Thursday, July 23, 2015


There seems to me that there are many people 'out & about' who believe in the value of numbers; numerology might come to mind. I was also thinking of the number attached to the 'beast' lurking around on the dark side of midnight. Maybe even myself - South Carolina has tagged me with -666 in the sheriff's office in Charleston County. So, I'm wondering who else out there is tagged with the number of the beast? You know! There could be, maybe 10 other people in the state of SC with this number 666; Yes! If I could gather them all up criss-crossing the country there could be, maybe 500 or so individuals being branded with the sign of the beast. Now! each sheriff's office most likely uses a number system as well, just like the the federal government does. For example, when I was drafted into the military back in the 60's, I was given a number, 1*4*5*96. Then they discharged me with another number; yes! Indeed under section -8 because I did not fall in love with the military service. It was an honorable discharge back into the cesspool of life. So, where does that leave me? Well maybe it leaves me up the creek without the proverbial paddle. OK! Between -when push comes to shove- it is force, effort. This force has nothing to do with how you respect or disrespect another it has nothing to do with the object of your concern; this is all about projecting your own hidden dark-side upon another so as to remove any public shame upon yourself. OK! Fore example, prejudice flowing just below the surface because of your socialization; what do I mean? Follow along with this scenario: So, when I say 'hooker' referring to a prostitute, it is just slang. Now today everybody uses the term 'hook -up', meaning everything or anything two or more individuals can agree upon as a pleasurable way to pass time together, could come to mind. So when I say that I was with a 'hooker' that day; that day refers to a particular day along the grand stand. I'm saying it is because she and I agreed that I could cover the expenses so that she could share the afternoon with me. To me it was a win-win situation for both of us. Anyway! I got the better end of the deal because it was my idea to invite her over to share my table. A little bit of a side bar: my table is in the corral which I helped to build; the ladies just walk right in -sit right down because it was right across the street from the infamous Mother Fletcher's on 8th ave. n. Myrtle Beach, SC: Bodo's to be exact. Yes! I helped to build the corral in front of Bodo's so that we could have outside seating. Yes! I was involved with life; that is to say, I was actively working to promote the beach by advertising on the Domino Pizza box which you got when you ordered a Domino's pizza; right, it was my flyer popping up in every hotel & motel room along the Grand Strand. Why! You might ask:  because I was offering the time share owners a way to directly sell their membership to the consumer, the Myrtle Beach tourist. Now these were discounted, some as much as 50%, meaning the deal was so hot, the competition had a contract -of- sorts on me to drive me out of town. They won; I lost. I say that because at that moment, their possibilities, I was so viable; it was a 'win win' for the consumer; truth in advertising. But! I went up against the establishment you see and got my nuts cut off because the problem with business is that the consumer is to be consumed, eaten. Why were they so entitled! Because I was a disruption to the status quo.