Thursday, January 30, 2014

She bounced..."check"... mate.

It is life in all of the lanes -fast or slow- because when you check out of life there is no reserve to cover your note, bill of fare. Day-to-day expenses to assure that your life is in balance: is this available? And if not, why not? This is my story; if there is any part of my story that you can attest to because a similar thing happened to you when you interacted with the system than join with and unionize behind the truth that the system is broken; and it created the environment which molded the situation. Now, in my case, the system exposed my genitals to the court and placed me in a very hostile environment. For example, I was told that my penis was going to be cut off and turned into a "spirit pouch" because my great, great uncle, or father cut off the breast of his grandmother and turned it into a tobacco pouch when she was a young girl nursing his great grandfather. Meanwhile, the judge decided that sense both governors already signed the warrants that he had no choice other than to give the governors 21days to exercise their warrants; I was free to go on the 22nd day if I was still in his jurisdiction. Needless to say, it was all a set up; the SC law picked me up on the 21st day  in Carrizozo, NM and locked me up in the Albuquerque jail over night. They flew me to SC, locked me up in C.C.I in Columbia, SC. The following day I was dumped into one drunk tank after another for months. They finally sent me into the bowels of the southern prison system, Conway, SC. I was housed in the infamous 3right section of the old court house jail, month after month being molested because this was what the prosecutor wants, using you until you will say anything that will convince them that you will plea bargain a deal; death is beyond the black-list.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Inside out.....?"

It is girl to girl in the mind; it is girl to girl in role; it is not girl to girl in body; but, the body part differences fits the opposites function. for example, two girls getting together and no tulip, or a transgender male and a lesbian. the he/she offers tulip and breasts. It is not 100% so the question becomes how satisfactory is it? Are you satisfied if you are 75% of the solution?  Compare that to men in prison and it is only men to man. So what you have there is gay male of the mind and body coupling with male/male or male/bi and that seems to be 50% satisfactory. But, in prison sexuality is always the flavor to the day. It's also true that you may not like that flavor. Sometimes you have to take that flavor anyway. In prison sexuality is inculcated within the prison's mind set. It is so potent too; it fuses from the in side the prison outward into the community; it is one of society's urban legends. The ebb and flow of male sexuality in an environment of eruptions with consequences. For example, now this is a non sequencer, Obama's "state of the union" was picked apart by many pundits with different perspectives and yet they all used the phrase "the American people" as if they there where such a population, because the individual in today's society wants to have 'quality time' with self, absent the day-to-day necessities required to maintain a comfortable day-to-day and each individual has their own way of occupying their day-to-day. This is what they want, meanwhile society's industry wants them to work but they do not want to pay for it; industry wants to control its workforce's productivity and comfort levels keeping workers hungry. I say this because, when the pundits talk about "jobs" they are talking about the bottom 33% of the work population and not about the upper classes of society. And the middle class of days gone by are taking the jobs of today's lower class leaving the bottom out on the street. And when your on the streets all of your parts are in play so that your societal look of social sexual self fosters a mental meltdown, Also, when you are in living in this melt down state you live alone even if someone else is there with you living on the streets.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tasteless: life!

Yes, the key to life is having a robust social life, but because I'm listed as a sex offender, it is absent. 'Fear' is what others feel and that puts me in an awkward imbalance to society. Let me tell you what happens: In prison the sex offender is set up to be raped or molested by the other prisoners, and this practice is saying that if you have to molest someone well then molest the rapist. Now, on the out side of the 'icicle garden,' the same labeling is going on to the point where a registered sex offender is walking around with a target on their back saying if you have to rape someone rape me. I am never relaxed in the US any more or maybe I 'should' say SC. And SC is where I live; it is not a safe environment for me, and it seems that I'm not the only one out there who feels that the environment is not safe, just the one with the target on his back. But, I "could" claim a robust life from hell to live in, punishment is my daily bread, tasteless.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

what stinks?

Let us set the stage: my head is full of many piles of "shit." When dealing with the first pile of shit, I altered my attention onto another pile of shit and left the first pile to attenuate itself. The question is: what happens to the remainder of the first pile of shit? The pile ferments on its own serving up another mysterious effluent. Continuing on, I formed the habit of going from one pile to the next pile and never finishing any of the piles; the mystery is becoming more powerful because it is made up of piles of broken shit. My brain is shifting like the sands of lost deserts from the past, I am the "stench" composite of self. Well, what is a pile of shit other than another one of life's experiences? And the stage upon which life's experiences unfurls could be landscaped in a variety of settings, but 'should' be noted that to get along, the art of "suspending disbelief" is essential to understanding another point of view.   

Saturday, January 25, 2014


You could get in the shower with the water gently touching. You could tell your- self to suspend disbelief and use your imagination seeing and feeling the one you shower with, self. Accept self as you accept "X" as the object to resolve. " I will not do anything that tomorrow has to wake up to. This is "self's" trip. What do I mean? "Dance with the one that brought you." Now step into the shower and enjoy the touch.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Creativity is the force.

The most restrictive restrict brings about a very limited force leaving the brain inhibited, so when that brain finds creativity it can become a controlling force. For example, each morning you wake up in the off position because that is your base line, most restrictive restrict. Using 420 as a working metaphor, consuming a 'joint' and or understanding its affect is what gives life meaning. Thinking out side of the 'box.' The idea is to let go of what you know so that you can learn something new about the situation at hand, moment to moment learning within the environment. Now how do you get this mind set? Poverty is a great contributor for it lacks socialization. And the world around poverty is all socialized in a very esoteric way - lack of educational opportunities during early development. etc. I think that you can find poverty living in many environments where you find neglect the functioning life style, rich or poor-  the brain in a niggardly environment. Now this is where the generic felon resides because society denies them employment. Yes, being a felon places the most restrictive restrict against your opportunities in the world of the elite; this is why society has always had such a robust "black market".  The "silk road" is on the down low side and under the radar because government controls its society and its society's pleasures by outlawing them. Restrictions seem to be foolish if all they do is create felons and a robust "black market." Thank God there is a "black market" or a generic felon could not feed their family.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The pill of life....'hope' or 'revenge'.

I think that I, as you do too, need to have the opportunity to share with others in ways that are different then when I'm not trying to survive. Survival is a full time endeavor for a felon. For example, I can step upon the stage and play my part and it would be OK. Yet, playing my part on another stage, I'm branded a 'felon,' not suitable for consumption. Please remember that"All the world is a stage...." On today's stage the felon's becoming the "urban legend." It is one of those twisted myths that help to guide these twisted ways. It's imagination spawned off itself becoming a mysterious truth. The truth is quite simple; we are all sinners, felons. Yes, but if you isolate all the sinners than that's all there would be. Sinners do not want to sin all the time; sometimes sinners want to be people too. This legend veils the felon in a negative light, castrating future opportunity. Crushing all spirit. Setting the stage for revenge, this is what is being harvested in these times, revenge. Revenge has a way of reviving an individual's spirit. Yes, this is why the felon needs access back into society. There may be a chance that the felon was never socialized in the first place. For example, when I approach some one as if to pass on by, I always step to the right. Do you? When driving, it is smart to drive on the right side of the road, priority is always to the right. But some never yield, riding the left rail out of town.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bureaucracy: the prisoner's dilemma.

A title, a story, a picture and somewhere the message evolves from the mixture. Do the three come into confluences as a unified whole or do they conflict with each other as to meaning? Each has its own point of view, yet offers clarity of purpose. For example, does the title describe only the picture, and not the story? Maybe they only tell you something about the author of the story. So that you understand from separate platforms, perspectives. Does the story hold together without title and picture? Is that enough for you to understand purpose? The reason I ask is that it seems that there are many ways in which the situation 'could' be interpreted. For example, the picture was whitewashed over last month along with many other great expressions coming from society's children. These were the children of 5Points. They were expressing the same emotion that they too were being whitewashed by the ruling elite. The picture was their only mark of being; it was whitewashed over by the ruling elite, who snuffed them out.  Again and again, this is the way it is. The ruling elite simply whitewashed the graveyard of souls. If you are the prisoner, and it's your dilemma, and the judgement is based upon plea bargaining, than you are guilty until proven innocent; and that road has great hazards along the way because "my prosecutor is a 'rogue.'"  


This is all about me; you and I both know why this is the situationist.  "You" out there - you are the generalized other - one of the occupants in time and space that make up the context unfurling as life moves on moment to moment. That is, except me; I'm the felon stuck in the horizontal glide pathway to oblivion. Now in SC there is a felon who has his own reality TV show. And I wish him all the best, but the generic felon does not have the same opportunities to access the resources. Education and the family have always been kept in check through the way in which the education system is allocated. The ratio of money was spent based upon the value of your home. The more affluent the neighborhood was, the more money was spent on their school system. I brought that up to a teacher for a paper assignment and she said that it was not an example of a dysfunctional distribution. Another one of my "F"'s in school. It was so zero-sum. It was a distribution system which by its nature would fail to educate the bottom silent majority of the underclass. This is why poverty breeds poverty. But I tell you that that teacher was so right on when it came to presenting her message. Very analytical delivery system- I learned something each time I was in her classroom. Let's get this back on track: the generic felon needs to be given the opportunity to associate again, with whatever opportunity that presents itself and the felon fits the criterion. I enjoyed symbolic logic because it has this principal that you cannot use the consequences of a previous action as a predictor for a following action. It's a "fallacy" in logic to use the consequences to affirm the antecedent. Today's social contract is a "fallacy" The felon is unequal and therefor "should" be compensated for this classification. You have to pay the felon because you enslaved the felon.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This is why!

What would you do if this were your situation: Rhetorical question. Create a stage upon which you thrive. For example, I was the office manager for The Vaughn Monroe Meadows, a night club just 14 miles west of Boston, MA. It was owned at that time by Norman W. Farley and he was my boss. Norman was a very shrewd businessman and his brother was the local Judge of Framingham Court. So I must have had something going on between my ears. I knew my way around double-entry book keeping, and I was socially acceptable and attending Bentley College of accounting and finance in Boston, MA. This was my "stage," my environment when I was drafted into military service. And it was during my stay in Peshawar, W. Pakistan 1964/65 that the US military drugged and interrogated me for some incident I was involved in. I never recovered from that interrogation. The military never said anything to me either. I received an "honorable discharge" with a caveat -for the good of the service. It was as if I were just coming on line, they whitewashed my brain. and I no longer had a drive to thrive. The kid who fought his way out of the streets was euthanized. And a mindless exGI was sent home. I lost my ability to focus on the "stage."  GI stands for government issue and again the government is giving me a new designation and this time it's felon. and just like the military whitewashed my brain, the government's prison system "fried" my brain and set me up for a mental breakdown and left me to cope with another one of government's fiascoes.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Silver fox, ...yes it is a state of mind.

The brain cannot live without the body. The brain needs to be engaged so if it loses its body it could not engage; it would die. Its ability to engage keeps it tuned. That is to say -engage as equals. Now when you isolate the felon, you isolate the brain, and by doing so cause friction between values. For the brain to survive it has to consume negative reinforcers, causing cognitive dissidence. Recidivism is society's cognitive dissidence. Each time the felon is incarcerated, the felon's brain is sent into "hell" for the dissidence is cognitive.  When I was in prison there where 1700 other brains and that formed a very small group, 1/1700. Before prison I was one over infinity, 1/%. Another way of looking at it is this: in the 'icicle garden,' your body is in play not your brain. Prison is sexually driven. Sexuality is the crop of the day; it's "high cotton" in the system. Prison dumbs down the brain and society does not have a  resuscitation program, a passport to come across the boarder. For example, every time I ask for reentry into any country I have to go through interpol because this is the way the US sets up a felon's passport. A felon's passport could be through his "union."TheBlackMarket.Me

Monday, January 13, 2014

...phoenix is rising...

Phoenix, born of the streets and spirit to all, sends her greetings. Senseless waste, as if you can disregard the meaning of life, is how others perceive the felon, unworthy of being even recycled.  OK, a quick story: When I was going to school and being tested I needed a #2 pencil and all the answers to the questions. Now, today when being tested, you need a computer which has all the answers. Your test is knowing the right question. I might suggest that you let go of yesterday's pencil when dealing with how to reintegrate felons back into the community. For example, educate the community which spawns the felon and allows its inhabitants access to equal opportunities of all the assets at hand, the opportunities you keep for yourself and relatives, the opportunities that are marked for the special elite in society. Give up the Christan theology of how to do it their way. Accept the fact that the 'elite' who denied the community and its inhabitants the opportunities to thrive are the parents of the problem. Yes! the christian 'elite' and its control on assets and therefore resources created the felon.You become a felon when you fail to support yourself because you infringed upon assets that were not available to you, like food. Yes, food of the mind, opportunities that will allow the brain's pathway to form. Key to this is cortex, the mind's environment, a place to "free the self of old assumptions, to discern previously unseen patterns and to dare, come taste, tap, toy with and discover that which is ours yet your alone."    All children need to come from the same whole and not differentiated through dysfunctional hermeneutics grounded in class of 'elites.' 


I was taking a walk along the park when I came upon two women, one local and the from Michigan; the visitor was having chagrin because she was leaving tomorrow. I mentioned how wonderful my stay was last September when I was in upper Michigan on Lake Superior.  And I asked her why she was sad because Michigan is so enjoyable.  I told them how several weeks ago 'Annie,' the play, was in town and "tomorrow" is the signature song. I mentioned to the woman from Michigan that my mother was an "Annie -girl"; she too wished for her -Daddy Warbucks. I  think that any "Annie girl" would love to have such a beautiful Charleston day to share with their friends. So I said how lucky we are to have such a beautiful Charleston day, beautiful blue sky, and snow white clouds spicing up are view. I said sing along with Annie tomorrow on your way out of town and make tomorrow your day instead of today. I felt better for the exchange, and I believed they did too for she did say that she was an 'Annie' fan.  I think to be an "Annie girl" you have to have been an orphan coming out of a very  dysfunctional child care system as was in the turn of the 21st century. And the felon is being processed in the 22nd century as were the orphans of the 21st. As we helped "Annie" and other orphans who had been mistreated by our social justice system of yesteryear. Felons need equality with the group as stated in the 14th amendment of our constitution. Not another whitewash like 5 POINTS in one of NY City's environs.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


I have a little business proposition for you: I want to help you to make your way! Why, is that your question? Well I have a new site coming on line in the near future and it will be When the site was first conceived, I was working on putting together a program on Romney Street in Charleston, SC that was designed to help the job situation in that neighborhood. But, because I'm a felon and because of the climate in Charleston's business community, I'm seen as the 'devil' carrying the mark of the demon, 666. I'm felon 666 in the sheriff's office. This is where I must register four times a year for the rest of my life; I have no civil rights, if I do not have all my civil rights as stated in the 14th amendment of the constitution, than I have no equal rights among others. And that includes the ruling 'elite' even if they believed that sacrificing me for one of their own is justified. So, what happened? I put $150,000.00 dollars in a bank account to secure 33 Romney St., but the deal went south because of expenses. I was not going to pay the fee of $70,000.00 dollars; it was the way they made the request. There was no way to go to court for the expenses; to do so would just queer the deal. So, I moved on, and yes there are other stories. Back to the business proposition, is taking up the original idea and its going to use it as a business model for its on- line service for felons who want to get involved. We will be offering our first "social justice" t-shirt to the community in the near future. will bring balance to the "social justice" movement.

Friday, January 10, 2014

"Rome" resurrecting its Cast: felon

I felt fear today: he said,  "there was a 100% chance that things were going to change"; he said, "stay in la la land." All I can say is that there is no justice against another's underlying 'prejudice.' Also! It came to me that maybe not every one will understand why I'm calling for a felon's union. Please, let's be frank. Until the problem gets political recognition, like a 'minority,' there is no way to fix the problem. For example,  there are six million plus felons; if they all joined they would become a lobbying power as well. By the way, non-felons can become members as well. I'm looking at the system from the inside, looking out. As a felon out of the 'icicle garden,' I'm out- side looking into the system. There is no pathway for me. Now! If there is no pathway for someone with resources, such as myself, how can the generic felon survive? So! Now! The generic felon is on the road to recidivism. And the federal government pays the state's expenses. The more arrests a police department makes the more federal dollars the government will contribute to maintaining this relationship. You see recidivism works well with the police department. The problem is, it does not work well for the American People. The system has turned in on itself and has produced a cast system. More and more people will be enslaved as unequal to the system. Therefore, in reflection, I hope that you understand that without political power the system will enslave us all. And than only the 'elites' of society will " walk without feet, fly without wings, and think without mind." All the rest of us will, like in the days of Rome, be stoking the fires underneath  the streets of Rome as the elites bathe in their bath houses of pleasure.

New world order!

Where are you in the circle of life: Walking up the stairs, or perhaps failing and walking down the stairs?  The stairwell is not the 'elite' way of doing things. For example, the government has its own private railway system under the streets of the capital for the elites of government. Think! It is always zero sum, trickling down to you so that all of the twirling and swirling of life belongs to them, the 'elites' of life. Now if we all got off of the stairwell, it would no longer have an effect upon us. We too could become more acquainted with our inner being, enjoying the fruits of our labors fairly with others among all of us. What am I saying? I'm saying that wants to be the escalator's stairwell mode of transportation. Helping to get you educated so that you have available to you the resources needed to prevail in this social climate. If you are not of the 'elite' segment of our society, than there is a great chance that in the near future a member of your family could attain 'felon' status; it's an epidemic without a vaccine.    

Thursday, January 9, 2014

...the twins... NM & SC...dash of the "rogue" for seasoning.

Why am I asking for your help?  And!  I will answer that question with a question: Could you fend off the tsunami brought about by the governors of NM & SC as they colluded with 3rd party interest to have me incarcerated. Yes! Money. I have been in recovery for many years now; I still can not come to turns with my situation. All I ask you to do is question the way in which the 'rogue prosecutor' can use the system of justice to critique the law in that direction which best allows for her malfeasance. So I want you to sit on my jury and listen to the evidence. Meanwhile: I'm putting out a paragraph or two each day to set the story straight. I must warn you that the manner in which I express myself is or can be rambling, but, if you read on and persevere I am sure that you brain will percolate up some kind of resolve. Now! You can find me "guilty as charged" or "she fucked him up the ass and than asked the prison population to have their pleasure." Either way! Please join and help assist those who are less fortunate to get a better chance for a "lift up in life." The criminal justice system is in trouble because it does not understand that it is the 'brain' and not the 'body' that is being molested in the "Icicle Garden."  My 'rogue prosecutor' labeled me a child raper; that you can let sit in your mind's prison all eyes were on me, please use your imagination. Now! I'm on the street and she has me on her internet 'hit list" sex offenders registry and because of that I have been molested just like in the "Icicle Garden."Welcome to my world.

Life's 'rabbit hole'

Tell me why the system thinks that it has a right to choose how I feel about the way that they eviscerated me. Why the F*** should I be happy that I can not publish a book telling my side of the story and make money off of its publication. No! I'm not allowed to present my case; also there was no evidence presented to the jury to justify my conviction. The testimony given during the trial was prefabricated for personal vindictive reasons which on one but them understand, or money. No matter the reason, those lies are the systems' truths that you have to accept if you are to be believed or given a chance to communicate; it's called rehabilitation. So when you claim that these lies never happened the wall of the 'conviction' prevails. The stories you tell in your defense are seen as dilutions; the system labels felons to restrict their ability to be normal, equal. I'm a felon now; I know that I'm not equal. So why do you think that the system's form of focus should help mold the minds of those of us who cannot be reintegrated into the group? Now in my case the court sentenced me to five years of therapy after I was released from prison; the therapy was based on the lies presented during the trial and all the therapist based their opinions upon me admitting to some thing which did not happen and of cause I never did admit to those lies and so on and so forth for the past 22 years. And you thought Alice was the only one who fell into the 'rabbit hole.' No! The SC prison and judicial system are all thriving under the mushroom's cap buried deep in the bowels of Alice's 'rabbit hole.'

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm hungry!

Now! Do you understand what others have gone through because of their 'felon' status? Think about what you have gone through because you are out of work. Maybe because a family member lost their ability to find gainful employment. The middle class is shrinking and the 'felon' cast is on the verge of exploding and  exposing to you just how cruel society has been to those who have been rejected by the moral slice of society which needs to keep others in check, just to keep the status quo. Yes! It's trickle down only after the aristocrats of today's ruling class have gorged itself until it has to throw-up its savage feast upon its desires. Yes! The criminal justice system is savagely feasting on the carcass of society. Because of a rouge prosecutor and a dysfunctional system, I became a 'felon' and the 'rogue' became a hero to the slime that gives it its power. Slime is what happens when you leave the problem to rot because you do not want to be stained by it. Maybe you feel that if you persecute others that you will be elevated to some deserving position that you know that you did not attain through your own effort but by allowing others to keep those who are less fortunate from elevating their lot. Religious war! or Social war! It does not make a difference or a pathway for those less fortunate to rise up and succeed. Remember, until you get involved,  those who are feasting on the fruits of society will not allow other access to society's garden of plenty. A discarded bone from the carcass of life boiled in a pot of water does not make a soup. OK!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is my 'role' ? " corruption or role-play

If you want to understand corruption, please be my guest, and take a good look in the mirror. Please take a good long look; please meet "corruption." Yes! Self is the innervating force being formed; it's on its own pathway. Self likes 'corruption.' Corruption is a driving force. The inertia is formed when 'self' and 'corruption' seek confluence. Nothing will get in your way because you are corruptible. And it turns you on to know that others believe that you are consequential. At any give moment in time, you will be occupied with many different roles; each role will rollover in an in and out way, like up & down, in&out, each allowing you access and denying others. Yes! you love the gossip that goes around when it benefits your pathway. Yet! When you see others walking on top of others to advance their way, you admire and admonish your own reflection in the admired action unfurling in your presents. So! Dress so to devour those who do not "role-play."

Monday, January 6, 2014


Looking out my window, I see the back door of old 'Charleston Landing; the shore line is set into the morning's baby blue sky, settling in on the Ashley river.  I'm facing west; to my left, crossing the marsh and running a full thousand feet, is the dock's walkway out to the Ashley.  The marsh flanks its apron as it spreads across my 'pleasure'.  My feathered friends alight along the walk and pass the time of day; in and out of the marsh, they play.  The dock floats up and down with the ebbing tide; freeing, exposing the marsh's roots to the morning's sun and air.  Pools of the Ashley form as the tied ebbs out; the crabs run about.  The sun is warm today. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Irish Catholic: Black Irish

Boston, MA, 1942 you were considered to be of another race if you were Irish
catholic. When I went through school, they deliberately let me fall through the cracks. They kept a member of my family in the same grade until she was sixteen years old; they never educated her to be anything other than "helplessness." Why? Because her mother attempted suicide and was unsuccessful; leaving her to raise her children with limited knowledge about how society functions including the social sexual environment of those days. The Irish Catholics of Boston, MA were held up in society as being very cultist. The Irish were the dredge of Europe; Bostonians thought about the Irish Catholics as the European's thought about the Gypsy/Roma of Europe. Their religious practices were from the 'dark side.' Secret rituals were thought to be sexual rituals from a lower class of people, Irish Catholic. Another way to understand what I'm trying to suggest is "being a black" child in the South, maybe Charleston, SC, and see how they were deliberately denied equal educational opportunity. The Southern Gate Keepers are still out and about. Just look how they control the incarceration of their state's population. Remembrance: It was the money from the European aristocracy that financed the Southern aristocracy which settled the Southern shores of these united states. Unionize! Stand up and walk away from the way in which you have been tethered like a sheep.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Political prisoner

You are a felon! OK! There is another way of looking at this; if it is imponderable, than harness it. How? Easy! "response cost" - a mathematical model- can be measured and redeemed through the system; harness it. But, first, you have to come together: is in the market of the perceived 'derivative' -the felon. Now some think it's 'game theory:' pro and con. Please think what you will; I only suggest Machiavelli because he was there. It is still the same game played today; he wrote the 'rule' book. When you join with you get access into the game; the game of 'distribution'; to be your own government. For example, be as if you were immigrants coming in for the first time; you pledge accommodation because the system's pledge is to be equal under its 14th amendment; it's its pledge to you. The idea is to unfurl your story. It has nothing to do with your actions. Those have been paid for; therefore, they are off the table. Now is the time to tell the story of how a felon is formed. As for myself, I'm a 'political' prisoner. This is what they said when they decided not to grant me a pardon for an 'offense' without evidence. A friend who wrote a letters to the board of pardon told me that she had received a call from a board member and was told that "I could not get it because of political reasons." So, to me that means 'political reasons' equals 'political prisoner.' How about you? Are you a political prisoner too?

Zero sum: My prosecutor is a 'rogue.'

Let's set the stage at 100 units: two actors are gathering up their pieces.  Upon completion, they set their value in percentage format. For example, 1/3 and 2/3 equals 3/3' s and as those fractions change they express the relationship between the actors and the actors' relationships to the 100 pieces available. The game of zero sum is to control all the units; it's adversarial in nature, as in the SC's law. SC 's pathway of plea bargaining is an example of zero sum against the 14th amendment; the units at play are the felon's civil rights. Their is another game called the prisoner's dilemma; the question is to plea or not to plea before your partner in crime pleas; in that case, you lose because others made the deal to purjure their side of the story;  for doing so, they get favorable status with the prosecutor. The 14th amendment is equal under the law, not 'favorable' as is 'zero sum' for the rogue prosecutor. This means that the prosecutor can plea bargain away your civil rights? My prosecutor was a 'rogue'! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

They are always 'rogues'.

Without money you can not even 'shit.' Life is the 'stage'! Opportunities are not independent variables but dependent upon another 'variable.' Now! If 'Opportunities' were independent than the playing fields of life would be open to all. But, the gate keepers are in control of those moments of opportunities; they will not allow you access. This has happened to most of the people with whom you may come into contact with, maybe all of those in your family have been a victim of this disparity of 'opportunities.' Never buy into the rhetoric espoused on equality. If 'opportunities' were Christmas gifts nestled under the Christmas tree, a single piece of coal would symbolize your value in the 'depth and breath' of life. The distribution of resources are controlled by the 'gate keeper'; the gate keeper's 'key' does not open your 'lock.'

"Openness is empty if recepitivity is closed."

The truth does not mater when you are converted into a 'metaphor' and than eviscerated so that the metaphor remains and you are stained, second class trash. Still in times past, it was trailer park trash not the poor or the struggling young. Also, the 'rogue' prosecutor wants to be on the 'fast track' moving up Sisyphus's hill toward power's peek. Now, every one in government is on the hill too. There are no exceptions - for example, a young actor killing his uncle, as a son kills his father on their voyage into fertility. It does not make any difference when it comes to the 'system.' The 'system' is tribal for at its center you find the force of 'X,' the unknown, as in mathematical hermeneutics. It controls all of the variables in the formula's validity. Now! If felon equaled 'X' in society's model then attention would have to be programmed into the societal algorithm's force. So, think union because its construct is imbedded in the "system." If you want to be "X" than unionize through And the force of "X" will balance out 'your' playing field. It was social circumstances that brought the felon into confluence with a societal norm. Why?! because we aspire to climb Sisyphus's hill  without knowing its true cost for our participation. News is edited. Yes! I admit that society never showed me their norms. Anyway, not through their actions. Why? Because the way that you think about something is controlled by the beast laying in the stomach of those who control the wealth of the world. For example, in the US the bottom 60% of wage earners do not even register on how power is distributed upon the stage that we all 'praise'.  RIGHT!!!!