Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Where are the 'good old days'?

I'm on the boardwalk in Venice Beach; it's on the Pacific side of the U.S. The boardwalk is real and they are where they want to be. That is to say: the boardwalk is the stage upon which the characters unfurl their energy. So much to live for, yet "things, they are changing." The last thirty years were corrosive because the system keeps adding on time for every possible wrong doing committed by its citizens. But, never does the system and its supporters get caught up in the quagmire. Who gets caught up in this quagmire?
The generic felon- that is who gets caught up in  the system. Then the system makes it more difficult to fend for yourself because it restricts the felon's ability to earn a living; this has consequences because it places the felon in a situation where all of their choices could be illegal. That is because the jobs are a reward for those who in society conform to the will of the system. What used to be the middle class is now being weeded out into the felon class; for example, in the world of medical marihuana, the federal government is taking away the banking rights of those people who function in that eCommerce. This is setting up situations where a citizen will become a felon because of how their business functioned. The fastest growing minority in the U.S. is the generic felon. The system is even going after the white-collar citizen; because it can. If the rogue prosecutor can go after the "money changers," they can grind you up into little pieces and not feel the pain because the prosecutor can live with the consequences; can you. Remember: You are collateral damage because it is you who the system feeds on.