Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is my 'role' ? " corruption or role-play

If you want to understand corruption, please be my guest, and take a good look in the mirror. Please take a good long look; please meet "corruption." Yes! Self is the innervating force being formed; it's on its own pathway. Self likes 'corruption.' Corruption is a driving force. The inertia is formed when 'self' and 'corruption' seek confluence. Nothing will get in your way because you are corruptible. And it turns you on to know that others believe that you are consequential. At any give moment in time, you will be occupied with many different roles; each role will rollover in an in and out way, like up & down, in&out, each allowing you access and denying others. Yes! you love the gossip that goes around when it benefits your pathway. Yet! When you see others walking on top of others to advance their way, you admire and admonish your own reflection in the admired action unfurling in your presents. So! Dress so to devour those who do not "role-play."