Thursday, July 16, 2015


I know it when I see it:  this is the catch all phrase or word -string uttered or articulated when the nude is portrayed. The funny thing about it, to me, is that on the whole no one seems to be able to operationally define pornography. Now! I believe that is because there seems to be a wide range of views depending upon whether it is in the bed -room or the living -room; rather like, are you in the "closet" or not about your rapture over sexuality. Yes! It is said that there is a different consensus met when the "nude" body is being observed by a man or a woman. But! Pornography has to do with the "law;" otherwise, there would be no issue. Depending on how the law is written, in conjunction with or without its affect upon the defendant, pornographer. This is a slippery -slope for it is for concluded that you are guilty until proven otherwise. It's the manipulation of the masses to rein in their own sexual standards, complying with the herd, not some "heifer" who is f***ing the Bull. OK!  For the Donald! So, what is wrong with this picture is simple, not what you think it should be, or want it to be; remember what Clinton said, "it depends on the meaning of is." My point is this: who ever controls "is" distorts the law for those whom gave him his authority. So! This is the point: It is the system which is pornographic because its citizens are not all treated as equals; but, rather depending on how much influence you can bring to bear upon it. Yes! It is true: most of our prisons are filled up with those who grew up in an impoverished family. These are the minorities who have not the means to represent themselves through a private attorney of their choosing. Rather, they must get assistance through the so called "public defenders" program which will assign you an individual whose job it is is to get you to come to some form of "plea bargain" because this is what the STATE wants. Otherwise, you face the overwhelming onslaught of its resources, its rogue prosecutors. You know! Simply because you have a camera & an imagination, yes it is your creativity that they want to keep in check; you could say that you are a pornographer if the prosecutor has a dirty mind; it is their projections which are being vomited upon the individual -creating a canvas of shame.  Comment: