Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Silver fox, ...yes it is a state of mind.

The brain cannot live without the body. The brain needs to be engaged so if it loses its body it could not engage; it would die. Its ability to engage keeps it tuned. That is to say -engage as equals. Now when you isolate the felon, you isolate the brain, and by doing so cause friction between values. For the brain to survive it has to consume negative reinforcers, causing cognitive dissidence. Recidivism is society's cognitive dissidence. Each time the felon is incarcerated, the felon's brain is sent into "hell" for the dissidence is cognitive.  When I was in prison there where 1700 other brains and that formed a very small group, 1/1700. Before prison I was one over infinity, 1/%. Another way of looking at it is this: in the 'icicle garden,' your body is in play not your brain. Prison is sexually driven. Sexuality is the crop of the day; it's "high cotton" in the system. Prison dumbs down the brain and society does not have a  resuscitation program, a passport to come across the boarder. For example, every time I ask for reentry into any country I have to go through interpol because this is the way the US sets up a felon's passport. A felon's passport could be through his "union."TheBlackMarket.Me