Thursday, January 16, 2014

This is why!

What would you do if this were your situation: Rhetorical question. Create a stage upon which you thrive. For example, I was the office manager for The Vaughn Monroe Meadows, a night club just 14 miles west of Boston, MA. It was owned at that time by Norman W. Farley and he was my boss. Norman was a very shrewd businessman and his brother was the local Judge of Framingham Court. So I must have had something going on between my ears. I knew my way around double-entry book keeping, and I was socially acceptable and attending Bentley College of accounting and finance in Boston, MA. This was my "stage," my environment when I was drafted into military service. And it was during my stay in Peshawar, W. Pakistan 1964/65 that the US military drugged and interrogated me for some incident I was involved in. I never recovered from that interrogation. The military never said anything to me either. I received an "honorable discharge" with a caveat -for the good of the service. It was as if I were just coming on line, they whitewashed my brain. and I no longer had a drive to thrive. The kid who fought his way out of the streets was euthanized. And a mindless exGI was sent home. I lost my ability to focus on the "stage."  GI stands for government issue and again the government is giving me a new designation and this time it's felon. and just like the military whitewashed my brain, the government's prison system "fried" my brain and set me up for a mental breakdown and left me to cope with another one of government's fiascoes.