Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mask..."should" it fit anyone?

Stone, that is right, I'm inside of a rock formation in the Joshua Tree Park in California. Yes, it could be used as the metaphor for the Iron Mask from the past generations. Keeping self-locked up inside of self, knowing that it will stunt growth. For example, the generic felon who has to stay put because he is lucky to be working, plus health insurance, yet working three jobs. Afraid to move on because the system makes it very difficult for the felon to borrow monies to participate in a more entrepreneurial environment instead of their present circumstances. What is wrong with this picture? Could you live inside of this and still think that you could relate to what others relate too? The felon needs to be free to participate so that the brain can attenuate the environment. Please remember one thing, before a felon became a felon, a felon was one of society's children. So to free that felon from the old assumptions which caused the crime, well than the felon needs to discern previously unseen patterns, finding some assurance of stability, from stability to understanding. But the problem is that the system is not geared to allow the felons their 14th admendment rights. Now if you want to crack open the mask than educate the children from the felon's family and community; it is through education, coupled with opportunity, that the mask will eventually crumble and fall. Always remember, the first step "could" be joining and be counted because there is a heart inside of that cave too.