Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I'm sorry, but I'm not dispensable. I'm with "you" here & now! Anonymity is what I would like to feel. Free to know that there is not someone out in the environment looking to take me down as "game" because of their perceived sense of vision., or their elite sense of standing in their own mind.  Their point of view is couched in their divinity with their God; whoever that is is a matter of contention, but the point is taken. They are there. My "fear" is real, but it can not interfere with dreaming unless I allow it to. So all of the players in the story are telling you a "false" story about me; so I'm telling something about them.  It was Judge Fields who sat on the bench during the proceeding and allowed the rogue-prosecutor to scream out to the sitting jury; " he is a time-share sales man, what chance did she have?" She set the seed of distrust based upon their experiences when taking a timeshare tour. At this point I must say that "statement" did not get into the "trial's" transcript. It's S.C. what else can anyone say? I was found guilty because I was a "timeshare" salesman. Yes! In those days every one who was anywhere near them took a tour and got a very bad taste for the salesman's exaggerations.  Now! Here is the point: Many years latter a friend of mine got stained by my conviction when she attempted to assist me with recovery. I had what some might call a mental meltdown when I was attempting my re-entry into society's impossibility. Because I was in charge of her hopeful projects the more the community of elites pressed back against her and she too was shunned. She is a advocate of early childhood education; it belongs in the home.  So here is the "irony:" She tried to purchase a property on Romney st. Charleston, S.C. so that she could offer it up to those women in the neighborhood as an entrepreneurial center for employing the families in the immediate vicinity.This property sat in the middle of two housing projects where residents have to walk if they want to save money, not drive. Transportation for the poor is a major factor in limiting their possibilities. She was not asking anyone one for any help to pay for her opportunity to further the community's effort. She was willing to pay all expenses to get the project under way. But because she was "stained" with my "scarlet letter" like the star of David pinned on the Jews of Germany by Hitler. These Charleston housing projects were home to many Black minority children who would love to have had their parents in a more opportunistic mood because of her project. Why were these minority children fair game to be hunted down and incarcerated instead of being give the opportunity to prosper? Tell me, Judge Fields, how does it feel to see the stench rise of off your sacred influence? Right! Fuckin' A! Drink to the God of omission & spread your "degrees of freedom" as we say in Numbers, "what does 'law' got to do with it"...'law' is but a second hand emotion...." The punch line is: Nietzsche was right, God is dead, S.C. seconds the motion. e-mail

Monday, October 13, 2014


They are stealing because they are not being utilized. If you "ostracize" them, you create a vacuum for them, meaning they are denied their membership rights into life's game. They are the "slaves." When the Judge is appointed as in the state of S.C. and not elected or otherwise controlled through or influenced through the legislative powers the "slave's" environment is set to deny the "slave." Slavery is the spice of the day, every day. Now! Here is the point: John Dunne wrote in meditation 17, " man is an island..." also, " ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for the..." So, here is the question:  if you "ostracize" them, what than will they become a part of?  They cannot be a part of the whole community enjoying their civil rights because the dominant principle is to dominate the agenda through political posturing. For example, when you have no rights because the state is a right to work state where the individual has no leverage, elites rule. Their theme is "the most restrictive restricts"; a few aristocratic minded minds will control their world. Now, they thought this because when they woke up in the morning and looked around they were the Southern "high cotton" intelligentsia who controlled the slave labor in their day, 1860's. For in its day it had its value because the elites thought that they were on the right side of thought, their ideas. The population as a whole is made up of slaves and that was Yesteryear's and this is Today. But the "high cotton" agenda still prevails in S.C. I say its "spice" is thriving on slavery. They can do it because you consider yourself to be a "body;" you are a brain that has a mind to play with; but you would rather be a body that is in control as it was in the days of the 1860's. It even seems that you wanted the South to win the war over slavery so that you could assume a Fascist mind set.  Let me give you a metaphor for the "Fascist mind set" to help process my thought: Il Duce & the Church. In the early 1900's the Catholic Church of Rome, the Pope controlled the land and the souls of Italy, but they were poor because the elites controlled commerce, therefore, the money. So when Mussolini came into power in the 1930's, he cut a deal with the church: he took all of the land accept an Island state in the middle of the city of Rome, Italy's capital, allowing the church to be its own state actor with banking powers, "Il  Duce" got the land and its population -as a right to work state, Fascism.  "A right to work state like S.C. is a Fascist state of mind if not of the body as well. Let me end with this thought of what if? ...the people of S.C. tore of the Legislative mask which hides all of the "sins." For example, when Pope Francis tore the mask off of the Church's banking model he found out that the church was so liquid because it had its fingers in all sorts of eCommerce like owning over 8,000 tourist units in down town London, England with a street value of well in excess of millions per day, plus the church owns the property as well. Yes! S.C wants you to be " barefoot and pregnant" with its antiquated mind set blowing up your helium balloon of life.   e-mail,

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Truth's side of "midnight."

Midnight is the benchmark of time; it is also the beginning & ending of time's daily routine. Now! What I do with my time has nothing to do with you unless you have "fuck-ed" over my state of consciousness like when the Nettles' family walked into a court room, lied to the Jury about my actions out of "spite & greed." Yes, this is what is know as "white 'trailer park' trash" in the old Southern way of relating about someone's status, "white trash." But! What the fuck! The key to understanding is simple when you realize that it is a fool's game if you put your future on the "backside" of anyone other than yourself. Like in my case, I am grafted to their "lies" because S.C allowed this to happen through its corruptible judiciary.  But in your case, you are untethered unless you are willing to choose to follow instead of lead. So, now each moment is earned or lost depending on what you did with the moment at hand. For example: are you waiting for someone to do something for you so that you can finish the moment; or is someone waiting on you to do something so that there is continuity of moments, as the old sage once said to his young  disciple, it's "moment to moment" that we live, so act that way by incurring into a "role-play" that gives direction to these moments coming up, like the "pack" man of yesteryear consuming its dots on the screen. Yes! As you traverse the moment at hand, you couch it in "self best interest;" otherwise, the generalized other will not understand your motives. This is the greatest "sin," to speak and not be understood.  Communication is allowing for the differences between two or more points at any moment. e-mail

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


So what is this moment all about? It is about anger; it is about the fragmented Middle East. To me, anger is a state of mind that has given up its "weakness" of thought. Yes! thinking in "context" allows force of nature to manifest its construct of accommodating and assimilating the various interests in the Middle East.  To me the key to the region is not to destroy each others differences because you would stand alone; therefore, you would be where you started from; you would be alone without counsel. The idea of going "tribal" is governess out of council. Another way to look at "it" is to think exponentially because it is the confluence with others of various perspectives that gives us the greatest "stage" to unfurl the region's potentiality. For example, I believe that you become angry when your intellect is being challenged because you cannot think.  As in the children's game of  paper rock scissors, scissors cuts paper like anger shreds mind. If I may set up another metaphor to play with, let us look to the Middle East & see what could be with a little bit of imagination. Turkey is the key to many pathways of possibilities. Like the Ottoman Empire's interpretation of "the Prince" by Machiavelli  brought the tribes from the region under one rule. Yes! the steps of the Mediterranean lead to Turkey as the "roads" led to Rome. Bring Turkey into the European Union would or could become the stage that will give voice to its environs. Yes! If Turkey were to be what it was, it would be Sunni and not Shia, meaning there would be a clear division of authority. Sunni was meant to govern since the inception of the Muslim religion. For example, if you were a follower & a member of the tribe you were Sunni & if you were a follower & a convert you were Shia. How about if we play the game of "context": If Bush 2 took out Saddam, but did not take out the Sunni construct of governess the Middle East today would be a much better place. Just because Saddam was brutality in wielding the Sunni construct does not mean that the Sunni construct of governance is "brutal;" it's tribal, not democratic. e-mail