Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Toes: To our easy side!

The system wants to keep you in the dumb downed state; this is why the system has hooked you on the TV. For you, the generalized other, it's all about vicarious learning; false association with your pleasure zones. The ideation of the idea is for you to think that it's real for you, appeasing your need for the solipsistic taste of reality. For example, hooking up your computers with spy-software, so that it can cannibalize it and harvest its data. Not just your computer, every one coming together as a pod. Think about what the N.S.A. put together to garnish all of an individual's privacy. Everything about the system is cloaked in subliminal tones. The system's inertia is fed moment to moment with the bones of another citizen as the system sees fit; it's the nature of the beast. The system is shitting out so many felons that they are being looked at as a voting block to be controlled by appeasing their right to vote. The problem is that the right to vote today is not based upon what is good for the citizen but what is good for the system. This is why is forming a union of felons to protect their right's to be equal under the 14th amendment to the constitution on the United States of America.