Thursday, January 30, 2014

She bounced..."check"... mate.

It is life in all of the lanes -fast or slow- because when you check out of life there is no reserve to cover your note, bill of fare. Day-to-day expenses to assure that your life is in balance: is this available? And if not, why not? This is my story; if there is any part of my story that you can attest to because a similar thing happened to you when you interacted with the system than join with and unionize behind the truth that the system is broken; and it created the environment which molded the situation. Now, in my case, the system exposed my genitals to the court and placed me in a very hostile environment. For example, I was told that my penis was going to be cut off and turned into a "spirit pouch" because my great, great uncle, or father cut off the breast of his grandmother and turned it into a tobacco pouch when she was a young girl nursing his great grandfather. Meanwhile, the judge decided that sense both governors already signed the warrants that he had no choice other than to give the governors 21days to exercise their warrants; I was free to go on the 22nd day if I was still in his jurisdiction. Needless to say, it was all a set up; the SC law picked me up on the 21st day  in Carrizozo, NM and locked me up in the Albuquerque jail over night. They flew me to SC, locked me up in C.C.I in Columbia, SC. The following day I was dumped into one drunk tank after another for months. They finally sent me into the bowels of the southern prison system, Conway, SC. I was housed in the infamous 3right section of the old court house jail, month after month being molested because this was what the prosecutor wants, using you until you will say anything that will convince them that you will plea bargain a deal; death is beyond the black-list.