Friday, February 14, 2014

Dollars ...pleasure.

Employment is, and has always been, the crux of the problem. This is the way the system works: If a license is needed, than you cannot get employed if you are a felon. OK; there are always exceptions to the rule of thumb. For example, it is thumbs up if you are clean, thumbs down if you are a dirty, felon. But for sure, there will always be an employment situation in the felon's life; therefore, the families involved with the felon will be affected because when one is out of work their environment suffers and all those in that environment are affected as well. Plus, the system is shifting from a diminished middle class backward in time to when the system was -upper class and lower class. Meaning that the system is leaning into a zero sum format, self best interest without reservation. Consequently, think union for employment and join with and fight for equality under the 14th amendment. It will never happen without the numbers and you are the number so be counted. It's the construct that matters; unionization is a construct. The only representation there is for a felon is self representation by being one among others. So to dream while "walking without feet, flying without wings, and thinking without mind." I too will sail the ocean's blues.