Thursday, January 9, 2014

Life's 'rabbit hole'

Tell me why the system thinks that it has a right to choose how I feel about the way that they eviscerated me. Why the F*** should I be happy that I can not publish a book telling my side of the story and make money off of its publication. No! I'm not allowed to present my case; also there was no evidence presented to the jury to justify my conviction. The testimony given during the trial was prefabricated for personal vindictive reasons which on one but them understand, or money. No matter the reason, those lies are the systems' truths that you have to accept if you are to be believed or given a chance to communicate; it's called rehabilitation. So when you claim that these lies never happened the wall of the 'conviction' prevails. The stories you tell in your defense are seen as dilutions; the system labels felons to restrict their ability to be normal, equal. I'm a felon now; I know that I'm not equal. So why do you think that the system's form of focus should help mold the minds of those of us who cannot be reintegrated into the group? Now in my case the court sentenced me to five years of therapy after I was released from prison; the therapy was based on the lies presented during the trial and all the therapist based their opinions upon me admitting to some thing which did not happen and of cause I never did admit to those lies and so on and so forth for the past 22 years. And you thought Alice was the only one who fell into the 'rabbit hole.' No! The SC prison and judicial system are all thriving under the mushroom's cap buried deep in the bowels of Alice's 'rabbit hole.'