walk from my condominium on the Ashley river through Wagener Terrace until I get to the Citadel and Hampton Park where I walk around three times and head home again. So I have to pee before I leave the house because there are no pee spots along the way. Now one of my problems is old -age, meaning I seem to pee all the time, like waking up several  times each night. So, to me -peeing in Charleston, SC is another way that civilization has found to keep me in check. Now when I'm in the NC foothills and I need to pee, I can just pee. Yes, I'm talking about walking out of the house, going down the driveway until I hit North Fork Lane, hook a left and go on down to the gate; well, this is about a 1/2 mile. But it's just me and the trees; they do not care if I pee along side of road; that is what the side of the road is for anyway. Anyway! The point of this exercise is simply this: You 'should' be seriously pissed off; but you are not because you do not know; so let me lay it out to you. I was listening to Charlie Rose doing an interview with someone that Charlie respects. They are talking about job creation and to me the most important statement was that about 85 people have more wealth than the accumulated wealth divided up amongst the rest of mankind. He said that they just might fit in the studio where the interview was being recorded. Now I might admit that I could have misunderstood the speaker's rhetoric. Yet, he also said that # 1,300,000 children walk out of school  each and every day; they are not sure where they are going to sleep that night. People need to wake up to the idea of unionizing labor as a business on behalf of business, not on behalf of 85 of society's most elite so that they can play water -sports all over your place in the sun. Never the less, the moment you walked away from the union was the day that you roiled over like the family pet. They let you be in the 'dog-eat-dog' world because you really think that you are an independent thinker. Right! Because this country is buying into the right to work state, you live payday to payday in the hope that your chance will come; you will find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Please! wake up from your nightmare remembering that it was the unions of the past that let the tempo of the middle-class create the great society. So! Now! I hope you catch my drift: you are all walking around the foothills peeing along side of the road because you cannot afford to purchase a home in Charleston, SC where you can walk out the front door to take a long walk because you are hooked up to a pee catcher dangling down your trouser's leg. SC is a right to work state; as such, it does not give a flaming fuck about pissing you off.  It's all about power. The idea behind the union is power; it's the construct of power. Union is power because it's the structure which determines the experience. Now! Remember you can always keep your head up your ass or buried in the belief that you will get your reward in another life; please, think about living in this life so that you can help advance your species forward, not crawling around on your knees hoping that someone who has a position will recognize your value. At that point, you may become a liability to your supervisor -losing another pissing match.


If the name of the game is therapy, Machiavelli is a good mentor. He believed that you needed to see the truth of that which 'is' - know what the meaning of 'is' is so that you can influence it with your power, energy & time. So! Therapy is all about deconstructing the situation, finding out how you acted then, in the past, when your brain was forming. Machiavelli was all about the truth.  Others might have said "Do not allow the forest to get in the way of the tree; for it is the tree from where the forest comes; for without the tree, there is no forest." It is all about knowing the environment, the small family of origin, home -life, neighborhood, school and other opportunities. These pieces form the personality. "...To thy own self be truthful...." It is hard because of the irony between my father and me. I got what he wanted; yet I did not want it; I got drafted, 1964.  He -on the other hand- wanted to go off to fight in the 'good war.' But the military denied him entry because he had to take care of me since he drove my mother into attempting suicide. She ended up in psychiatric care in the early 40's; it was a living hell. When she was released, she was like the walking dead waiting to be buried.  My father's and my relationship was based upon the war movies as a metaphor - he was John Wayne; I could be the "Jap" in the war movie -battles that he did not get a chance to fight in. Yes! Father wanted to go off to the good war against Japan & Germany with the rest of the guys, and be one of the guys who would come home, get all of those benefits from the G.I. Bill.  But! It never happened that way for Bill Smith. No! He could not be the man he wanted to be because he had to take care of 'me'.You Know! Mother was pregnant with me when the 'war of the world' broke out, December,1941. I came on the scene in March.  Shortly thereafter my mother placed me into a basket in the gas oven which she turned on as a way of freeing him from any obligation - therefore, allowing him the opportunity to serve in the good war against Japan & Germany. And if he survived he would get the G.I. Bill. too! Side bar: He was one of four brothers in his family; he was sacrificed for the good of the service; I was one of four siblings in his family; he sacrificed me for the good of the service. So! You see he was one of four male siblings; three went to war and came home to the G.I. Bill. As they say, "those were the days my friend...."Home was not a safe place to be for 'me' so I stayed on the streets as long as I could before going home hoping that things would be different, roaming for hours on the street. But they never were. I did not belong; I was out of place. If you don't fit in, you will be eaten alive. So I chose to roam.

Friday, July 24, 2015

State of equilibrium...!

 So what does it take to get someone's attention when they are otherwise engaged. Maybe, like your wife. or any wife, my wife. No! Let's play it safe and say the generalized other's wife. OK! Good! I only speak one language when I'm around the house; but the wife has in her quiver many languages with piercing tips that serve to distort my understanding of what I'm trying to put forward. But, with the generalized other there are even more languages being synthesized. For example, it is like the Blog that I put out yesterday wherein I stated that I received a section 8 when discharged from the military, which my wife would agree with anyway but some readers could not believe. The Section 8 clause is "for the good of the service." Now! It is true that the military feels that if they cannot contain you that there is something wrong with you. In my case everything was wrong because I was 21 years old; I had been in school; I had a full time job as an office manager for the Meadow's in Framingham, Ma.; I had a girl that I loved & was engaged too when the Draft call came down from the powers that be. So, I end up in the Air Force, stationed in Peshawar, West Pakistan holding on to my dick in the one hand, and a 'dear john' letter in the other hand. Fucking A! You are right on if you think that I'm pissed. So, I go native in tribal territory; the powers that be do not understand what is going on. Side bar: I'm the guy who comes from the streets of Waltham, Ma. There it is not much different from the streets of Peshawar; it's dog eat dog for the scraps flowing downward from the top. Think Reagan & the 'trickle down theory,' there I was a street kid with street smarts working the Biblical streets from the old British Empire. Yes! When I was there, Pakistan was only 20 years old, where as Peshawar had been on the boarder with Afghanistan. It's the Kyber Pass between Kabul, Afghanistan & Peshawar, West Pakistan, forever. Plus! They gave me a gun to protect their secrets from falling into the wrong hands; as I made my way from the installation -government hideout- to the airport just on the edge of town. This is where I hocked up with P.I.A airlines heading to Rawalpindi or Karachi. You Know! Traveling through tribal territory carrying classified government documents along with the mail; Just yours truly & a colt 45 government issue as well as a 38 revolver. It got so bad that the military thought that I was C.I.A. undercover as an enlisted airman. What is the point? Well from Peshawar I went to Paris,France. While there, I got married and played around on the streets at nights. Yes! The streets of Paris 1966/68 were for me the right touch of hope; they too were in their 20's, the first generation coming into life; it was their family's resurrection too. Recap! 20years after world war two, I was serving in Pakistan, the country was only 20 years old due to being separated from India, 1945.  I played around in Karachi as well; it was the capital at that time right on the Indian ocean. Now the capital is in Islamabad. It is all about believing in Numbers. I met the generation from two separate parts of the world when I was in my 20's, as they were in their respective 20's, Believe me when I say that I know what it is like to be pissing in the wind. Now! my wife on the other hand could be explained if she were from Roswell, New Mexico where many aliens resides, sort of speaking in tongues. It's so out of "space" there; I know because I too had an adventure playing around with the Devil; but that is another story. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015


There seems to me that there are many people 'out & about' who believe in the value of numbers; numerology might come to mind. I was also thinking of the number attached to the 'beast' lurking around on the dark side of midnight. Maybe even myself - South Carolina has tagged me with -666 in the sheriff's office in Charleston County. So, I'm wondering who else out there is tagged with the number of the beast? You know! There could be, maybe 10 other people in the state of SC with this number 666; Yes! If I could gather them all up criss-crossing the country there could be, maybe 500 or so individuals being branded with the sign of the beast. Now! each sheriff's office most likely uses a number system as well, just like the the federal government does. For example, when I was drafted into the military back in the 60's, I was given a number, 1*4*5*96. Then they discharged me with another number; yes! Indeed under section -8 because I did not fall in love with the military service. It was an honorable discharge back into the cesspool of life. So, where does that leave me? Well maybe it leaves me up the creek without the proverbial paddle. OK! Between -when push comes to shove- it is force, effort. This force has nothing to do with how you respect or disrespect another it has nothing to do with the object of your concern; this is all about projecting your own hidden dark-side upon another so as to remove any public shame upon yourself. OK! Fore example, prejudice flowing just below the surface because of your socialization; what do I mean? Follow along with this scenario: So, when I say 'hooker' referring to a prostitute, it is just slang. Now today everybody uses the term 'hook -up', meaning everything or anything two or more individuals can agree upon as a pleasurable way to pass time together, could come to mind. So when I say that I was with a 'hooker' that day; that day refers to a particular day along the grand stand. I'm saying it is because she and I agreed that I could cover the expenses so that she could share the afternoon with me. To me it was a win-win situation for both of us. Anyway! I got the better end of the deal because it was my idea to invite her over to share my table. A little bit of a side bar: my table is in the corral which I helped to build; the ladies just walk right in -sit right down because it was right across the street from the infamous Mother Fletcher's on 8th ave. n. Myrtle Beach, SC: Bodo's to be exact. Yes! I helped to build the corral in front of Bodo's so that we could have outside seating. Yes! I was involved with life; that is to say, I was actively working to promote the beach by advertising on the Domino Pizza box which you got when you ordered a Domino's pizza; right, it was my flyer popping up in every hotel & motel room along the Grand Strand. Why! You might ask:  because I was offering the time share owners a way to directly sell their membership to the consumer, the Myrtle Beach tourist. Now these were discounted, some as much as 50%, meaning the deal was so hot, the competition had a contract -of- sorts on me to drive me out of town. They won; I lost. I say that because at that moment, their possibilities, I was so viable; it was a 'win win' for the consumer; truth in advertising. But! I went up against the establishment you see and got my nuts cut off because the problem with business is that the consumer is to be consumed, eaten. Why were they so entitled! Because I was a disruption to the status quo.


Sunday, July 19, 2015


I'm not like most folks because I live in my head; where you all live in the real world. You see I know that you do not live on Fantasy island because I'm the only one living here. Yes! The problem with the 'cookie cutter' model is simple; the solution is another matter. Regardless, once you make the "cookie;" shelf life comes into play -effect. The point is this; there is so much mischief in the brain's mind. For example, society was convinced that the 30 (thirty) year model would work, you worked for the same company, you get pensioned out, then learned that their pension programs had a shelf -life problem. The best model for the bottom up feeder is with unionizing. Now, let's compare the way the Western powers treated its own citizens with those of the Middle East: Western powers got Corporations that fleeced its workers -labor unions losing influence- as well as its stock holders -2008 stock market crash. The Middle East -Ottoman Empire-got partitioned into State Actors. Between the power brokers -Courtiers- from the new State Actors. And! The Western powers fleeced the citizens of the land, Middle East. Yet there is hope for the future because the Middle East does not have a shelf -life problem; it was never made into a cookie. The Western Powers have, since the times of the Holly Roman Empire, disturbed the Middle Eastern ingredients so that no fortune would fall out of the cookie -Chinese fortune cookie with one fortune inside to read. But! It's not a cookie; it's a culture rich in its own history; it understands that their problems all stem from the shelf -file problem of others, their commitments. Western life style is all about passing along one's DNA. DNA is all about remembering your history, its codes. Western Powers are notoriously absent about paying their child support payments. They planted many seeds; they created many bastards; they never understood the value of socialization because as the carpenter said to his mate, "I cannot see it from my house" with its poorly constructed governments, its deep pockets of resources to tap into. Now! the folly of the Western fantasy today is that it knows that you are again eating away at its carcass, resources. Coming into dine are the Russians, Chinese, Europeans, Americans, etc. - all having a negative history with their behavior over resources and distribution. Yet!  These powers have never repented for their greed or shortsightedness. Fore example, the Middle Eastern mind knows that the Western Powers knew that they were stacking the deck in the favor of the western powers, not the Middle Easterner's Mind. Another way to look at this is this: The labor of the Slave trade, its subsequent wealth went to the western powers, not the enslaved community of African peoples. Yes! When the Westerner powers show up with their slicers & deicers, history tells us that it is not preparation stupid; it is preparation -H; for, the powers to be are running a 'train' on its authenticity; it's just another gang -bang western style.  comment: 

Saturday, July 18, 2015


When you smoke 'pot' something happens to your way of seeing a thought; all of a sudden you are the thought; it makes you feel good too. You can touch something in that moment; you come into confluence; you relate totally to it; you can visualize it because it is "its" it. yes! you can toy with it too. This way you discover diversity to pleasure around your it. You know -discerning all the peripheral nuances buzzing about your mind. For example, what does it feel like to be dormant: It feels like me. Think about it this way: as the differences between effect & affect: when you are dormant because of how you were effected. So now, when in life its affect becomes its effect because now it's your emotions due to interacting with others. Shit! This is when you end up taking that first "drink" hoping that your affect will feel the effect of the alcohol and go dormant. But you wake up from its effect, therefore running havoc on Effects' day. Now! think about resistance, the force to overcome. You compete against your own thoughts; it's a learning process. As such, you recognize it - stop accommodating it -better to assimilate it, make it your own. You can always feel as if resistance is nothing more than the "family skeleton" lurking out and about. Otherwise you sit on the front porch watching the carpenter -bee bore holes into your house; with the hole just finished, its sawdust comes down in the form of snow like flakes falling from the sky.  My porch faces the forest of trees with their many greens blending through out. The bumble bee's activities show up quite nicely against the forest's green. Maybe it is depression from repressing something of its effect: Imagine being a white  -cracker falling asleep, dreaming his nightly nite mare where he finds himself as a black lesbian hooker turning tricks for the white crackers patronizing the watering holes along the Grand Strand; while there, he  finds that he is pounding on himself in such a deviant way that his morning wake up call finds surprising evidence in a wet-dream.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015


I know it when I see it:  this is the catch all phrase or word -string uttered or articulated when the nude is portrayed. The funny thing about it, to me, is that on the whole no one seems to be able to operationally define pornography. Now! I believe that is because there seems to be a wide range of views depending upon whether it is in the bed -room or the living -room; rather like, are you in the "closet" or not about your rapture over sexuality. Yes! It is said that there is a different consensus met when the "nude" body is being observed by a man or a woman. But! Pornography has to do with the "law;" otherwise, there would be no issue. Depending on how the law is written, in conjunction with or without its affect upon the defendant, pornographer. This is a slippery -slope for it is for concluded that you are guilty until proven otherwise. It's the manipulation of the masses to rein in their own sexual standards, complying with the herd, not some "heifer" who is f***ing the Bull. OK!  For the Donald! So, what is wrong with this picture is simple, not what you think it should be, or want it to be; remember what Clinton said, "it depends on the meaning of is." My point is this: who ever controls "is" distorts the law for those whom gave him his authority. So! This is the point: It is the system which is pornographic because its citizens are not all treated as equals; but, rather depending on how much influence you can bring to bear upon it. Yes! It is true: most of our prisons are filled up with those who grew up in an impoverished family. These are the minorities who have not the means to represent themselves through a private attorney of their choosing. Rather, they must get assistance through the so called "public defenders" program which will assign you an individual whose job it is is to get you to come to some form of "plea bargain" because this is what the STATE wants. Otherwise, you face the overwhelming onslaught of its resources, its rogue prosecutors. You know! Simply because you have a camera & an imagination, yes it is your creativity that they want to keep in check; you could say that you are a pornographer if the prosecutor has a dirty mind; it is their projections which are being vomited upon the individual -creating a canvas of shame.  Comment:  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Altruism: by definition means.

I'm just wanting to say to you that her tee -rose looking ass hole is so very beautiful. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity; I mean this privilege of viewing her picture: Now! I know that you did not post on C/L for a "magician."  Please consider this as an opportunity: If in the future, you would like to see a master work her body for you? Only! So that, you could bring on the action. I'm just getting her body ready to play for you: I was introduced to a primitive form of massage when I was serving with the military in Peshawar, West Pakistan, 1964/65. Those were the days when I was serious about looking for the truth. While there, they taught me that it is all in the body, bring the mind back into the body because 4/5 of your possibilities are housed there; It was all in the body; 4 of your 5 senses are of the body. Your body is tactile in nature; its largest organ is its skin; touching controls sexuality. You come anew in its taste; the pleasure of its scent punctuates your smelling. The rapture of its sounds in listening, hearing, feeling. Now let me show you how to play with these 4 pieces, freeing her to be part of its pleasure. And of cause that is your theater to control. So, here is the question I'm postulating to you the reader of this sally. Imagine that, you posted these pictures yourself on C/L. As someone looking for a young player to join him and his wife in sexual pleasure. Only! I pop up and suggest that you bring me along so that I can tend to your wife's body while she waits on you to bring home the beacon, that young juicy piece for lusting over, even trickling, twirling, swirling over. I'm all about preregistration: setting the stage for its performance, your wife's body needs to be relaxed for this performance. So that she can bring about its fruition upon this sexual stage of yours. Her body needs to be limber; there are so many twists and turns needed to attain those pleasures. She want to be ready for you, Daddy, when you bring home the beacon, that juicy piece of youth. Now! Would you just maybe e-me for cause? Because, what do you have to lose? "Nothing, for sure" is what I always respond with for the fantasy of Craig's list is that you can be anyone that you wish to be. It's one of life's cesspools -a quagmire where you go undetected. You project your desire out into the unknown; you never know how it will relate to your projections, hopes for sexual desire. Fuck! You can even buy a refrigerator on C/L 

Thursday, July 9, 2015


I had to get to the front gate this morning because the guy from Terminix was coming to check on the house: I had to make sure that the gate was open by 10 o'clock. Now, it is about 1/4 of a mile to the gate & another 3/4 of a mile to the bridge. It was here at the bridge that I notice how the sunflower settled into its own niche right along side of the mailboxes.At this point, I had the sense that this is a physical world; there fore, it is all about occupying space. The manner in which you personally displace space. Just like the sunflower. Now I will admit that it is a very pleasant walk to the mailboxes: walking down my drive to the road I pass the Mountain Laurel backed up by the Pine & Oak trees. this journey through the trees is very mellow; yet, so robust, filled with fresh oxygen through photosynthesis. I just love being around these many trees; because of them, it's just a gradual downward sally to the gate. Now from the gate to the bridge: it's half hard pack road & half black top road which is maintained by the town; I just follow the hard pack portion of the road. It is called North Fork Lane. The hill side is filled with trees that are large, small and many between. If you open up your mind's imagination, you could see the hill side cleared and a vineyard flourishing there in its place. The land's gently rolling slope is ideal for growing grapes; but instead, it's the water flowing under the surface of the land that is being capitalized upon. So, turning with the road, you come to the water's tap; this is where the bright, shiny steel truck hocks up to the hillside's water tap: fresh water to be bottled & sold, free market capitalism. Walking past the water's tap, the road opens up along the side of Christian Creek whose water flows under the bridge. Plus, this is where my neighbor has set up a place for his family to relax and enjoy one another's company. The rocks were moved out of the way so that there would be a wading pool of water several feet deep, continuously being turned over by the brook's descending flow, allowing the family to bath in the shade of the old tree's limbs. From this point,  you can see the mailboxes by the bridge; but yet, not the sunflower nestled within the mailboxes. Oh! yes, the creek is singing out; it's the sound of music. It's in this intersection of time & space that the sunflower & I found each other.             

Monday, July 6, 2015


Change! Yes, it is my hair again : I  have to do something, expressing myself so that others can identify me, style. You see, my hair is bitchy; it is getting in my way. OK! I'm open to a new look; but I'm not sure about how much of my hair I'm going to cut off. I'm thinking somewhere around my neck & shoulder line, the base of my neck, maybe. This is all I know so far because it seems to me that I'm looking at hair styles preferred by women, but my hair is too thin to pull that off. So! This is my situation: change. Maybe half way down my neck or half way up my neck, there about. Split down the middle too, I will run the path of my hair. I definitely do not want to emulate The Donald. No! Mr Trump has his very own & quite unique style which he owns out right. No! I would never want to embarrass him through imitation. Now, when I say that I need a new look, I say it because I scare myself when I look into the mirror at bed time; I'm doing my teeth right in front of the f***ing mirror. Plus, my wife makes me put my hair up in a tail; because otherwise, she is embarrassed over it -I want the freedom to discern previously unseen patterns in my life. What will happen to my memories when I cut my hair? When I look into the mirror who will I see looking back at me? Will I be me or will I be a budding rock-star?  Yes, it's me - I recognize those hazel eyes,; my Irish eyes are smiling back at me, you know. But, will you be the same to the new me? Change is a scary thing some times; what do you think?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cafe dream...

" I have a dream." If someone wanted to sponsor me, for what ever reason, it could be as simple as wanting to give back to your community for the shake of fostering a more familial concept.  I would consent because it would be spreading me out & about; where, I could gather freely from a more inclusive environment. It is also true that I would be open about mentoring because the relationship is more tactile do to their interaction; mentoring is a more hands-on approach; its advice is -we over I- in nature to nurture & foster trust as their stage of ideas unfurls in the mind's of the intended. I once had a relationship like that. I was living in Boston, Mass back in the 70's. Bernie open it up for me - served it to me as if he were serving up a tray of sweet oysters on the half-shell. He knew everyone that you needed to know; Bernie the door opener knew it all. He shared his 'access' with me; he let me in so that I could learn how to get the most out of the derivative: Ideas are all about their future validity, cash flow. Yes! The mentor is all about helping you to fail so that you can learn its lesson; failure can be the beginning step to tomorrow's success; you can learn from the experience if you open up yourself to new opportunities; that way you can reconstruct your options to better serve your needs. You Know! Mentoring: It's a relationship about reciprocity; anyway, you can look at me as if I were "eye candy" or "soul food" it's your choice -Bon apetite!          

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mack the "shiv"
Sex is a good way to get someone's attention! That said, let's play with our imagination and go back in time to the 16th century. Imagine how they might have looked at each other.  Machiavelli the adviser offering Lorenzo De Medici, the Prince, some free advise. "It seems to me more appropriate to pursue the effectual truth of the matter rather than its imagined one;" because, when questioned upon fear or love, he said, "It is best to be both loved and feared." It's situational, you know; but fear bumps love for safety's sake because "it is better to be feared than loved" when imposing your self upon others; as you might surmise in the criminal justice system; prison uses any means necessary, how ever unprincipled, to win control over the sexual tension floating like a spider's web connecting its inhabitants. Imagine living on the spider's web as it spins out of control by the very effects influencing it because sex has to do with the meaning of "is" according to President Clinton who holds the same stage as Lorenzo De Medici! For example, as a tutor, I was sitting in the library(as it was one of my duties in prison), when this guy sat down. Through conversation it came out that his belief about the boys that he protected had their own rhythm because he knew that each day one of those boy's will have a very big "shit" leaving his hole ready and tacitly willing for him to fill it up; he swears by it because these boys do indeed offer up their shit, sequentially, moving across the spider's web. So, sex is all about control over the "quid pro quo," where it is the gate keeper who controls access to needs, addictions. Please! how do you give into addiction so that you can gain a niche. How do you get away from yourself when you lack the skills to traverse the oncoming traffic. Life is moving in on you like running the mogul fields as you come down the mountain's side of descent. So! It's how you handle yourself in the prevailing situations, approaching pathways of fear, joy, disgust, or sadness as you shift from one mode to another like the skier approaching moguls to ride in and out of going down the mountain's slope. So, according to Machiavelli it is about how you handle yourself around the mogul; it is the difference between a fair or great run down the mountain's slopes. And, by the way, Machiavelli's understanding of the effect-jive about truth- has held the test of time, political wasteland.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unfurling sorrow -finding anger & hate via ISIS.

"the icicle garden"
ISIS is a "flag" unfurling in the minds of those who have been inculcated with a dysfunctional operating system. Because if the Middle East was a bottom -up operation, politics would be local; there would be 'jobs.' There would be hope for a future filled with promise. But no, there are no 'jobs.' What they have are 'positions' because the Middle East is a top-down system for distributing resources. The future belongs to the ruling elites; all others will be served in their afterlife. The whole of the old Ottoman's empire is a dysfunctional prison managed by misinterpretations from its basic hermeneutics - meaning the study of the interpretations of the text -the Koran. So each prison has its own operating system which is unique to its facility. Power is distributed throughout the facility between the guards and the inmates as well as between the guard and his or her self best interest so as to advance up the "food chain." If you want to understand prison, all you have to do is look to the Middle East; its battle over good and evil; its battle between Church & State.  Observe how its power assesses its allegiances to its various interests. The Middle East is as convoluted as any prison where the resources are so unevenly distributed. The people of the Middle East have been ruled by the Western Powers ever since the end of  the Ottoman Empire; they have been betrayed by those with political power ruling as puppet regimes doing the bidding for the Western interests. The Middle East as a facility serves its members as a prison serves its inmates, with obfuscation of messages. The power elites live in their own mind's eye of what nobody can truly discern; so their beliefs are as frigid as a marriage without love, unless their marriage is of convenience, such as not being able to recant your belief because it is punishable by death. This is a future's derivative promising eternal light, walking without steps because the light is flying through your veins as your mind unfurls answers for questions not asked because the answers are not always in the #number two pencil. Yes! The Middle East is living and operating in the world of the #2pencil. These inmates are locked up in a time warp predicated upon 11th century parables. This is their "red -line;" there are exceptions: different Califs had their own followers such as the 7ers or maybe 9ers who followed the interpretations stemming from the Caliphate. Yes! By their construct of the 1100's - This is when the Shir locked up their future use of parables, no new parables will be added to the mix. Now in the Middle East, the Sunni tribe always held the governing side of the equation; Shia ruled the Koran, their holy bible. For example,  the Sunni ruled the body in this life. The life of today; the Shia ruled in the hereafter. Yes! They too have a strange urban legend where if you die in an act of sacrificing for the light on the other side, you will be given four wives to help keep you in the light. Me-too! I had a dysfunctional operating system; I ended up in prison; prison is where the inmate is radicalized. Believe me, you can trust me on this one thing -when there is no hope of redemption other than that of spewing out the beliefs of those who only 'mouth' the words while dancing with temptation reserved for their eyes only, -there will be a revolution of the masses because there is no environment of tranquility to be found within the confines of these walls which stifle one's aspirations. That is unless you are a natural born 'cock' sucker.  Life is all about working out your talents while working with others, going beyond family of origin. Yes! Life is supposed to be all about participating with the herd, not cut out and branded with a number designating life's shit is coming your way. ISIS is farming the crop of young people who are coming over to them in waves because they are escaping the prison waiting for them. Those of the Middle East are sick of being the recipient of a frontal lobotomy.   

Friday, June 26, 2015

FLAG flying for prison reform.

Let us play loosely with the metaphors: Money, Flag, Power, Church & State Actors. For example, you reach into your pocket; pull out a $20 dollar bill. Now what does it represent? It has a # (number) on it; but do you own that #number? You occupy its worth with its grantor, the Government. Postulate! This is the point! You can deposit this $20 dollar bill into the bank; they will offer you choices, like twenty one dollar numbers, two ten dollar numbers, four five dollar numbers, or sometime in the future a new number for the whole value of the $20 dollar bill deposited. OK! This is a fair example of your Government, maybe. But! What about the value of the individual when it is deposited into the criminal justice system like the state of South Carolina, ETC. Now! Upon trying to get your self worth back, made whole again -it's impossible to do because you are faced with many unforeseen expenses which devalues your citizenship; therefor your 13th & 14th rights to the Constitution of the United States of America - leaving you less than able to pursue the fruits of happiness passed on to you through citizenship, its worth. Also! There is only one number; it's stenciled upon your value as the number stenciled upon the Jews in Hitler's prison system; You are F***ing dead meat.  This is an example of how Power, Church & State -rouge prosecutor. These have come into confluence to advance their share of humanity -the individual's rights under the Constitution, under one Flag -the stars and stripes.