Friday, November 15, 2013

My stain is a conspiracy of "lies" convoluted in the moments of collusion. "Lies" once unfurled, "like a bell rung," are recorded in the fabric of the "lies." (i.e., cancer to the cell....It's always ringing, never solipsistic. Think about it; "it's its it." Felon: Cast. You are no longer a citizen of the State. You are no longer one of use. You are not recognized, inconsequential to the State. Because ...  you are not organized. Come to my platform and ..."lay your story down."

WWW.YOUREASYSIDE.ME  "YES" is my nick name. I will be coming on line in the near future, along with #11 other brothers and sisters. We are a family of "WWW." We are here for you to use. We want to help you make money. We have resources and we want to do business with you. But first you must become a member and ...
"lay your story down.""Why!" you ask. Well, because you need to see where you fit in the larger picture. You know! " thy own self be true..."  So, that means getting a second opinion from Debby's Corner.