Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Altruism: by definition means.

I'm just wanting to say to you that her tee -rose looking ass hole is so very beautiful. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity; I mean this privilege of viewing her picture: Now! I know that you did not post on C/L for a "magician."  Please consider this as an opportunity: If in the future, you would like to see a master work her body for you? Only! So that, you could bring on the action. I'm just getting her body ready to play for you: I was introduced to a primitive form of massage when I was serving with the military in Peshawar, West Pakistan, 1964/65. Those were the days when I was serious about looking for the truth. While there, they taught me that it is all in the body, bring the mind back into the body because 4/5 of your possibilities are housed there; It was all in the body; 4 of your 5 senses are of the body. Your body is tactile in nature; its largest organ is its skin; touching controls sexuality. You come anew in its taste; the pleasure of its scent punctuates your smelling. The rapture of its sounds in listening, hearing, feeling. Now let me show you how to play with these 4 pieces, freeing her to be part of its pleasure. And of cause that is your theater to control. So, here is the question I'm postulating to you the reader of this sally. Imagine that, you posted these pictures yourself on C/L. As someone looking for a young player to join him and his wife in sexual pleasure. Only! I pop up and suggest that you bring me along so that I can tend to your wife's body while she waits on you to bring home the beacon, that young juicy piece for lusting over, even trickling, twirling, swirling over. I'm all about preregistration: setting the stage for its performance, your wife's body needs to be relaxed for this performance. So that she can bring about its fruition upon this sexual stage of yours. Her body needs to be limber; there are so many twists and turns needed to attain those pleasures. She want to be ready for you, Daddy, when you bring home the beacon, that juicy piece of youth. Now! Would you just maybe e-me for cause? Because, what do you have to lose? "Nothing, for sure" is what I always respond with for the fantasy of Craig's list is that you can be anyone that you wish to be. It's one of life's cesspools -a quagmire where you go undetected. You project your desire out into the unknown; you never know how it will relate to your projections, hopes for sexual desire. Fuck! You can even buy a refrigerator on C/L 
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