Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How do you win when you are the "tennis- ball"? New Mexico slams you across the "net" to South Carolina. "They" enslave you: felon. As they say in the "comics:" New-World-Order.  Using the Scarlet Letter model, today's letter is F for Felon; the sixth letter of the alphabet, 666 etc.  It's its it.
They say that that makes me the "devil."

Today's metaphor, as of yet, has not stabilized in my quiver-of-thought. And as far as my cohort's quiver, I was Asberger's according to my wife; take that tidbit as you wish. However, I recognize the fact that I had diminished capacity. So, now, over time my brain's "construct" has progressed to being more convoluted because its physiological components are "self"- evolving.