Monday, September 29, 2014

...two "mind's"...thinking.

Imagine the conversation between the felon & his attorney: The attorney wants to develop an "innocence project" in the state of S.C. The felon wants his case to be the bench mark against corruption between "church & state" for the constitution mandates this point of view & the states of N.M & S.C. colluded in the process of setting up a situation where felony sanctions were set, misprision of a felony. When the prosecutor failed to provide any credible evidence the Judge changed the charges to favor the prosecutor, and demonizing the defendant, on statutory grounds. The felon thinks the situation is a no-brainer; but maybe the attorney is reticent because corruption in this case runs "deeper than the deep blue sea." Anyway! Recently, the S.C. Supreme Court ruled that your name can be taken of the "sex offenders registry." Take me before the Supreme Court so I can ask them why they deem it so insignificant in the past when they turned me down -the first time around- but round 2 is coming up. Corruption is the culprit because it is a system designed to foster itself, perpetuating its viability so that those who participate can manipulate their particular situation as well. For example, the prosecutor works for the "judge." It was the "judge" that reduced the charges so that there could be a conviction; & the "moneyed" elites in the states of N.M. & S.C. were again manipulating the events of privilege through the court's courting the "Church's" turpitude, its hermeneutics. Yes! The "South" just loves to perpetuate the fairy tales coming from their childish beliefs in their Aristocracy. South Carolina was a land grab by the English elites coming out of the Protestant Reformation which as you know was spear headed by Henry the V111. Please! There is no difference between King Henry V111 of England & Emperor Constantine of Rome other than the obvious  point of "time,"16th century & 4th century, respectively, & Yes, they both endorsed & enforced Bibles, Protestant & Catholic.  e-mail  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Shit! "fucking amazing"

"Life is a Dream," where the king locked up his "son" because of how "loud" the Queen screamed during his childbirth. I was born an Irish mongrel not a prince so for me it was to the "gas oven" & my mother's attempted suicide; but, I survived. & It is also true that maybe it just set me on a different path from those who were not "gassed" at birth like the "Prince" he was simply locked up in a "library" with a Master to educate him & teach him how to forgive; Yes! If he did not forgive the king for his "imprisonment" when he turn 21; he would be killed instead of free. Anyway!  The prince did not die & neither did I. It's a Polish "fair" tale. You Know! But -as we are all aware- life is a "bitch" even when you are one of the winners because everyone wants what you want. Or! May be you should consider yourself to be luck because you are one of the privilege individuals who can go on vacation or "stay-cation" depending on your mood, not on being a "broke" puppy who does not have anyone holding on to their leash. Yes! please stop complaining because you are so so lucky. Let me tell you a sad story, I'm in Charleston, S.C. I live here & I do not have a stranger to talk to because nobody knows my "sorry." For example, how can you move on when every 90 days you have to be stenciled like the "Jews of the Father Land?" This has been going on for 25 years; I'm in good health which means that it can go on for another 15 to 20 years. It started off every week I had to register & put a "bulls eye" on my back identifying me as one of those "sick mother Fuckers" that society should "rape & abuse" both of which have happened to me on the streets of Charleston, S.C. I bring this up because I had lunch with someone this past weekend in Asheville, N/C.  who is very rich in friends; but, she does not see it as an asset; she things of money as an asset and therefore I'm privilege; & should move on and stop complaining because their are many Blacks who have been rejected too; you have so much more. You can travel -a man of leisure. Fucking amazing.  e-mail   

Monday, September 22, 2014

Open Apology

I want to take this time and apologize to ANYONE who received inappropriate material from my FB  feed; it was due to my inexperience with trying to build my website I did not realize that when I commented on or "liked" someone's Page because they asked me to that everything on their page would go out to everyone in my FB feed & for this I am very sorry. I will try to be a better steward to my FB friends in the future. Now! That said: I want to tell you as best I can, without offending any body, I use my FB friends as "therapy," a way to vent out "emotionally" instead of acting out against life's fiascoes in a "physically" disruptive fashion. Now, I have FB friends from around the world; each and every one of them is different; these differences seem to manifest in some very creative postings. These postings, as you know, appear on my FB page so that anyone who visits my personal page might find some of the content rather risque in its openness. For example, someone posted on their FB page a video of a young man dying from blood loss do to a bike accident. In the video you see a group of people filming his death. Each had their I-phone out at the ready to collect the evidence. Yet, not one soulless observer in the video rendered the dying boy help. Life is cheap! But, like the press reporter from days gone by, the "scoop" goes to the first observer who can post the "video" on their FB page, getting the byline. Yes! this is the extreme to some & normal to others; who are we to judge when we step over the homeless as we go "out & about" in our daily lives. I did not post this video, yet it appeared on my FB feed. It's FB's porthole into "Dante's inferno" as seen through the eyes of the Marque De Sade's memoir making fantasy.  e-mail

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Remembrance: "..?.."

This is the "?" if you can follow my drift. You do not know me: no one knows me because no one knows themselves. You Know! If no one knows their "space"- identity as it is being displaced when they occupy various interactions with others. For example, looking at a group of known individuals, each will have a different standing -identity in the group- as they are being assimilated or accommodated by their peers, their degrees of fluid movement. "Degrees of fluid movement" - I never had "it;" I can not remember a "fluid movement." Because when I move from person to person I have no real idea of who I am. So, at any particular moment who gives a flying "fuck" anyway. I say this because everyone seem to be jockeying around for their "self best interest." Am I right or wrong? So maybe life is all about "gossip;" and living is peddling "gossip" in a cryptic fashion. It is sort of like the once popular t-shirt, "shit happens." OR! "A China-man's chance" was a one time expression which meant that you were more likely to "die" than succeed at what your most desired opportunities were. So, the question becomes -how do you deal with your understanding of the situation at hand. For example, the "American Dream" used to be like the Jefferson's on TV - "moving on up." But this is no longer true because it seems that people are more into trying to keep what they have. Fuck the false ideal of "moving on up."  People do not want their children or themselves to lose their position like "middle class" or "working class" and end up in the "No class" or "under class." You Know! "welfare class." Remembrance could or "should" be all about the French Revolution and every time the "elites" slide back to the T-shirt -if there is no bread let them eat cake- pull out the guillotine and chop of some heads. Side Bar: we all "should" be a feminist because a the rate our society is moving men will be home; the women will be in the work force; maybe they will bring back the unions; otherwise the "elites" will simply enslave the minds of society into believing that their just reward will come in the next world. You Know! Religion. e-mail

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It is all about the small " i," the insignificant "eye." This is when someone is in a situation & their sense of social intercourse is off on their level of engagement. This could be considered, like the "Peter Principle," a moment when one's lever of "compliance" has been breached because the "i" is slipping in the quicksands that form around the "shifting sands" sponsored by life's fiascoes.Yes! the small "i" doesn't manage, resolve or contain; it traverses the fiasco like the skier traverses the moguls coming down the slope of life, some days there is "powder," other days there is "ice." For example, someone could go out into the desert, find a large sand dune and ski off and never even get wet. For example, there is a character called "Don De Marco" talking to his doctor about being "Don Juan" from century's past, lady killer -Dream Merchant. All the "ladies" were loving him because they subscribed to his "dream." This is the small "i" living it out on a different stage. I say this because I had the same relationship with my doctor; but there were differences. My doctor could not believe that I was so stupid or so unlucky while I was reflecting about my "fiascoes" that he chose to conclude that I was delusional as "Don De Marco" when he believed that he was the "legendary lover." We had great sessions but he really believed that my "stories" where just that "stories " when, in fact, they were honest attempts toward recovery. Now it is true that I was seeing him because I was "court ordered." The S.C. court said that I needed five years of intensive indoctrination because I refused to recognize my behavior, guilt. Now for the rest of the "story": It was a "kangaroo court"  during the storm "Hugo" which slammed S.C. What I was accused of never happened; so how could I find it in my reflections? Therefore there is no "Redemption." The problem is that my doctor thought that the court testimony was truthful which it was not. His assignment was based on the "truth" of false testimony. e-mail

Friday, September 19, 2014


If it is my job to tickle the "hell" out of you, then please bend over and allow me to stick my tongue up your "ares" and wiggle it around until you get a good belly laugh. OK! Let us put this another way: Because I am a "child" of life,  I learn "vicariously" as I do the bidding. And that usually means that I have to pull someone's head right out of their ass -first. The point that I'm trying to make is simple & yes, complex. For example, there is an expression that goes something like this: "think outside of the box." So, here is the secret: become a "box" collector, fill those boxes with "shoes" & than sell them back to the "ladies" as fashion. It's the "experience" learned "piece by piece" from playing in those boxes that puts you on the path to enlightenment, or "whatever." I'm the "disciple" from hell because it is "hell" when you get there. It is the assumption of "truth," at someone's level of knowledge about the "box"; this is what a mathematician might look at and say "degrees of freedom" because when dealing with a complex situation there are variables between and within these variables. There is nothing more "naive" than an uneducated mind because it keeps its "box" for "athletic" shoes which everyone knows only leads one to competition & "one upsmenship," which has no baring on the "validity" of the "sale" -idea. Now is the "time" to give your "box" a tickle & see if you are getting a good belly laugh. e-mail

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heathen...; Again & again!

Hear I sit because the state of S.C. has me in a "political" system which is eschewed in corruption. Yes! I am declaring my self a "political prisoner;" PP that's me.  The state is denying me my 13th & 14th constitutional rights under the Constitution of the U.S. of America. This is why I'm in the "union" business, the business of unionizing "felons."You Know! I am a non -citizen in the land of my birth -a man without a sanctuary. Yes! I am homeless living in a sea of "shame" brought about by the "corrupt crackers" who wield the Devil's will. So, now I carry the sign to devil stenciled on my shame -666. Heathen -666, this is their sense of a felon's value. You Know! I'm the "stick"-bitch that society likes to stick their pins into as they worship in their hollows of Voodoo. & they do it so well; yet I do think that it would excite me more if they wore just a taste of leather. Let's get real & go on the "down low" with their idea of Sodomy.  For example, Karl Menninger wrote in "man against himself" that a black man feels that it is his duty to make a white man his wife. This is the needle that S.C. uses to stick in its "stick"-bitch of a doll when it goes into the bowels of its soul & religious practices, like Voodoo. From one who has been there, there is one theme that runs through an inmate's mind when vacationing with the department of corrections & it is "what will I be tonight; will I be a "pitcher" or a"catcher." "C'est Sera Sera" the future is not mine to see, what will be will be. But the end game will be the same, the state of S.C. will stick the black man's "prick" into the white "cracker's" hole and the marriage will be consummated,  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"...incoming...." prejudice!

Yes! These "boys" run with the dogs; so if you lay down with the animals on some level you too become an animal, or you find society's common denominator & howl out the excuses for why you are different from those who lay down with the animals. Because! You too are "breeding" with a beast -one of the "boys."  For example, there is a situation where an individual -one of the "boys" is praised for his "anger" when he is on the ball field - gladiator ready because it has been inculcated into him, response cost. If he is programmed to respond, action is first predicated upon the learned responses, learned behaviors from his environment, family of origin, the "shit on a shingle's."  These behaviors trump all others when under the influence of extraneous variables, like "alcohol" or "anxiety" over social intercourse. Please, if you take the individual -one of the "boys" out of his environment, he still will first react as if he is there anyway. And! Then the howling out of excuses by society that this behavior is a one sided highway; the parties of the situation are not equally culpable. Give me a "fucking" break; it is a he/she stage. You provoke its effect; it is your affect; therefore it's your responsibility. OK there is a guy named Rice; "Morning Joe" is persecuting his "behavior" as if he understood the behavior. Society is acting as if it never expected this "behavior" even though it has a great history of repeating itself across all sectors of society; yet "prevalent" in the most challenged segments of  society's citizens - one of the "boys."Now!  Please tell me ,"Joe," This is Rome all over again only every citizen is acting their part in real time, 2014 not AD/BC give or take a day or two on the side of the calendar of measurement. Yes! "Joe" life is a business; it is not some social gathering that you choose to attend. Or you choose not to attend, going against it out of spite, even though there are grave consequences. So imagine if you lived in an environment where the occupants bitched about their inability to rise above their labor that consumed each member of the family; each "bitched" their spin of their daily "shit on a shingle" special.  If the behavior you seek has to come out of this kind of a "household," where do you think it could come from if it was digested in the daily "shit on a shingle" special? That is right! Where the "fuck" will the roots of your social "desires" come from if its socialization is not there in the "shit on a shingle" special of the day. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's all about the money: if you have the "money," honey, I have the time. Somebody has the time when someone else has the money. Money! Money! who's got the "time?" So what is the purpose of life if "money & time" are the pathways to "Joy?" I personally do not have this mind set: Because to me there seems to be some way to combine "work & calling" - something that comes from within after it has had a time to percolate from the conundrum of the "soul." So the "cause" is personal growth. So let your calling be your personal growth through a confluence with others. Yes! How about being apart of the "fabric" of that which is naturally coming out of you. You & I are the cause behind life because we are living when we are involved with others. When we are self absorbed in the mission over "objects" instead of purpose we lose the natural relations of community that is needed to sustain us in the fabric of society. For example, most of us are not test tube babies, we were formed inside of the body of a woman, mother. Now maybe you did not have a good relationship with your mother; but it's the metaphor that I'm using because you come out of the womb;  Motherhood is a different "kettle of fish" which is larger than you. It is like social justice over the rebirth of purpose of containment in Prison. For example, consider abortion! Instead of coming into life with a "spirit," I might have been formed in the test tube, or like a petri dish sample being formed in the laboratory. And there would be no -soul of spirit - just another avatar taking their place in a Fascist form of socialization. Prison does not allow for the -soul of spirit, it neuters creativity into propaganda, turning the individual into a "garbage disposal" that consumes for the sake of consumption and the local land fill. Also, the prison could have been planted when you were forming; therefore, there would be no desires for actualization, only conformity of behavior with a prospect of redemption in the after life, recycling.        

Friday, September 12, 2014


Could it be mine? No! This is not my image coming out of the colors. But it is not out of the "question" or -off the table that it "could" be a memory from my past. Understanding is coming our way: "May Yesterday's Dream be Tomorrow's Memory." Yes! Today our wishes could come "true." Everything that we worked on Yesterday could come into fruition today blessing us with Yesterday's wish. Therefore, Tomorrow's memory could be about Yesterday's blessings. And! The heat of the "beat" goes on Today's calendar because if we give it our all it could work out as it does sometimes in our dreams. It's our Aura's way of freeing the light being generated within our souls, our spirit or our humanity; this is the emerging image. Maybe the idea behind life is the quality of its time. For example, as the expression goes, "rags to riches to rags again in 2 generations because "Rags" made the money where "Riches" spent the money by squandering it on pleasures perceived to be those of their station in life; without realizing that, it is the conservation of money that give one the perceived toys need to sustain the privilege of having "old" money. I suppose that it also could be that the son of the founder believed that it was their right of passage to represent the "fruit fly's" way of going about attracting a mate. And! No I do not know how a "fruit fly" goes about attracting a mate, nor should anyone else out side of another "fruit fly." The idea of one's Aura is to shine light upon others within the community so that compassion might be fostered instead of "fruit flies" Now! being the "fly" on the wall as they say is a "fly" of a different species. The "fly" on the wall is all about giving good council like the consigliere in the movie "the God Father"     

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I know how the "Jew" felt when no one would make room for him; when he was running from Hitler's effect upon Germany, & yes! -upon the world. I am a "political" prisoner in the strange land of my birth. For, the same reason as the "Jew" was rejected by the then standing ruling "elites." Because power effects how you are seen; whether you are recognized or not recognized depends upon how others choose to dispense with you; it's their effect being burnished with your disintegration. Think! What is it about this sort of "reddish" flower with some what of a purple aura retrieving form your mind's eye? Could it be the heart of the "Jew" escaping the terror of Nazi like thinking, or maybe it's the assault on ISIS that is foremost in your mind. Could it be the way that the flower's surface mimics the texture of Man's brain; & still, you cannot see the sense of the political mind- how it collects its "political" prisoners, and the labeling begins to twist, distorting the idea of its being. Maybe you just see a red flower because life's future is inconsequential as far as you are concerned. Yes, if it were a pile of hamburger, you could relate more or less to a good sandwich like I had after the Art exhibit on Toulouse - Lautrec this past weekend in the "big apple." I went to "Burger heaven" just up the street from the Museum of Modern Art. So, just maybe, it is true that "life & art" distort one another as it is perceived over time, long live the Christian's Crusades over morality's way of life; but please stay away from making the "cow" a sacred object like religion and "fucking" up a good hamburger sandwich.   

Who, me?

Everything is in your brain; your mind is out to lunch & there you are on Facebook telling "lies" like, I'm 31 years old; I just fell off the "cabbage patch truck," will you be my friend. You're fishing the streams that used to come out only at night, in the dark. Now! Your are a FB junkie; you need a fix. You have been buried so, so long like "Dr. Jekyll & Hyde" & FB is your "main -line." You know! You can be because it was Shakespeare who said, "...all the world is a stage...." & It's your FB world; your FB stage; so it's your duty to play many of the roles. For example, this weekend I went to the theater and saw "A gentleman's guide to love and murder." One of the actors played 9 individual characters during the production; just like me and you when we get hooked up and charged for "as the world turns." Another moment to moment shedding of our skins, snake-ish is how I refer to it. Maybe it is another way of pitching the old story about "eve, the snake & the Big Apple." Now! In my case I am visiting  Brooklyn, NY, the home of the "big" Apple. And! My snake-ish appetite is looking for an "apple" for its EVE. On FB we can play the trifecta because it's win -place or show. It's FB. You Know! So, please look at the picture being presented; deem the facial characteristics to be the object against which you project your twisted prejudices. Be what they are for you; we are fishing in the same streams of reflected fantasy coming into fruition's imagination. I want to find my FB friend who knows what I need to know about creating a T-shirt to represent "" She could live in NJ & be CEO of herself.  But! She would make the best "secretary" of  "ideation." This is what I need & she is probably working for -Wally World- in NJ. But if she comes out of my FB family I could give a flying "fuck" what pod she lived in during her work a day life.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Open Sesame!

So, you're in the subway and you are presented with two options: continue to walk or get on the escalator. Now! you can either walk or "vacation" meaning, on the escalator, effort is not required, yet it still gets you there faster than if you had walked. This is the metaphor that I'm trying to replicate when dealing with how resources are distributed across society. In this example, I'm stepping into the world of real estate. New Mexico said that you need a real estate license to sell pieces of real property because you are acting as a fiduciary to the "act," witness; therefore, self best interest goes along with the property & integrity. "Equality" is on the escalator and "special interest" are walking. Than, South Carolina, which once had the same policy as New Mexico, changed its policy so that a license was not required to sell pieces of real property; therefore, neither  "equality or integrity" were ever on the table. In this case " equality & integrity" are walking and "special interests" are on the escalator, buyer beware. This is the distribution of power. In South Carolina power is top down; In New Mexico power is bottom up. My point being is: Nepotism -meaning family connected, rains/reins " ...not on the plain..." but in "special interest." This is why you must stop walking & take the escalator. YES: could be the "felon's" escalator. For example, South Carolina is a "right to work state;" as an individual, you have no "fucking" power. Power is top down with the Machiavelli touch. But, if get on the escalator & join "" as a union of voices screaming out that there is culpability on the part of distribution; you will be heard because you will be a corporation and get the right's of litigation on "employment," that's right: a felon's social security program based upon denied employment.           

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skin game.

The seed must die -in human terms- to become what you can. Yesterday died so that today could live; therefore today will die so that tomorrow will live. Think "moment to moment" management's decisions based upon "containment or resolution" principles. To be alive is to be without judgment so that you can listen to that which is being said, plus the "why" of it. The "why" of it stays where it is; we move out and about from stage to stage where each 'Why" of it is applied.  Every stage has its own "why" of it. Every day we play so many different roles as we go about our daily routine, not thinking about how these roles unfurl; they just do because it is who we are, it is our nature. Flexibility of "style" is how freely the skin of the past comes pealing off, freeing from the old & acquiring the new. For example,  the meaning of "is" to ISIS is the meaning of Spartacus to Rome. Today the U.S. is Rome. So to deal with ISIS you must understand that their learned memories are all emotional when dealing with the land that they walk across. Like Putin of  Russia taking back Crimea because it belong to the U.S.S.R. empire. ISIS belongs to the Ottoman Empire and it's taking it back. The Allies had no right to split up the tribe's land when they contoured the empire up into states. Giving the House of Saud top billing with the Arabian peninsula. Sunni is the governing arm of their belief system; Shia is the religious side of the system. Shia law is their meaning to what "is" is. There will never be a two state solution with Israel; ISIS knows this; it is the U.S. that does not have any "skin" in the game.  The U.S. has a financial interest in the Middle East, but it does not have any "emotion." To the U.S. the Middle East is a game of mental masturbation; it's intellectual not intercultural. This is because it does not understand that there is no more land to be discovered, like the U.S. was discovered in 1776 so it took the land away from Great Britain. Remember the Allies took it -land- away from the Ottomans at the end of WWII. ISIS -ISIL are the children of the Ottoman Empire, the children of the land known as the Middle East. The U.S only wants to recognize their founding fathers as "patriots" and all others subject to being call "terrorists."

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Discovery's creativity....

It happens every moment of ever moment, yet it is never discovered. The moment that you understand someone else through one of your own discretion, titillating as it is to imagine its possibilities, having a private mirror into another soul. Now when I review my daily read from "Facebook," there is one in particular which is very scintillating because its effect is very titillating; it will arouse their effect too. What I know now is that "she" gets the same feed as I do at the same time as I do so that if my imagination wonders she is there to reel me back in. Yes! It is her "morning" feed of porn: I feel as if I'm the fly on the wall; the voyeur behind the lens buried deep in her psyche as she feeds from the program being offered for her pleasures of self dining within her panties. Her fingers "...doing the walking..." as they say, the Yellow pages of yesterday's dreams.  Anyway! My morning feed from Facebook spans the world. I get the feed from My friends on Facebook " walk without feet; fly without wings; & think without mind" as they explode like the quiet firecrackers they are all over the skies of possibilities being dished out on my morning's feed from Facebook. I cannot believe that I got talked out of acquiring #10,000 shares at $17 and change. Today, shares are running around $65 and change. I lost out with Facebook even though that I knew the secret. Now! I know a new "secret": will I let it slip through my fingers as I let Facebook get away or will I remain the voyeur behind the lens buried deep into her libido. To me, it is all about privacy: the other person's privacy has to be freely relinquished otherwise there are boundaries to be respected. Serendipity is and has always been the third rail between "moment to moment" & " this too will pass." Knowing what I know now about this particular "she" I feel happy for her because everyone need a "get out of jail free" card if they get lock up in a situation which is not enough. To be honest with you, she does not need for me to know that she is feeding on the stuff to be "sexy;" she is a woman with a brain that is very creative in "freeing others of their old assumptions" so that they can "discern previously unseen patterns" that will allow them to come and touch, taste, tap into & toy with you. It is all yours to share with others for "that which is ours is yours alone." Side bar: "may yesterday's dream be tomorrow's memory."   

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Open up to life's possibilities, worry not about the possibility of "sin" because according to Updike "you cannot get there from here." Why? Because there is no "sin" without contempt; everyone knows that there is no pleasure in contempt. So first be someone who is growing & willing to give up what "is" for the possibility of what could be. There is no "sin" in your DNA; "sin" comes when the individual disobeys the wishes from someone else & their beliefs- for example, one's religion or one's social contract that does not ever take the individual into consideration unless it is by way of a threat against their life in the next world. "Fuck" the next world; it is the time spent in this world that offers the individual a memory for whatever eternity is in store for whomever, like whatever. Now, please remember -probability has no way to get a handle on the truth to the query about the "afterlife." How do you even take the "afterlife" into consideration for when the moment comes, it is so solipsistic to begin to imagine because life will no longer be on the table. That is right; when someone dies they are no longer on the table of life. So stop being a foolish so & so and stand up on life's table and set your site on the horizon in front of the opportunity awaiting to be harvested by you my friend. Because the key to understanding is realizing that it is so foolish to end up like me living my life as a "face book friend" instead of being in life and living on the various Shakespearean situations which abound aplenty out and about in the community;
commune with life.