Sunday, July 19, 2015


I'm not like most folks because I live in my head; where you all live in the real world. You see I know that you do not live on Fantasy island because I'm the only one living here. Yes! The problem with the 'cookie cutter' model is simple; the solution is another matter. Regardless, once you make the "cookie;" shelf life comes into play -effect. The point is this; there is so much mischief in the brain's mind. For example, society was convinced that the 30 (thirty) year model would work, you worked for the same company, you get pensioned out, then learned that their pension programs had a shelf -life problem. The best model for the bottom up feeder is with unionizing. Now, let's compare the way the Western powers treated its own citizens with those of the Middle East: Western powers got Corporations that fleeced its workers -labor unions losing influence- as well as its stock holders -2008 stock market crash. The Middle East -Ottoman Empire-got partitioned into State Actors. Between the power brokers -Courtiers- from the new State Actors. And! The Western powers fleeced the citizens of the land, Middle East. Yet there is hope for the future because the Middle East does not have a shelf -life problem; it was never made into a cookie. The Western Powers have, since the times of the Holly Roman Empire, disturbed the Middle Eastern ingredients so that no fortune would fall out of the cookie -Chinese fortune cookie with one fortune inside to read. But! It's not a cookie; it's a culture rich in its own history; it understands that their problems all stem from the shelf -file problem of others, their commitments. Western life style is all about passing along one's DNA. DNA is all about remembering your history, its codes. Western Powers are notoriously absent about paying their child support payments. They planted many seeds; they created many bastards; they never understood the value of socialization because as the carpenter said to his mate, "I cannot see it from my house" with its poorly constructed governments, its deep pockets of resources to tap into. Now! the folly of the Western fantasy today is that it knows that you are again eating away at its carcass, resources. Coming into dine are the Russians, Chinese, Europeans, Americans, etc. - all having a negative history with their behavior over resources and distribution. Yet!  These powers have never repented for their greed or shortsightedness. Fore example, the Middle Eastern mind knows that the Western Powers knew that they were stacking the deck in the favor of the western powers, not the Middle Easterner's Mind. Another way to look at this is this: The labor of the Slave trade, its subsequent wealth went to the western powers, not the enslaved community of African peoples. Yes! When the Westerner powers show up with their slicers & deicers, history tells us that it is not preparation stupid; it is preparation -H; for, the powers to be are running a 'train' on its authenticity; it's just another gang -bang western style.  comment: