Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mojave's offering

As they say "the time they are changing:" I'm in the Mohave desert with its unique way of show- casing nature's diversity. The sun shining down upon earth's surface with the heaven's blue sky to comfort and cradle each step through the morning's gift of fare. But, it's January's reign so the desert's flowers are not visiting with me today; they will show their colors with the spring's rain. For today it's the earthy swath of scrub brush flushing up to the rocky apron in nature's surround. The coyote's scat turning brown to silver gray over time saying this is my land; you are but a moment in my time. Now, the cactus speaks to say, "make room for me or I'll prickle you with my spine of needles, sharp to the touch, just ask Jinny how it felt when it penetrated her heal." Yes, "when you see me, just step aside or my spine of needles will shred you from side to side." The sidewinder will rattle its shake of yesterday's discarded shin to warn you off; this is not my way, I'm the scorpion; I'll sting anyway.