Saturday, January 4, 2014

Political prisoner

You are a felon! OK! There is another way of looking at this; if it is imponderable, than harness it. How? Easy! "response cost" - a mathematical model- can be measured and redeemed through the system; harness it. But, first, you have to come together: is in the market of the perceived 'derivative' -the felon. Now some think it's 'game theory:' pro and con. Please think what you will; I only suggest Machiavelli because he was there. It is still the same game played today; he wrote the 'rule' book. When you join with you get access into the game; the game of 'distribution'; to be your own government. For example, be as if you were immigrants coming in for the first time; you pledge accommodation because the system's pledge is to be equal under its 14th amendment; it's its pledge to you. The idea is to unfurl your story. It has nothing to do with your actions. Those have been paid for; therefore, they are off the table. Now is the time to tell the story of how a felon is formed. As for myself, I'm a 'political' prisoner. This is what they said when they decided not to grant me a pardon for an 'offense' without evidence. A friend who wrote a letters to the board of pardon told me that she had received a call from a board member and was told that "I could not get it because of political reasons." So, to me that means 'political reasons' equals 'political prisoner.' How about you? Are you a political prisoner too?