Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today is my day to be the "w.i.p.," Work in progress," how do I move each agenda's construct around the different stages of my mind? Good question, right? YES! Imagine if you will, 1963:  Your job that day was to "slice and dice" the books for Norman W. Farley. I was the book-keeper and office manager for The Meadow's, a night club just 12 miles west of the city: Boston. Cash would be coming through the front door, and I would convert it into an expense, so that we showed a lost for the day, even though we were quite busy. How did I do this? might ask. It was simple for me because  in one of my previous lives, I ran the show department in a major department store on Moody St. in Waltham, MA. Your storage room is set up according to style, and therefore, at different times of the year, each style holes a different fraction of that space. Back to Farley - every utensil, (i.e., cup, fork, chair, etc.) in the club was rented from another one of his businesses, his children. Now, Murphy was the accountant, C.P.A.  He wanted a day -to- day fractional interest paid out against all rental assets. We even had a house on the property that housed "disabled-boys," a way to spread the "flow" around. The "flow," the day's activities, were comprised of Farley's affairs and those of his brother. Needless to say, I loved my position. Each and every day I would get to here the "stories" as they trickled, twirled, and swirled, as if they flowed from the cigar tipping side ways from his lips.  Farley's desk was set for two, bifurcated. and right behind my chair, taking up most of the wall space, was the safe. and that is where I stored Farley's books. Yes, the cash was in there too. So now this is why I'm forming a "Felon's" union, to create a political presence, on behalf of myself and others who have been fucked over by those who hold public positions that are supposed to take our interest into the "mix." But instead, use their position to further their own agenda. And I'm going to use the "W.I.P." as evidence to deconstruct their constructed web of shame. 
P.S. ...if you are a felon and you do not join "" in this endeavor, well than, shame on you.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

So you ask, "How did I
get to 22 Bennett Street, Charleston, SC?" Well the simple answer is "Timmy." I met Timmy when I was in prison in South Carolina. Now he was on a mission. His mission was to find an innocent man and help him. I was Timmy's innocent man. Timmy got that idea from the inmate's grapevine. As in, "I heard it on the grapevine," by Marvin Gay. I was on my way to Charleston Southern by way of the Baptist College. Timmy put me up, for my first month of freedom, on Folly beach at the Folly-beach-inn. Meanwhile, the police from Myrtle Beach are looking for me on the Baptist College's campus for probation violations. Instead, they found a young man with big time clout, and they harassed him because his name was Thomas F. Smith, the same as mine, except that his daddy owns a large food chain. So now,  because of the probation department's methodological principles, the Baptist College decided that they were no longer going to keep their commitment to me meaning, no scholarship. This was told to me by the College's representative to the State Prison system. Back to Timmy and 22 Bennett St. Vicky controlled the property as had her mother before her but they never owned the property. And when Vicky was a young woman she fell in love with a young man. Yet, they did not marry. Anyway, she still loved him, and when he married another, and had a son she felt that his son was her son too. Love and its strange transference. Timmy was that son.


Friday, November 15, 2013

My stain is a conspiracy of "lies" convoluted in the moments of collusion. "Lies" once unfurled, "like a bell rung," are recorded in the fabric of the "lies." (i.e., cancer to the cell....It's always ringing, never solipsistic. Think about it; "it's its it." Felon: Cast. You are no longer a citizen of the State. You are no longer one of use. You are not recognized, inconsequential to the State. Because ...  you are not organized. Come to my platform and ..."lay your story down."

WWW.YOUREASYSIDE.ME  "YES" is my nick name. I will be coming on line in the near future, along with #11 other brothers and sisters. We are a family of "WWW." We are here for you to use. We want to help you make money. We have resources and we want to do business with you. But first you must become a member and ...
"lay your story down.""Why!" you ask. Well, because you need to see where you fit in the larger picture. You know! " thy own self be true..."  So, that means getting a second opinion from Debby's Corner. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Imagine if you would, just for the moment, that you entered into the world of "tant-twan-asi," loosely translated it means -the other times me. Please allow your mind to explore its unseen patterns. Those ideas that get under your skin because the general idea of it does not have a sacred corridor in your mind's eye. Share "self" with "self" so that there can be a context to unfurl between one and another. The unionized felon's stage is set to assist in its members entrepreneurial needs.There is a new site coming on line in the near future:; it will be operated through the union. Union members will be able to financially invest in these new endeavors, putting their discretionary funds to work on their behalf. This way the union member sees the assurance to the union's insurance that when he/she participates with like-minded members, their financial needs are met. This is not a new idea for me. Back in March of 1981, I was meeting with the A.F.L. / C.I.O. legal council, John Fx Davoren and "Tip" O'Neill, Speaker of the House, in Washington,D.C. This was also the beginning of the end of my career in "Boston." "Boston Blacky," mentored by Bernard T. Golden. They were going to invest union money in developing Interval-ownership properties so that trade unions could create "jobs" for their members and assure the member's family a vacation each and every year.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How do you win when you are the "tennis- ball"? New Mexico slams you across the "net" to South Carolina. "They" enslave you: felon. As they say in the "comics:" New-World-Order.  Using the Scarlet Letter model, today's letter is F for Felon; the sixth letter of the alphabet, 666 etc.  It's its it.
They say that that makes me the "devil."

Today's metaphor, as of yet, has not stabilized in my quiver-of-thought. And as far as my cohort's quiver, I was Asberger's according to my wife; take that tidbit as you wish. However, I recognize the fact that I had diminished capacity. So, now, over time my brain's "construct" has progressed to being more convoluted because its physiological components are "self"- evolving.