Monday, February 10, 2014

Winning... window...Whatever..of life.

What is justice? What is legal? The pardon, like the papal bull, depends upon if you pay for it before the sin or after the sin. Who is looking in or out of the window's metaphor because the rogue prosecutor will do whatever it takes to win. For example, my prosecutor brought me before the judge with my genitals hanging out. What was that? Was it legal or just; or was it something else, like corruption? As far as the system was concerned, legal and justice have nothing to do with my legal representation. So after being kidnapped from my civil rights -the 14th amendment of the Constitution of the United States- my family offered ten thousand dollars to see if an education package could influence its verdict. The prosecutor said thirty years. The public defender's office suggested to me that I should get Senator Long to take my defense for the ten thousand dollars, the same Bud Long from the "lost trust" scandal. This is an example of the system in action, setting up the defense because it is political, and according to the verdict on my pardon, it too was political. The winning hand is always with the prosecutor because the system is based upon the plea bargaining system; the only time you go to court is when the rogue is around. The gun clinger from the west of yesteryear.