Saturday, November 16, 2013

So you ask, "How did I
get to 22 Bennett Street, Charleston, SC?" Well the simple answer is "Timmy." I met Timmy when I was in prison in South Carolina. Now he was on a mission. His mission was to find an innocent man and help him. I was Timmy's innocent man. Timmy got that idea from the inmate's grapevine. As in, "I heard it on the grapevine," by Marvin Gay. I was on my way to Charleston Southern by way of the Baptist College. Timmy put me up, for my first month of freedom, on Folly beach at the Folly-beach-inn. Meanwhile, the police from Myrtle Beach are looking for me on the Baptist College's campus for probation violations. Instead, they found a young man with big time clout, and they harassed him because his name was Thomas F. Smith, the same as mine, except that his daddy owns a large food chain. So now,  because of the probation department's methodological principles, the Baptist College decided that they were no longer going to keep their commitment to me meaning, no scholarship. This was told to me by the College's representative to the State Prison system. Back to Timmy and 22 Bennett St. Vicky controlled the property as had her mother before her but they never owned the property. And when Vicky was a young woman she fell in love with a young man. Yet, they did not marry. Anyway, she still loved him, and when he married another, and had a son she felt that his son was her son too. Love and its strange transference. Timmy was that son.