Thursday, February 6, 2014

Revenge ...power over money.

We are from different places, with different customs; it is in these differences that we allow tolerance. So, listen without filtering through past assumptions for, as they say in symbolic logic, using an "assumption to affirm the antecedent, is a "fallacy" of thought. I'm in the first row, second seat on the right hand side of the room, facing the TV. Just me, I'm alone in the room. Along comes this young guy from Texas. He sits down directly to my left; I'm the prison tutor so he had been visiting my room for help; I did not think anything about it. There are two in the room now; in walks "Hatchet." He sits down directly on my right. I'm in "play" as they say. The kid was telling "Hatch" that he was my bitch now;  he did not have to be his bitch to whore out anymore. Now, the reason I'm telling you this is because the kid made up the story. Also, "Hatch" is the enforcer behind the "Dull Lyre," the prison's cartel. This is brain rape, if you ask me. Hatch has been selling the kid's ass because he can make him up to be very he/she. Cute little white thing to play with and some of those who would play with him played rough. Hatchet had on his military attire, brogans, etc. I know I'm in trouble; I'm frozen in place; the wrong move and he will kill me. Not one word spoken. His left arm resting on the back of my chair for support -while in the sitting position, he kicks the kid in the chest with his right brogan foot. I could feel the power of his knee as it grazed my chest. I could see the tears rolling down his cheeks. I'm frozen in place. Hatch puts me in check, hoping that I will defend the kid so that he can kill me. I never moved a muscle; I let time pass; I'm not sure how long; it seemed an eternity. I got up and walked away; I never said a word. I did not look back; I died another death for that kid because several of "Hatch's" friends settled the matter with the kid. He became their sperm bank. Let me enlighten you: according to K. Menniger's, "Man against himself, "it's a black man's duty to make a white man his wife."And why is this? It is because he has been a slave to his "position"; this is my Southern dig; the southern mind set values "position" with in its framework over the validity of its position; this is the top-down power play, revenge. It's a Southern thing. This is why you need to or 'could' foster awareness of the opposite position, the other person. Remembering: very few have had your opportunities, or maybe not. Maybe it is you who lack the essential skills to facilitate understanding, like socialization? When looking in the mirror do you see an old jalopy trucking down the road too?